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We are unique

Posted on Mon Oct 18th, 2021 @ 3:11pm by Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Side Posts
Location: holodeck

Being assigned to the quick response team, meant that Darok was supposed to keep his weapons training, and his response time up to par. This morning he was scheduled for phaser training on the holodeck and his schedule told him that someone was supposed to join him for additional training, which he was to provide.

Waiting for the program to load, he peered down he hall to see which officer would be joining him.

Javn hurried down the corridor finishing the tie at the end of her braid. She was not thrilled about being assigned phaser training. It was her job to heal people, not harm them. It took a lot for her to even defend herself, therefore causing her response time to be far to slow as she over thought the repercussions or firing her phaser.

When she rounded the corner she caught eye contact with her instructor and almost halted. Was she late? With hurried steps she reached him soon, keeping her eyes adverted, "Hello. I apologize if you've been waiting long."

"I have just arrived," Darok answered pleasantly, inwardly marveling at the unusualness of her eyes. He didn't say anything however, considering it improper to do so. "I understand you would prefer not to use a phaser? I have seen one other on file who has been exempted from phaser practice altogether..."

"I would prefer to not harm another yes, but I hold no such believe that I should not be fully prepared to use a phaser if I or another crew member were in danger." Javn knew of whom he was speaking and just the thought of her bond mate made her blush.

"There is a difference in consciously harming someone, or fully intending to do so, and firing to save yourself in defense, or save another. You are aware, there are several settings on a phaser?" He led her inside the holodeck and picked up one of the phasers, handing it to her. Darok reached to tuck a stray strand of his dirty white hair back behind one of his pointed ears. "Additionally, there is a difference between just knowing how to hit your target, and being a good shot. Security needs to be a good shot, you only need to be able to hit your target."

Javn followed a bit timidly as they proceeded into the holodeck. Taking the phaser in her hand she inspected it for a minute before deeming it one she was familiar with. Bringing her violet eyes back to him she asked, "What's the difference?"

"The difference is that I know where to hit my target to make sure he is out. You only need to be able to hit your target and deter him long enough to get away."

Javn gulped as she nodded in understanding. She held the phaser with two hands, lacking any and all confidence she had before arriving. "So today your going to instruct me on just hitting my target?"

"Refine your ability to hit a target," Darok smiled, "I assume you already have the ability to hit one, most of the time?" He gestured towards her holding the phaser. "May I?" he asked, unwilling to touch her without consent.

"Most of the time." She said with a light chuckle. Biting the corner of her bottom lip Javn nodded.

"Most of the time..." Darok chuckled in response as he moved to stand beside her, lightly touching her hand to adjust the grip on the phaser. "If you feel uncomfortable holding it with one hand, try supporting your shooting hand with your other hand for stability. For now."


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