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Midnight Grounding

Posted on Sun Apr 15th, 2018 @ 6:35pm by Commander Nokomis Diza

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Nokomis' Quarters/Various Corridors of the Ship
Timeline: Day 6 00:05 Hours

Nokomis threw off the covers. Generally she became cold easily but she'd woken with her body too warm, probably from the dream. It was the same one she'd been having for years, it reared its ugly head when she was particularly anxious or worried about something. Although there wasn't anything obvious going on in her life right now, she knew the source. Deep down she was afraid, afraid that Logan was playing favorites, that she didn't really deserve this position.

There was also the old fear, that she would somehow let him down when he really needed her. Nokomis has instantly accepted when he'd asked but then agonized over her decision for weeks before coming to the Orion. She hadn't told Logan any of this of course. He didn't need to hear her insecurities when dealing with so many of his own.

She slipped on her robe over her silk pajamas and didn't bother to put on slippers. It wasn't that her feet were too warm, she liked the feel of her feet on the carpet, somehow the texture and softness seemed to take her mind off things. She walked right past the replicator without ordering a drink and left her quarters for a walk through the ship.

This time of night there wouldn't be many people around and being the first officer had it's perks, she expected no one to ask her what she was doing or where she was going, as long as she didn't look too lost. She smiled to herself and just walked on, letting her heart lead tonight.

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion


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