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No Mad Men Here

Posted on Wed Jun 20th, 2018 @ 3:48pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant Delothian Miazami

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Day 7 - 1100 Hours

It had been a while since he'd truly worked under anyone else, someone that had full sway over his comings and goings. Whilst he ran his own business he was naturally the CEO, or in ship sense the CO, leading from the front in his engineering labs and doing really what ever he wanted. Even so on the Madeira he ran his own thing, controlled what he wanted and let loose on the other side what he wanted his staff to handle.

The Orion was not his.

Yes he had his engineering department, his 'crew', and he would run that with the same precision that he ran all his teams. He was never one to turn away an idea, as he had been turned away in the past for trying to warn everyone of the Borg... that went well in the end. He as always had a very creative mind and usually was quite good in out of the box thinking, his old Chief Financial Officer used to call him 'an out of the box thinker with no regard for cost', which was nice when it was Dels money anyway.

He had heard that the CO was a fan of military history, how he heard that was irrelevant as truthfully he can't remember but nevertheless it was a fact. Del just happened to be in possession of the EDF's (El-Aurian Defence Force) history, their campaigns against the Borg of centuries past, engagements with other species, ship styles, decorated Commanders and that sort of thing. He had managed to get his hands on a fair bit of information from the CO of the Cassiopeia with whom he had worked closely with in the past. T'San had been a key figure in the EDF, and fought at the Battle of El-Auria which unfortunately didn't end well.

He rang the mans door and waited, hopefully he was inside or this was a wasted trip up a turbolift.

Logan set down the PADD he was reading and looked up as he said, "Come." He somewhat expected his new chief engineer to arrive this morning and thus report for duty rather soon. He rose from his chair and held out his hand to the man. "You must be Lieutenant Miazami, my new engineer?" The key position on the ship was sorely lacking in leadership, another faint reminder that even at Earth, things still needed to be planned out and attended too.

"That I am sir." Del replied gripping the man's hand tightly and giving it a little shake. He'd always found the Human way of greeting to be quite interesting. Very much in the way that by shaking hands one can always see what one hand is doing and it is always easy to pull someone much closer when you are greeted, for a better look at them of course.

"200 years experience, a lot of field work with the Starfleet Corp of Engineers, Borg Division but have also dabbled in inventing, Hobus disaster researching and lab work. You can get a lot done when time is precious, even to our kind." he added. "A fine ship you have here Captain. Your engineers need a little roughing up but I am happy to oblige them if they continue to impress me which some have."

Logan nodded in approval. "It's rare and fortunate to have a man with your experience aboard the Orion, Mister Miazami. And your experience with the Hobus incident will prove useful as we head toward Romulan space. I have no doubt that research will help at some future point." He grabbed his coffee that had been sitting on the desk the whole time and took a sip. The hazelnut aroma left a pleasant scent in the air. "What made you decide to venture out with us, if you don't mind the question."

"My time on the Madeira was coming to an end and if I'm honest I realised how much I missed open space. I inquired to any open positions for engineers and Admiral Akbar of the Engineering Corp pointed me in your direction. The fact that your mission is to further relations with the Romulans I took as a sign that this was where I am meant to be." Del paused whilst he thought whether to ask the question but went for it anyway. "What do you make of the Romulans Captain? I've had dealings with those that claim to be a 'New Republic' and those that claim to be the remnants of the 'Tal Shiar'..."

Logan interlaced his fingers in his lap and pondered the question for a moment. "That's a very good question, Lieutenant. I would hope that there are some Romulans that have the propensity for change within the Empire. I have hope that, whether through us or other actions after us, that the Romulans will eventually be our allies as the Klingons have become. We just have to tread carefully. They are a calculating people and if there's one thing you can count on, it's that all of them have their own calculations."

"Yes... I would tend to agree sir." Delothian replied stroking the hair on his chin in thought. "My experiences in the past and more recently have always led me to the thoughts that they will always look out for their own best interests no matter the cost but I do see the potential they have like oh so many other species I've met. Gods if anything should inspire change in you it should be the supernova of your star and the loss of your homeworld..." he added trailing off as he had a brief thought of El-Auria.

Logan was at a loss for words at that last comment and simply nodded grimly. The Borg haunted every corner of the galaxy. Sometimes he mused how one species could be so powerful and destructive. He blinked and offered, "The important thing is that your people survived and are now thriving. And I hope you thrive here aboard the Orion, lieutenant." He tugged his uniform front and continued, "I believe that's all I have. If you have need of anything, please see Commander Diza."

Delothian nodded, they were more than thriving but their prosperity was not common knowledge, not yet anyway. "Thank you sir. I'm sure I will fit in no problem. Oh I've already met Commander Diza, fine woman but I'll be sure to contact her if I need anything." He replied rising from his seat awaiting a final dismissal. He liked the CO so far, gave off the right signals.

Logan looked up at the man and nodded curtly with a smile. "Excellent to hear. Dismissed." And with that, he refocused his attention on the PADD he'd been reading earlier. He felt confident about this man as his chief engineer already. A man with his life experiences would be a big asset on this ship.

Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Delothian Miazami
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion


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