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A Miazami Medical

Posted on Thu Jun 7th, 2018 @ 7:10am by Lieutenant Varina Hightower & Lieutenant Delothian Miazami
Edited on on Thu Jun 7th, 2018 @ 7:12am

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Sickbay, Deck 12

A physical. Always seemed like a straightforward idea and process but every new assignment brought the same answers that he was fine and could continue his duties. There was the more detail about his eye but he expected that as cloned, or artificial eyes had became the norm now.

As Del entered Sickbay he looked around for an individual in blue and asked for the first available person who could see him to give him the once over.

Varina and a few of the nurses were straightening up after several unexpected visits. It was apparently a good day for sporting-type injuries. As she was putting the last of the equipment away, the CMO heard her name mentioned and saw another officer pointing a rather tall man in yellow her way. In her mind she sighed. Was this another injury? But outwardly, she walked over, grabbing a tricorder on the way. I'm Dr. Hightower, what can I do for you?

"Lt. Miazami ma'am. Just in to make sure I'm not carrying a plague or anything." he joked. "Although your other patrons seem to be more serious than I... seen a lot of people limp in and walk out of here on my way."

Varina nodded, looking up at the rather tall gentleman. "Indeed. It's been one of those days. Had we been on Earth, we'd be blaming the full moon." She grinned. "Since we're doing introductions, can I assume you're needing your prelim exam?

"Does a full moon cause an increase in injuries?" Del asked slightly confused but at the same time nodded in agreement that he was indeed here for his prelim examination. "Strange that a lunar event can cause such events...

"It was a misconception that during a full moon, when the sun, Earth and Moon were in alignment, that the gravitational pull had a psychological or behavioural effect on the population as a whole, and so people thought others were crazier at that time than others." She grabbed her tricorder and began to scan him from head to toe. "Even emergency personnel would swear activity peaked on those nights."

"Strange..." Del commented as the Doctor began her scan. "I've once came across lunar activity that has altered a species in such a manner that made them almost vegetative. Turned out their moon was slightly off orbit and it was affecting their plant life, or one in particular that was used everywhere, ended up releasing spores that inhibited their cognitive functions. Was fascinating to see, albeit not for them mind you."

The doctor nodded. "I imagine not." She looked at the tricorder after scanning him. "Back to business. How are you feeling?" She adjusted some info on the tricorder as she waited for an answer.

"Fine I guess, been a little tired lately but nothing out of the ordinary. Only part of me that's faulty is the eye socket and I'm fine with that." he replied.

She nodded. "Do you mind if I take a look at it? I'd like to take some notes so that if anything goes wrong, I've got baseline observations."

"Not at all." Delothian replied. He raised his arm to show a bracelet, pressing a button on it the holographic eye patch disappeared to show what was left of his eye socket. It had two deep gouge marks through it where a Borg arm attachment had cut through it but apart from that it was your basic eye loss injury. "Only thing that can go wrong is maybe I go Borg after 100 odd years, or grow a new eye." he joked.

Varina had already started looking at it as he talked, so she was surprised to find how old the wound was. "100 years?!? Have you ever considered a replacement? I'd be willing to help make it happen if you'd like."

"I have been offered before good Doctor but no. It serves as a reminder that with my long life I am still as fragile as the rest of you and I also wear it with pride. This injury occurred during a great moment in my species history when we put the Borg to sleep for 80 or so years before they tried to wipe us out. Bullies can never win as long as there are those that stand against them Doctor, that is why I keep my good eye open and my other as a source of my strength." He left out the part where his team had designed said 'sleep code' but still the thought of it all stirred some old feelings within him.

Varina's expression showed how impressed she was with his stance and take on what had happened. She nodded as she responded, "Very well, then, Lieutenant. I see you have thought this through. Has it given you any problems since it healed? Any pain that still comes and goes? I want you to let me know if anything feels off about it."

"I get the odd draw to wanting to assimilate people in my collective but apart from that no it's all fine. Only pain it causes me is the mental scars of its occurrence Doc and that only flairs up after too many ales at the bar." he said with a smile. "However, should it do me any harm other than that I will be the first person rocking up to your door."

Based on what he'd said before her questions, she wasn't surprised at his latest response. Not only did he seem to have moved past the event mentally, but his physical recovery seemed rather complete as well. Adter 100 years that might seem obvious, but as a doctor, she needed to do more than assume so. She nodded in response. "It doesn't sound like that's likely, but I'll be ready if you need to. Otherwise, the last thing I need from you is a blood sample, then we'll be done here."

"Take as much as you need doc!" Del replied offering his arm. " I've got plenty to spare." He added with a smile.

She laughed as she took a vial and pressed it to the inside of his elbow. "No need for that. We just need a small bit." In a few seconds she was done and she stepped back. "Well, you're all set. Welcome aboard."

Lieutenant Delothian Miazami
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Varina Hightower
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion


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