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Midnight Landing

Posted on Mon Apr 23rd, 2018 @ 2:19pm by Lieutenant Varina Hightower & Commander Nokomis Diza

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Varina's Quarters/Corridor
Timeline: MD 6, 00:10 hours

Varina slammed her fist against the communications console in her quarters and tried again. A few seconds later a two-toned notice repeated itself, indicating that there was still no answer on the other end. "Dammit, Darren!" She tried connecting one more time, with no new results. She growled, unable to put into words the anger she felt, even though she was alone in her quarters. Another hammer pimch to the console, off to the side of the display panel itself, summed up her feelings.

He was supposed to have Erick there so she could talk to her son. It was the only contact she had with him, but it seemed that was still too much for her ex-husband. Damn him, anyways. It was bad enough she'd missed most of his life, as Darren had had full custody since the boy was 2. And it wasn't going to get much better. She would be out here for god knows how long. Erick could be a teen before she saw him next. And the bastard couldn't spare 15 minutes for her to talk to him!

She hung her head in defeat. This wasn't the life she'd pictured, begging for morsels of her son's time so that she wouldn't become a stranger to him. How was that even being a parent? It wasn't as if she were teaching him any of life's lessons, as other mothers got to do. Instead, she was relegated to long-distance calls...if Darren deemed her worthy at the moment.

She cursed again. His manipulation was pissing her off, and since she wasn't allowed to talk to her son, she decided to get out. Being pent up in her quarters wasn't going to help. So, with nothing better to do, she stormed out into the corridor and around the first corner.

Where she came nose to nose suddenly with the someone, crashing into each other. They were each thrown backwards to the ground. When she looked up, it took a moment to recognize the woman in a robe, but she realized it was the XO she'd knocked to the ground. "Commander! I...I'm so sorry!"

Nokomis blinked in surprise and then her face broke into a big smile of amusement. If Logan found out about this he might suggest putting her in a bubble so she could float around the ship to both keep away from sharp objects and people coming around corridors too fast.

"It's fine Doctor." Nokomis got a good look at the other woman's face. Something the matter?" Of course there was, one didn't got storming around the ship in the middle of the night otherwise. Just like Commanders didn't walk the ship in their bathrobe and bare feet when they should be sleeping.

Just great. Of all the people to literally run into, Varina had to choose the second in command. She shook her head, more to herself, but also in answer to the other woman's question. "I'm fine, Ma'am. stuff." Nothing she wanted to concern herself with, Varina was sure.

"We don't have a counselor on board yet," Nokomis offered. "But I'm a pretty good listener. I even offer useful advice from time to time," she teased. "We'll just ignore the times my advice hasn't worked, for the moment." She wasn't sure the woman was going to feel comfortable talking about things so she started a conversation hoping it would ease Varina's worries. "I couldn't sleep, too much on my mind about our first mission, my duties on the Orion and the reason I got this position in the first place."

Varina began to stand up, and offered the other woman a hand when she got there. "What reason was that? If it's not a sensitive matter, I mean."

"Well I hope it would be because the Captain thought I was the best person for the job, someone he could trust. But I worry that he played favorites as we've known each other nearly our whole lives. Probably being silly but you know how one worries about things in the middle of the night."

Varina nodded. "Ahh. Well, being the Captain's friend doesn't mean you're not qualified. What was your last assignment?"

"First Officer on the Bellerophon." Nokomis replied without missing a beat. She began to walk, assuming Varina wouldn't mind moving while they talked.

Indeed, she kept pace with the other woman. "Well, I'd find it hard to imagine you were fit for that posting, and not this one. I don't think you have much to worry about." She offered a smile.

"Thank you," Nokomis answered her, somewhat gratefully. It made her feel a little better about things. "So why are you plowing through corridors at this late hour? If you don't mind me asking?" She ran a finger through her silky blond hair.

For a moment, Varina had been able to focus on another problem, but here she was, back where she started. "My ex-husband," she said. "He was supposed to let me talk to my boy, but there was no answer on the coms. And this after confirming the time yesterday."

"Ah." She wished she could say she understood the other woman's frustration but she had no children. "You have good reason to be storming around the ship then. Is your ex in Starfleet as well?"

"He is, but he's not ship-bound. He's at headquarters now. When I was at UP, I at least had the ability to see Erick every once in a while." She gave a short huff of a dry laugh. "It was the only plus to that station. Now..." She let that hang for a few moments before continuing. "Now, I have to rely on the whims of his father just to speak to him."

"He has full custody I take it. Do you at least have visitation rights?" Nokomis was thinking that if she had to she could probably pull a string or convince Logan too. It didn't seem right to her that a mother was being kept from even seeing a child.

"The court martial hearing sealed that deal," she responded. She assumed the XO had seen her records and would know that she avoided the highest penalty, but not a demotion and reassignment to the coal mines, so to speak.

"I know me saying this won't make any difference to a mother who hasn't seen her son, but try not to worry about it." Nokomis was going to see what she, or Logan could do. "Would you care for a drink?"

Varina looked at the Commander and nodded with a sigh. "Yes.
That sounds perfect."


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