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The Calm

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:59pm by Colonel Loval

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Briefing Room - IRW Galn'To - Romulan Space
Timeline: Day 3, 2300 hrs FST

Loval sat at the head of the table in his briefing room. He had summoned his officers and they would be arriving soon. The time had come to inform them of the great plan to restore the Empire, His Plan. As the minutes ticked by he found himself going deeper and deeper into his thoughts. It will work, it has to work he thought. As his officers arrived he greeted them with curt nods.

The first to arrive was his tactical officer Delleela, she was a stout woman. Cunning as she was beautiful. "Sir I must protest can this Barrett be trus..." her remarks came quick and unfiltered and she was cut off by Loval just as quick. "You will say nothing until we are all assembled and even then only when I allow it. Is this understood." He said without even looking at her. She lowered her head in deference and took her seat without any further words.

Over the next few minutes the rest of his command staff arrived, and Loval sat stoically as he stared straight ahead at nothing in particular. His officers knew the Colonel when he got like this, it was not a time to interrupt it was time to listen and then speak. The Romulans milled about speculating about the mission ahead, about the human Commander who would save the Empire. The last to arrived was the Loval's second Vekos who was equally as formidable as Loval. In fact the only difference between the two was that Vekos was usually quick to decide, while Loval liked to take his time weigh all the options.

"And now we can begin..." Loval spoke as Vekos took his seat. "I have invited the USS Orion, specifically her commanding officer one Lieutenant Commander Logan Barrett to be the guests of the Tal Shiar. This ship, her crew, and more accurately her commanding officer have been hand picked to come here. You see we need them, and the Federation if we are to succeed. We need assistance distracting the Klingons and the splinter cell while we rebuild the Senate on New Romulus." Loval paused while some members of the support staff poured some Romulan Ale for the officers.

Vekos spoke up, "Sir I must protest... We have never needed the Federation, and never will. In fact was it not them who needed us not that long ago. Needed us and Romulan lives to get rid of the Dominion..." Vekos was interrupted as Loval cut him off. "The Dominion was a threat to the entire quadrant, and everyone in the Tal Shiar knows it. In fact if the Senator had not been assassinated we would have figured out a way to get us into the war. So do not give me that story..." Loval's thoughts turned to his family and all he lost when the Hobus star exploded. In truth he agreed with his first officer, however, for the love he bore his little sister this plan must succeed.

"Thrawn, how do we stand on those adjustments to the cloak." Loval turned to his Engineer. The Engineer cleared his throat. "Well sir, they do take some time. However, the information that our operatives have just obtained about the latest Federation sensor technology is greatly useful. We have managed to fool sensors seventy percent of the time and are working on the rest." Thrawn was a short gaunt man who stumbled on his words. A poor excuse for a Romulan by most standards. However, Loval kept him around because the man was a technical genius.

"Most excellent Thrawn, we need that cloak to be foolproof by the time the Orion arrives. I do not want them using any Federation tricks should they try to breach our cloak. Especially now that they have the cloak specs thanks to the Dominion War. Next Vekos contact our friends and tell them the timetable for the Orion's arrival. Communications send the false Intelligence to the good Senator. We do not want him crashing our party now do we. If there is nothing else you are all dismissed." Loval said with the tone the bilked no argument. His officers filed out and left him there alone.

Loval sat and began to formulate the secondary plan. That plan was too special to trust to his officers just yet. He would use something that he knew Barrett would want in an effort to get what he wanted, his sister. Federation diplomatic protocol be damned, he would have his sister back in the Empire if it cost him everything. It may just take the one ace that Loval has in the hole.

"And now we wait..." he said to the empty room.

Colonel Loval
Tal Shiar Director, Romulan Star Empire


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