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Fit to Serve

Posted on Sun Feb 25th, 2018 @ 4:44pm by Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly & Lieutenant Varina Hightower
Edited on on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 7:12am

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Deck Twelve - Sickbay
Timeline: Day 2 - 1500 Hours

Eli couldn’t remove the smirk from her face as she stood in the turbolift that would take her to Sickbay. She had just left the Captain’s Ready Room where she had been surprised to find out that Logan was her boss. His utter shock and embarrassment was more than amusing to the young lieutenant. She laughed to herself as her lift came to a stop and she pushed off from the wall. She had every intention of seeing him again.

Entering Sickbay, she wasn’t surprised by the bustle of activity. The golden uniforms were proof that her department was already working as they should, getting the remaining elements of the sickbay installed. She had looked over the crew working before she found the Lieutenant she was looking for. “Lieutenant Varina Hightower?” she asked.

The CMO turned from the computer interface she was looking at. She'd be glad when her Sickbay was, in fact, hers again. She was glad to have the most up-to-date equipment and technology here, but they'd been here since she'd arrived, and she had yet to know just how her department’s workflow would meld. Still, it would happen soon enough, so she tried to be patient. For now, she wondered what question she'd managed to not answer for the swath of engineers here that one more was interrupting her. “It's Doctor Hightower,” she clarified, trying to keep her tone and expression neutral. “What can I do for you?”

“Hi, I am Lieutenant Kelly, I need to report in for my yearly physical.” Eli replied as she closed the gap between her and the other woman. “I am sure you get tired of these, but I can’t get in control of the Operations department until you sign off.” She smiled easily.

Varina's eyebrows rose in surprise. “Ahh. I've been seeing so much yellow, I thought you were part of the workforce.” She looked around for a biobed that wasn't being worked on, but that didn't seem to be happening. Then she got an idea. “C'mon, this way.” When they reached a quieter area of Sickbay, she pointed to the lone biobed. “It's the surgical room, but they've finished in here, so we'll have some privacy. Hop on up, Lieutenant,” she said as she reached for a tricorder on hand.

Eli couldn’t help but smirk as she followed the doctor and soon found herself hopping up on the bio bed as bid. “Since half of the people out there are mine, I can completely understand what you mean. I am sure you would like your sickbay back.” Her hands moved to rest on the edge of the bio bed as she leaned forward slightly where she sat. She looked over the Lieutenant for a moment attempting to suss out what she could before they spoke.

Varina returned to the biobed, putting the tricorder in the proper mode for an exam. “How are you feeling today?” She picked the probe out of the front of the tricorder and began to slowly wave it from Lt. Kelly's head working down.

“Fine…” the Lieutenant replied easily. “A little tired, but I am sure it is from travel and staying up late last night.” She grinned to herself at the thought of the fun she had had the night before. She watched the doctor for a moment. “Let me ask you a potentially dumb question. As an operation officer I tend to fix my own problems, so do Doctors have physicals? And Doctors?” She was being completely serious a small part of her wondered why she had never asked this question before.

The Doctor slowly moved the probe down, letting it catch any discrepancies. “Yes, we have physicals, but unlike your situation, I couldn't conduct my own official physical. In this situation, my initial ship-board physical was actually done in port, at the station's infirmary, since it should be a higher-ranking officer when possible. During our mission, if I can't get to a doctor fitting that description, I can have an interim physical done by the next highest ranked physician on board.”

“Uh…” Eli said lightly as she nodded her head. “Makes sense.” She had no way of knowing if that was actually how it worked or not. It wasn’t like Eli couldn’t get an engineer or other ops staff to help her, but she would never ask. She laughed slightly, not quite sure why the question had even dawned on her. Maybe she was just in a giddy mood. “So, Doc...How am I? Can I get to work?”

Varina made a few entries on her tricorder then looked up at the young Lieutenant. “Everything checks out, except for one thing. You're due for your hormone regulation meds. One moment.” She stepped away to get a hypo with the prescription.

“Geez…” Eli replied with almost disbelief. “It has been three years already?” She added under her breath. She didn’t mind the hypospray. She would make an appallingly bad mother and as she had a tendency to sleep around, not having children with random men was a bonus. She watched the doctor step away and when she returned tilted her head to allow the Lieutenant in teal access to press the hypospray to her neck.

When she was done, Varina set the hypospray down. “You're good to go. And I'll get the permissions signed off as soon as I can for your position. Thank you for stopping by.” She reached out to shake hands with the other department head.

“Thanks…” Eli said as she pushed herself forward and landed easily on her feet at the end of the bio bed. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope I don’t have to see you too soon.” She grinned as she headed for the door. She stopped to talk to an Operations crewman on her way out the door and soon disappeared from Sickbay.

Dr. Varina Hightower
Lieutenant Varina Hightower
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elizabeth Kelly
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion


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