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Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2018 @ 10:55am by Lieutenant T'Sai

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deck Ten- Forward
Timeline: MD 2 20:00 Hours

Asher took a deep breath as he entered the lounge. They were stuck in space, no one seemed to have an idea as to why and despite hours of diagnostics and checking things manually no one was any closer to discovering the reason. It frustrated him to no end. He was a fixer and there didn't seem to be anything obvious to fix.

He glanced around. Very few people in here tonight which meant lots of opportunity to find a table and sit by himself. Then he noticed a Vulcan woman facing the windows, not exactly a friendly stance but not unfriendly either, typical Vulcan. He smiled. He bet deep down this situation was probably driving her as nuts as it was him but he knew she wasn't likely to admit that.

He approached her table. "Hello. Mind if I sit? I'm Asher."

Looking up from her PADD, T'Sai noticed the Human standing beside her. Even for Humans, she had to admit that this crew was rather social. "You may sit," she replied.

For now, her work was very limited. With the ship being stuck due to an error in Engineering, her department had taken the opportunity to study the sensor outputs for an valuable information. So far they had not found anything of note for their purposes, though they had sent a few pieces of information to Stellar Cartography.

"Thanks," He hadn't ordered anything to drink yet and he peered at her curiously. "What are you reading?" No doubt something to do with work. "Anything interesting?"

The term interesting was subjective. She supposed someone would find the topic of interest, so T'Sai replied with a question, "Do you find sensor outputs of interest?" She laid the PADD face down on the table beside her to devote more of her attention to the inevitable conversation.

"No," Asher grinned. "I just wondered if you were reading for work or . . ." he wanted to say pleasure but as she was Vulcan he tried to come up with a more suitable word. "fulfillment." Even that might be going too far, he wasn't sure yet.

"Only for work," T'Sai glanced to the end of the table toward the viewport. "There is not much fulfillment while we are not moving." If a person really knew the Vulcan, they would perhaps catch a hint of boredom, to anyone else it would have been the Vulcan answer.

"I completely understand, I've just been over every inch of this ship with the engineering staff and can find nothing wrong. Beyond frustrating. But, just out of curiosity, what do you read for fulfillment?"

"I prefer meditation and cultural immersion to reading," T'Sai admitted. There was only so much information that one could get from printed words, self-reflection and outward observation really offered a fantastic teaching opportunity.

Asher found that intriguing. "Really? I Guess meditation doesn't come as a surprise but cultural immersion seems . . . different. I think of Vulcans as locked in their little rooms studying various things in book form or meditating. They've never seemed comfortable out in the universe. And I know I'm generalizing your species."

"Many say that Humans are overly emotional and too unstable," T'Sai countered. Following up with a very Vulcan answer, she added, "Meditation is the study of oneself while immersion is the outward study of life."

"You'll get no argument from me there. Humans are weird. They're also resilient and kind of amazing at times. And I get stuck in the assumption that because Vulcans evolved earlier than Humans that they are more intelligent." He finally settled on that, unsure of the word he was actually looking for.

"That is a misconception," T'Sai offered, a bit above a whisper. "Vulcan society places a high value on scientific advancement, yet our culture lacks in other areas." With a slight turn of her head, she added, "Many cultures view our demeanor as intelligence when it is only discipline."

Asher leaned forward a bit responding to her soft voice. "Is this a secret?" He grinned at her and then leaned back. "I know, I'm full of biases but at least I recognize them. Never had much to do with Vulcans where I grew up."

"Vulcans have their own biases," she responded. "As a species, we make it easy for others to form negative opinions." She understood how Vulcans have been viewed. She was old enough to have been an adult during the Dominion War and her Starfleet career began as the rebuilding phase started. Perhaps even her time spent in Romulan controlled space had began to rub off on her.

"Nah," Asher answered her. "My view isn't negative. I just don't think Vulcans are the most approachable species but here you are proving me wrong. We've managed to have a whole conversation and you haven't once looked at me like I had sprouts growing out of my ears."

Stonefaced, T'Sai replied, "The look a person would give to a child who lacked understanding after sufficient explanation?" In truth, she had seen that look too many times in her own life. It was why she had not chosen the path of her mother and older brother into the Vulcan Science Academy.

A slow smile crept over his lips and then he laughed, an almost melodic sound. "Yeah, something like that," he finally answered her as he leaned back in his chair and resisted the urge to prop his legs up on either the table or the adjacent chair. "What are you doing tomorrow evening?"

"I am off-duty at 18:00," T'Sai responded. "I will then eat, I will then return to my quarters to review duty assignments," she followed, missing the point of the question.

Asher grinned. "And would you object to company while you ate?"

Sometimes she wondered how Humans ate their food by themselves. Still thinking that Asher was just being a friendly Human, T'Sai responded, "I have no objections."

"Why don't I meet you here tomorrow then at 18:20?" He knew she wasn't getting this, but that was all right. They could just eat and talk or perhaps she'd think about what he said and it would dawn on her later.

"That is acceptable," T'Sai agreed.

"I will see you then," Asher gave her a nod then stood and pushed in his chair before heading for the door to return to his quarters for some deep thinking.

Lieutenant T'Sai
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


Lieutenant (jg) Asher Davis (pNPC by Diza)
Operations Officer
USS Orion


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