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Posted on Sat Jun 2nd, 2018 @ 5:54am by Commander Nokomis Diza & Captain Logan Barrett
Edited on on Sun Jul 1st, 2018 @ 11:14am

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Bridge/Logan's Quarters
Timeline: Day 0 - 2300 hours

Nokomis had volunteered for the night shift after Logan's promotion celebration. He deserved some time to himself, she thought. And she rarely drank so other than being a bit sleep deprived she was perfectly fit for duty. She'd borrowed Logan's ready room for some mission study when she felt the ship shudder ever so slightly, an almost imperceptible movement.

She exited the ready room quickly, glancing around the bridge. "Report, Why did we drop out of warp?"

"Uh," A nervous looking ensign that Nokomis knew was named Simmons replied, "I'm not sure sir . . . I mean ma'am. Engineering is checking," After a moment she spoke again. "They are reporting they're unable to form a stable warp bubble but aren't sure why."

Nokomis sighed, so much for it being an uneventful night.

Logan entered the bridge via the aft turbolift about a minute later and strolled down the ramp to where Missy was standing. He had been enjoying a few drinks in Ten Forward when the stars fell from warp to a stable state. He cleared his throat and frowned at the helm controls. "Report, Number One."

"We're having a problem with the warp core. We can't generate a warp field. Actually it appears all propulsion is offline. Anytime we try we get a power drain." Nokomis looked up at him for the first time, a hint of. I'm sorry we interrupted your celebration for this. "I'm thinking of getting out and pushing."

"Someone forget to gas up the ship?" He reached over and tapped the command chair arm console. "Well, this will certainly delay our arrival at the Romulan border."

"Wouldn't that be embarrassing. " Nokomis mumbled as she checked over some readings. "Yes, it will unfortunately. Sorry," She whispered at Logan. "Since you're here I could go to engineering and see if they need a hand sir?"

Logan brought his hand up to cover his mouth, a move he sometimes did without thinking as he pondered the situation. "Alright, that won't hurt. At the very least you can get to know Lieutenant Miazami." He offered a terse smile. "Maybe the two of you can assess the situation quickly."

She gave him a sideways glance and restrained from asking what exactly he meant by that. Did he know of their meeting in the lounge? Nothing had happened between them. "Yes sir. I'll report to you with any findings as soon as they become available."

Logan nodded and turned to head to the ready room with a faint smile on his lips. Missy's reactions to him were amusing, even when was a situation to deal with.

Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion


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