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A New Cog in the Wheel of Life

Posted on Thu Apr 12th, 2018 @ 7:01am by Lieutenant Delothian Miazami

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Fleet Operations Centre, San Francisco
Timeline: Day 3 - 1200 Hours

"USS Orion?" Del asked.

"Yep, galaxy class. They needed a Chief Engineer and our exploration of the Hobus system is done. You wanted to stay out in space didn't you?" Admiral Akbar asked.

"I certainly didn't see that coming so quickly." Del replied rubbing his hand across the back of his neck.

"Well you wouldn't Del, I brought it up through your blind side." The Admiral joked.

"You're lucky I've known you for 25 years K'le, or I'd be in line for a court martial for that comment." he joked back hitting the man on the shoulder.

It truth he was right however, he did want to remain in space as he'd been cooped up for so many decades working for his own company, 'Miazami Models'. In the early 2300's he'd tried to warn the Federation about the Borg threat and that fell on deaf ears, he was branded a mad man. How wrong they were.

He'd worked for the Starfleet Corp of Engineers since 2370, but gained a commission out of it in 2382 out of some sort sense of apology he'd thought. It was in fact Admiral Akbar that had believed him from that start, his people were from part of the Delta Quadrant that had came to this sector a few centuries ago but fought for Del to be heard. Akbar had been in charge of the Corp for what seemed like forever and was instrumental in getting Borg defences out at the times they were needed in the past.

Now he was leaving him for someone new, someone unknown. This in a sense made him feel uneasy... he'd worked a certain way for so long and everyone he'd worked with was an infant in comparison to himself. This was one of his constant battles, apart from being a cyclops.

He knew nothing of this Lt. Commander Barrett but was sure that would remedy itself soon enough once he was on board. The prospect of the large engineering section of a galaxy class starship was one he would thrive in and implement his own stamp on.

Lieutenant Delothian Miazami
Chief Engineer


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