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Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 2:46pm by Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Side Posts
Location: ch'Bardat
Timeline: 24 years ago

Vriha entered the room, giving her grandfather's uncle a polite incline of her head. "Vadi [term of endearment for uncle], I am pleased to attend you."

The old man nodded in turn, with a warm smile. "Vadia-lya ["little niece"], come." He waved her inward, gesturing to a table holding a box and a triangular board. "I have something new for you today."

Trying not to look overly excited - her mother had begun training her in Llaekh-ae'rl both for self-defense and to teach her better grounding and self-control - she hurried over to see what her favorite tutor had arranged for a lesson today. Upon spotting the figure pieces in the box, her eyes went wide. "Klivam!"

"Yes," he affirmed in a carefully neutral tone. "This is called Klin Zha. It is a Klingon game of strategy like latrunculo. I thought you might find it interesting," his lips curled into a cat-like smile, "perhaps even instructive."

Vriha stared a moment, shocked to her 7-year-old soul at the suggestion that anything from the likes of Klingons could be worth consideration, let alone study, by a Rihanha. And yet, a new game of strategy ...and that smile on Vadi's face... Even at 7 she had begun to recognize when she was being subtly tested. "Instructive?"

"Indeed." He nodded, beginning to place pieces on the board. "Tell me, Vadia-lya, what is the greatest weakness of our people?"

A slanted eyebrow tipped upward at the unexpected question. The answer was plainly not strategy or intellect or thinking many moves ahead. But perhaps the game was distraction to misdirect her mind from the obvious answer. He had done that a few times before. On the other hand, the three-sided board struck her as a clue.

"We sometimes allow divisions of clan, class, or guild to divide us."

Her heart swelled when he looked up at her and she caught a brief flash of pride in his eyes.

"A worthy answer." He nodded, but then shook his head, a slight chuckle escaping. "But not the correct one. Our greatest weakness is arrogance." Setting the last piece in place, he gestured to the board. "The surest step toward victory is to know your enemy. In its simple form, this game is vastly inferior to latrunculo. However, in it's highest form, it is an excellent tool for learning to see through your opponent's eyes..."

Erein Vriha t'Ehhelih
attache Science Officer, USS Orion


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