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Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 1:58pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Commander Nokomis Diza

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Colville Forest, Washington, Earth
Timeline: Fall, 2371

Logan pulled the long stick out of the campfire and watched the flames slowly wink out to be replaced by smoke trails. He smiled and waved the stick around lazily. The fire was a good size which helped since the campgrounds had become a bit cold and foggy. He didn't mind it in the slightest. In fact, he liked the "dreary" weather. It seemed to fit the large forest around them. He turned to Missy and said, "Isn't it cool how fire can change things like wood?"

"If you mean completely destroy it and leave it nothing but ash, then yes." She was teasing him a bit and didn't have such a morbid view of fire. She had her eyes closed but she was smiling. Nokomis loved being warm. She got cold so easily, stupid Kriosian weaknesses.

"But even in that case the wood turns to hot coals first. It has some use, like for cooking and stuff." He nudged her just enough to get her to open her eyes but not enough to knock her over. "I'm glad you and your dad could come camping with us."

"Me too." She managed to get out before she blinked against the brightness of the fire and coughed, having sucked in some smoke when he nudged her unexpectedly. "I like it out here. I just wish it was a little warmer but the fire's nice." she looked over at him. "And the best part, it's just the four of us, no annoying little brother."

Logan laughed playfully at that last comment. "Yeah, I don't know how your brother keeps getting sick from eating blueberries. Shouldn't he just not eat them?" He stuck the stick back into the fire and watched it catch a flame again. The fire cast long shadows everywhere. Soon it'd be smores time and then to bed. Tomorrow they would probably explore around some of the hiking trails.

"He shouldn't, but he loves them. Plus if he eats then then Mom hovers over him and he gets all the attention from her." Which Nokomis admitted to herself, he did anyway. "I'm so happy I'm going to be ten tomorrow, no more being younger than you."

"Well, you'll always be younger than me. You're like my little sister." He looked at the fire but it lit up a smirk crossing his lips. "Do you think your parents will get you anything cool this year?"

Nokomis glared into the flames, she hated being called little. "It's only two months," she reminded him. "And I have no idea really. This camping trip is by far the best thing we've done to celebrate." She looked over at him. "Think your dad would let me move in with you?"

Logan laughed at the thought of her moving in with him. "Yeah sure! You can sleep on the floor in my room if you want?" He gave her a sideways grin. "This camping trip is the best, isn't it? How many fireflies do you think we will catch?"

"Why do we have to catch any?" She made a face. "I think it's kind of mean. Can't we just watch them?" Nokomis felt a hand come down on her shoulder and she looked up into the face of her father.

"What are you two discussing?" Her father asked with a small smile on his face.

"Fireflies." Nokomis replied returning the smile when she realized he was not about to chastise her for something.

Logan smiled and tried to stay out of it before he said something silly and instead offered, "Missy wants to catch them with her hands so she can hold them."

Nokomis knew better than to say 'Ew' and encourage him. "I said I wanted to just watch them. They're pretty, I hate to see them all trapped."

"Ah well how do you think scientists discovered how fireflies worked? They trapped and studied them." Jalmar gave her light blond hair a toss with his fingers.

"Yeah, but didn't they also cut them up?"


"I'd rather they left them alone."

Her father smiled. "That's my little moonflower, out to save the world one firefly at a time."

"Nah," Nokomis said. "That's his job," she pointed at Logan. "I'm just the sidekick."

Lieutenant Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion


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