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Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 @ 12:19pm by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta
Edited on on Tue Jul 31st, 2018 @ 6:51am

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Day 0 1700 Hours

Nokomis put both of her arms behind her back and clasped her hands bringing them up as she slowly bent over, stretching. She had a little time before Logan's promotion ceremony and had decided a little stroll around the holodeck was in order. Some nice scenery would help to clear her thoughts.

She entered the holodeck to find it already running. "I'm so sorry," she said to the lone figure in it. "I wasn't paying attention."

"Computer Pause." Tiber called out through a short breath. His holographic opponent stopping dead in her tracks. He was yet to upload his usual training programs to the Orion's database so was making do with an existing program. The holodeck walls were still their normal foil like silver however the floor of the room had been transformed into a varnished wooden surface with nothing but a plain beige matt draped across the floor. His opponent was unarmed human with long blonde hair that had been tied behind her head in a tight bun to stop in from obscuring her vision. She worse a tightly fitting grey jumpsuit that allowed for maximum freedom of movement. Tiber himself was wearing a pair or blue shorts and a loose off duty marine T-shirt that carried his name on the back. He had received it as a gift his father about 3 years before.

Tiber turned briefly to the interloper who had disturbed his sparing match but a quick scan of the woman's uniform identified her as a lieutenant commander. Tiber deduced from rank and the red collar and cuffs that he had been interrupted by the executive officer, no other officers aboard held her rank.

Tiber stood rigidly to attention.
"No apologies needed Ma'am."
After finishing the sentence he remained at attention and waited to be spoken too again. His eyes shot across the room to where his uniform had been folded into a neat pile on a holographic stool. He wished he had been able to meet the XO at a time when he was at the very least dressed for the occasion, however he would have to react to the situation as it unfolded now.

"At ease Ensign. You aren't on duty and I don't go around snapping at people for not being in uniform when they're exercising. Besides, it was most definitely my fault for interrupting. Blame it on a very busy mind." She dropped her formal routine so that he could see she really meant no harm. "I'm Nokomis," she offered her hand to him.

Tiber slowly relaxed himself without changing his posture. He extended his hand, shaking the commanders. "Thank you Ma'am. Please excuse the room. I am having to borrow training programs at the moment."

Stepping back she took a look around the room, observing what he had been up to when she'd walked in. As long as no one jumped out of the bushes at her this would be a nice place to take a stroll as had been her original intention, not that she would commandeer his program ever.

"Computer, remove characters." Tiber ordered. Moments later, his frozen sparring partner disappeared leaving just him and his unexpected guest alone.

"Was there something I can do to help you commander?"

"No, just admiring the view." She shook her head, "I'll let you get back to it. If you were unaware there is a party celebrating the Captain's promotion. All off duty officers are invited." Nokomis knew it was time to leave but she hadn't turned away yet.

Tiber hesitated for a moment he wasn't a huge fan of attending larger social occasions but not to attend might be interpreted as an insult. He spluttered a little bit answering.

"I, Yes ma'am. Ill be there."

Nokomis smiled warmly at him. "It's an invitation Mr. Augusta, not an order. There will be a presentation, drinks, music, perhaps a bit of dancing. But if you'd rather not attend no one will force you."

"It wont be a problem ma'am. I have yet to meet much of the crew so this could be a good.....opportunity." Tiber slowly walked toward the holographic stool and picked his folded uniform up from the stool.

"If you like I can wait for you and we can go together, it's a little early but it would give you a chance to meet people as they come in." She fully expected him to turn her down but she didn't mind playing guide.

Tiber began to feel a huge wave of anxiety wash over him. The thought of attending a social gathering as the guest of the executive officer was worse than spending time at the pleasure of a Cardassian torturer! At least he could fall back on his training and experience to navigate that particular minefield. He could be personable enough but it didn’t stop him from dreading the experience! The XO seems nice enough and as hard as he tried he couldn’t think of a valid reason to excuse himself. Whatever inner turmoil he felt at the prospect of attending the event with the XO he didn’t show a hint of it when he replied.

“Thank you ma’am……where shall I meet you?”

"How about outside the lounge," that way he wouldn't have to be seen arriving with her. She didn't want people to talk and make him even more uncomfortable. "I can still introduce you to everyone."

"Yes Ma'am. Ill see you there." Tiber watched as the Executive officer took her leave. As the doors closed behind her he stood stark still for a moment contemplating the position he found him self in, the dread crashing down on him like he had just be crushed by a tidal wave. The pressure of the impending occasion brought nothing but anxiety and discomfort. He fell back on the one thing he knew would alleviate pressure of this type.

"Computer, activate program Augusta 4, 4 opponents."


The holodeck materialised 4 human males in animal skin clothing, wielding bronze weapons of impressive savagery all with a look that said one thing. With a sharp exhale and the flutter of the holographic Gladius that had materialised in his hand, the young man went too work.


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Executive officer


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