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Just routine

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Mission: Side Posts
Location: Sickbay

As suggested by his new boss, Darok made his way to sickbay. He was acutely aware of some of the stares he was getting, even though by now he was pretty used to be stared after. He knew his physique was unusual if not a little special even though he felt different about that. Given his parentage he really didn't know any better.

"Greetings doctor," the young security officer said as he approached the Human CMO. "I am Darok, I recently arrived on board. Do you have time for a routine boarding physical?"

Haas smiled as he looked up but his smile was soon lost. "Are you feeling ok? You look very poorly?" He asked as he stood up, picking up and opening his tricorder as he moved.

"Yes sir I feel fine," the young man answered patiently, "this is my normal appearance sir." He did sigh softly to himself as he stood very still. "I do not feel out of the ordinary." He twitched ever so slightly as a stray lock of his dirty white hair was threatening to get into his eye. He shifted briefly and tucked it back behind his pointed ear, thereby revealing a faint row of Trill spots.

The Doctor gave him a scan and was baffled by the results. He looked at the young man's appearance, he could see traits for Trill, Vulcan and Andorian. He glanced back down at his tricorder. "Forgive my assumptions, Ensign. Please take a seat."

"I am starting to get used to them sir," Darok answered as he sat on one of the beds. "My father is Vulcan, my mother a Trill-Andorian hybrid. Whereas she is deaf and joined, my hearing is fine, though I cannot be joined. I do, however have a weak immune system and my medical file should list what I need."

"Interesting heritage." Haas replied with a smile. "Have you had any medical problems due to such a diverse background?"

"Where would you like me to start?" Darok answered, suppressing an amused chuckle as he gestured to the computer. "My medical file is quite long. I was very sickly as a child and it took quite some time for my system to find a balance I suppose. I do need medication to support my immune system and my equilibrium. In Andorians, the antennae help with hearing and balance, and since I lack those... my Vulcan genetics make up for the hearing part I suppose, and I do have Vulcan strength and stamina. It is just...some things just seem to war with themselves, if you know what I mean? I do not consider myself weak or needy, nor do I feel that way. But medically speaking, yes I need watching, is what my mother keeps saying."

Doctor nodded his understanding as he listened while scanning with his tricorder. "Have you ever had any gene therapy? There is definitely signs of a biological battle been waged inside, hence the immunosuppressants treatment your taking. You must have had a difficult childhood?"

"Gene therapy, no not that I am aware of to be honest. I am no medic, most of what is in my file is gibberish to me. But it is not impossible... I mean I am certain some had to happen to enable my conception? I know mom and dad had to go through quite a number of steps for that... at least that was what I was told as a child, because I never had any siblings after me and I do remember asking. I have one older half brother though he was still born in the second trimester. His father was Vulcan too."

Steffan smiled, "Your parents must have gone through a lot of heart ache and pain to be eventually gifted with you. It's not impossible for most species to create offspring together but some do need a lot of medical help to get there. You must have been very special to your parents." He said as he continued to make scans with his tricorder. "As for gene therapy, it's come along way in recent years. If you'd like I can do some research, see if there's anything that could help you. Maybe get your body to a point where it's immune system can cope with all the differences itself."

"That would be extremely helpful sir," the young man answered gratefully, "and you're the first to actually suggest it to me. Not even my own mother, who is a surgeon, did so. If I miss so much as one dose of my monthly injections, I can get quite sick and I really would prefer to remain healthy without much issue or risk." he offered the smallest of smiles at the memory of his parents when he was much younger. "They were extremely protective of me when I was little," he admitted, "and they did go through a lot of pain to get to my conception. I still grieve for my late brother, who never had a chance at life the way I did. My brother would have been in his late thirties, had he lived."

"It's definitely something that we can look into for you." Haas smiled. "Its come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. If it can make your life a little bit better then it's definitely worth a try. I'm sorry to hear about your brother, it must be difficult to when you think of the could have beens."

"It is illogical to dwell on what could have been," Darok replied quietly, "I cannot miss what I never had or never experienced. But I know what it has done to my mother, so I grieve for her loss." He paused. "That begs the question, whether I will ever be able to father any children."

Haas let out a long breath as he considered the Ensign's question. "On paper, I'd have to say no. However, if you were to find a partner that is Andorian, Vulcan or Trill, it might be possible with help. With another species I would say the chances would be to great of them having severe biological problems."

"Then it's probably better not to take that risk," Darok answered logically, "though I probably would seek a Vulcan partner as I am half Vulcan myself. And in that event we may have to take the same route my parents have done. I am however considered to be still very young. I still have time to figure that out. At least I know that I cannot be joined, and I believe that is listed in my medical records. If any symbiont is taking, it must never be given to me."

"There are plenty of options out there if you did want to become a parent, adoption is the main one I'm thinking as there are plenty of children in the galaxy that need the love of good parents." Haas smiled. "But of course, you are still young and there's no rush in making such decisions yet."

"Adoption is certainly an option, down the line," Darok agreed, "though I would always take in a child in need of guidance. I would not turn away one. My grandfather did not, when my mother was a child, and I would do no different." He nodded up towards the diagnostic board. "But otherwise I am fine yes?"

"That's very noble of you." Steffan replied with a smile and a small pat on the shoulder. "As for your health, it looks ok. How often do you get your immune booster?"

"So far once a month or as necessary. I do have to admit that I have not been sick in several months." Darok smiled ever so slighty, as if that was an achievement for him. "I am pleased to learn that I am indeed in good health at the moment."

"Ok, I'll make sure I have the right medication ready for you. Any problems, you know where we are. I'll also look into that Hebe therapy for you as well. Can't hurt to look and see if it can help you." The Doctor said with a smile.

"Thank you doctor. And if something does change you will be the first to know." He grinned, a rare show of emotion beyond the slightest of smiles. "And I will try to be careful," he added jokingly. It showed that he did possess emotion, and could use them under the right circumstance.

"Excellent. Thank you for coming to see me. I can spend a lot of time chasing new crew members for their medical, so I appreciate you saving me the trouble with you." Haas said with a smile.

"I have no qualms visiting a medical facility doctor, I basically grew up in one." Darok lithely hopped off of the bed. "I assume I am cleared for duty?"

"You are, Ensign. Have a great day." The Doctor said putting his hand on the Ensign's shoulder.

Darok shied away from the touch, but in such a manner it shouldn't hurt the doctor's feelings. Hopefully. "Thank you sir," he replied, "and you too."

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Steffan Haas, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion


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