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Picture Perfect

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 10:36am by Lieutenant JG Jackson Lewis

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Miami, FL
Timeline: 13 years prior

Jackson sat on the beach looking out at the waves. A couple of girls walked past casting smiles his way. He returned them but didn't pursue. Not that they weren't his type. He wasn't sure he had a type. But the sun would be setting soon and that meant his father would be home from his most recent haul. It also meant most of the money he'd made had gone towards the alcohol he'd drink tonight. Then like clockwork it'd be the arguing, which turned to screaming, which turned to violence, then silence. So he could go home and play that game or he could sit here all night under the stars. Of course he'd also be picked up by local security forces on their patrol and he was already on probation for vagrancy from the last time.

About an hour later he stood, dusted himself off, and walked home. Someone was looking out for him. His father was already passed out on the couch. His mother sat alone at the dining table. From the looks of the other untouched plate he guessed his father had chosen his usual liquid diet tonight. The silence also told him his older siblings were out with their social friends. He had never been bothered that he didn't have that. At his age being able to have a decent shot of spending some...quality time with about any girl, and in a one case, woman that he wanted was fine for him and his hormones but that picture perfect fantasy was popped every time his father returned from one of his shipping runs and the cycle repeated.

He went to his room, slipped his mini speakers into his ears and laid on his bed listening to the music he loved. Nobody his age, hell nobody anyone's age listened to what he liked, but he thought the 20th century had so much diversity in its music, it took him to other places. Thanks to the volume he didn't hear the argument that night, nor the broken dishes, or the sobbing. But while he listened to the King, the Godfather of Soul, and his favorite the Killer he dreamed of what could lay ahead and he was certain of one thing.

He was getting the hell out of there.


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