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Catching the Kriosian

Posted on Fri May 18th, 2018 @ 10:45am by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant Delothian Miazami

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Ten Forward - Deck 10
Timeline: Day 3 - 1800 Hours

Delothian had been working hard down in engineering ensuring that all was ready for the ships grand foray into space. Romulan space used to be a place where you dare not tread but not that the Hobus Supernova had deprived them of their greatest assets they were too busy trying to get things pieced back together to fight with anyone else but themselves. The Neutral Zone was more a Non-Existent Zone at present but Del hoped once a government was up and running properly that it would never be set up again. That maybe they would work with the Federation instead of against it, only time would tell.

He walked into Ten Forward with a slight skip in his step from finishing for the day. For a moment he glanced at the bar as he walked in almost sure he saw a woman with a large rounded hat, Gouda her name may have been, but he shook his head and noticed it was his mind playing tricks on him after a long day.

What he did notice was a woman wearing the colour red and having 3 pips on her neck, two of gold and one of black. He assumed that it was the XO having a casual drink and was unsure whether or not to approach her whilst off duty. It wasn't that he didn't have the confidence but he wasn't sure if he'd want to be disturbed when enjoying a quiet drink after a long day.

For the time being he ordered himself a drink, a large glass of ale. Why not eh?

Nokomis was hoping that Logan would meet her in the lounge. He said he had something to ask her and being the curious sort her patience was running a little thin while she waited. The tall drink in front of her was was cold green tea with sprigs of mint but the tall blue glass amused her. It was as if the server was trying to make it look like something else.

She glanced up now and then whenever the doors opened and caught the eye of a tall blond man she hadn't seen before. It was worth an introduction just so she could put a face to a name. She picked up her glass and approached. "Commander Diza," Nokomis said, offering her hand.

"Lieutenant Miazami ma'am. Good to meet you." he replied gripping her hand and giving it a little shake. It was a human custom he'd still not got used too after all these years he'd spend here. "Interesting drink you've got there? I think the server was going for a piece of art rather than something functional." he added cocking his head to the side as he inspected the glass.

"Yes, I noticed that. I guess they thought I should be drinking something more exotic than tea. Drink discrimination I tell you." She put her glass down on the bar. "I'm required to ask you how you're settling in on the Orion but you've already found the lounge so things can't be that bad."

"Oh I think you're exotic enough Commander without adding a fancy drink to your ensemble." he replied with a hint of a flirt. It was in his nature, sometimes he couldn't help it. "Always find the bars where ever I am ma'am, sometimes I even help prop them up." he added winking with his good eye... or would that be blinking as he only had one? Who knows...

"My engineering crew seem quite knowledgeable, and their enthusiasm is quite sickening but I'm sure I can get that out of them soon enough." he joked. "Nothing a little Borg story won't cure."

Nokomis was beginning to think Logan had picked this man just to tease her. "Really, well if we break down in the middle of nowhere at least I will know who to blame. An I am not the only Kriosian in Starfleet," She pointed out. "In fact the other one I know of is my cousin. She's a Chief Medical Officer."

"Oh no I know your species from my travels before Starfleet. Almost 30 years of peace, must be different from what your parents experience of Krios Prime was like... I'd imagine you yourself were only a young child during the Ceremony of Reconciliation?" he asked.

"I was seven. But while I was born on Krios Prime, I grew up on Earth. We father became ambassador when I was two. I haven't seen the planet since, I suppose that's a shame. I'm sure it's very beautiful to hear my father talk about it."

"It was quite nice last time I was there but again you are talking a while ago... you should go and visit ma'am, you never know when you'll lose that ability." he stated simply then took a swig of his flagon of ale. "But having an Ambassador daddy must have been interesting?"

"I might someday and I suppose so. Certainly made me diplomatic. But I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you, I was a good kid. My father never had to bail me out of anything." She took the last drink of her tea and set the glass down on the bar. "My father also doesn't believe in giving his children a leg up in the world. And you can call me Nokomis, we aren't on duty."

"Ha! No fun in being good all the time Nokomis, Delothian or Del, dealers choice." he replied, pushing out her name as he was always one for formalities. "Although I fully support your fathers ideals on child rearing, if I ever have any myself I'd like to think I'd follow the same." he added thinking about his upbringing a little. His father always made him and his siblings work for their prizes, instilled a work ethic in him that he still has to this day.

"Hmm," Nokomis replied. "I enjoy myself, just probably not in the traditional way. Logan is better at that than I am." She had never told anyone that she feared losing herself.

"Well as long as you find some way of release. I surf which I know can be a little weird given that I never knew of the sport before Earth but it's definitely the thing for me." he added taking another drink of his ale. "You strike me as a more cultured type of soul, musical if you like?" he asked. He had a knack for reading people and he was good at it, even with one good eye.

"You're pretty good at this. I suppose being around the block a few times gives you quite the advantage. I play the violin. Generally not classically, I prefer a more folksy touch." She had to restrain herself from asking what else he could pick up about her. "What about you Mr . . . Del. What do you do, other than read faces and body language?"

"Thanks, I do have a few centuries under my belt." he replied in jest. "I have an eclectic taste in music, so really you could play opera, folk or a little Earth jazz and I'd still listen to it with a smile on my face." He added. Then she asked him what other tricks he had, or simply maybe just curious as to his hobbies.

"I practise Leincia, which really is a form of Akido but much more advanced in terms of the harmony of ones body and mind. My training in Opalo, or I think Humans call it 'Yoga'?" he half asked with a shrug. "Other than that my good lady you will find me in the gym. 250 years and I don't plan on forming a body that succumbs to my love of ale." He added signalling the barkeep for another.

"One of these days perhaps we can have a concert in the lounge, I'm sure there's something in my collection of music that would amuse you. I've always been a reluctant exerciser except for fencing which I enjoy occasionally. Though I do like walking around the ship to spur ideas or part myself with thoughts."

Del nodded, "A concert does sound nice, I'm a dap hand at the triangle myself. Humans love a good triangle player." he mused. "Walking is good, clears the mind and opens it up to things unconsidered previously. I've often been found pacing the corridors to solve a complex problem I'm having or if I need inspiration from somewhere."

"Well . . . I shall try to set something up and we can revive those triangle skills of yours." Nokomis checked the time. Logan must have been caught up in something. "I should get going though. Early morning and all that. It was a pleasure to meet you Del."

"And you Commander." he replied holding his hand palm out over his heart and then making a wave motion away from his body. "May time guide you well."

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Delothian Miazami
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion


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