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A Mountain Or A Molehill

Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 12:47pm by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta
Edited on on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 12:54pm

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: Day 3- 22:00 Hours

Nokomis entered holodeck 2 after beginning her fencing program. She had no intention of fencing though and had invited Tiberius to join her. She just wanted to talk.

She slipped off her shoes again and sat down on the mat, crossing her legs. Nokomis closed her eyes and breathed deeply looking for any kind of clarity for the discussion they were about to have.

Tiber had not long arrived back in his quarters after his shift when he saw the invitation from the commander on his monitor. He changed out of his uniform and into his training gear and began making his way to holodeck 2. It occurred to him as he walked that he hadn't even stopped to think it may not be a good idea to see the commander again. None of that seemed important though, Nokomis had called and he was going.

As the doors opened he caught sight of her. Her hair was tied up in a short bun above her head and her eyes closed. The sound of the doors opening made her look up at him. For a short moment there eyes met and they just stared. The Silence only broken by the sound of the doors to the holodeck closing behind him.

"Hi," she said, completely baffled about what else to say for the moment. Though not known as being extremely outgoing she'd nevertheless learned how to have a conversation over the years. Now that she was certain there were some feelings toward her she had no clue how to start this conversation, much less how to convey that she believed she had feelings for him as well. Nokomis felt as if she'd gone along the path, being herself and had been knocked down by a wave that was Tiber. "Sit?" It wasn't an order, but she patted the matt in front of her.

Tiber remained silent. Just watching her. After a short pause he moved slowly to the spot she had motioned too and took a seat. Saying nothing.

"I thought we could just talk," She said quietly, watching him. "I know we both feel a little bit taken aback by this . . . whatever this is. I think you should know you're allowed to freak out about it," Nokomis said, a smile slipping onto her face. "Because I can't promise you that I won't at some point. But I'm pretty sure you like me and I'm also fairly certain I like you. There I said it." She looked up as if the ceiling were going to cave in on her.

Tiber sat quietly looking directly at her just looking at her. He had never been prone to outburst of emotion, either good or bad but it didn't mean that beneath it all he wasn't an emotional person. All his life he had used that cool to his advantage.

" have feelings for you commander." He let the silence fill the space between them for a few moments, thinking how best to put the next part.
"Ive never felt this way. About anyone........before. I don't really know how to express myself. I'm sorry. I dont really know you but you are very special too me."

"I think you've earned the right to call me Nokomis when we're alone. If you want to shorten that, because I know it's a mouthfull, then Mis would be acceptable as well. Logan calls me Missy, but I've never had the heart to tell him that I don't really like the nickname. Maybe he already knows," she shrugged and reached for his hand tentatively.
"And I'm rambling." She breathed deeply. "I have feelings for you too, I didn't realize it until you were looking at me the other night, when I tried to teach you to dance. Maybe I've always liked you and that's why I insisted on torturing you. I'm very sorry about that by the way, I only wanted to give you some pointers so you wouldn't be so nervous around me. I'd never met anyone so terrified of me before. Most men ignore me to be honest, unless I'm giving orders."

Tiber gave a small smile, looking down at the matt, slowly taking the hand she had extended.
"Ironic. You talk too much. And I don't talk at all........Terrified?!" Tiber raised an eye brow.

Nokomis giggled, it was probably the stress of the past few days coupled with these strange, exciting and happy emotions that were now creeping in. "You've relaxed some but you were terrified. I walked into the room and thought you were going to break something from standing at attention."

"You're relaxed enough for the both of us Mis." He replied jovially. Tiber still felt uncomfortable in the situation. It was just so alien to him.

"Years of practice, I assure you. Not so much in relationships though. When you're in starfleet for a while you learn to adapt to social situations, even when you are terrified. You learn not to show it. But, I am relaxed around you. I'm not sure why."

Tiber had been smiling now for longer than any time he could remember. It was a joy to be here, with her. She had been nothing but honest with him, he owed her the same.
"Mis. I'm an ensign, your a commander. I'm finding it very hard to see past that..."

She swollowed and sighed, "I know. But I'm not your department head. And other poeple have relationships on starships. I'm going to ask Logan about it, with your permission of course?"

Tiber's smile finally faded.
".....I know.....When he asks you about the nature of our.....relationship. What are you going to tell him?" Tiber asked the question with a genuine interest in her response?

"I would say that although nothing has happened. It's, I would assume, headed in a romantic direction?" She barely got the words out before she had to take in more breath. Her heart was beating hard enough to be felt in her fingers that he was still holding.

Tiber looked deep into her piercing pale eyes and took a deep breath. He took her free hand in his so that they were both holding each other. He didn't know why but he leaned in closer and whispered in her ear.
"Sounds accurate to me."



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