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No Longer Alone

Posted on Wed Jun 23rd, 2021 @ 2:44pm by Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Javn and Lyras Quarters
Timeline: Prior to Mission 5/ 2300

In the dark Javn could only just make out the outline of the male lying next to her. She had been too shy to voice that she had never shared a bed with...anyone before. The notion was strange in a way. When she was little she had a fear of the dark, but then as she grew older she found comfort in it.

Listening to Lyras' steady breathing was relaxing, but not enough to calm her nerves. She should have fallen asleep hours ago but here she was...awake and fighting to calm herself.

The minute movement beside him woke him. Slowly, Lyras turned onto his side to face her, reaching up to lightly touch her cheek. "Are you alright?" He asked softly, "why are you nervous?"

Javn leaned into the soft touch. Her eyes closing briefly before opening and staring into his. “It’s silly.” Her voice was a soft whisper in the dark. “I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sorry.”

"You can tell me everything," he promised, "and you forget, I do not need as much sleep. Unless it has been a particularly busy day, you can wake me." He leaned over and lightly kissed her. "What troubles you?"

The kiss made her smile. A shy happy curve of the lips. “I am not troubled, more…too excited to sleep? I’ve never slept next to someone before.” Javn began to wrap the fabric of Lyras’ sleep shirt around and between her fingers, not enough to tug on it but enough he would take notice.

"Not quite true...we did sleep in the same bed before, even on the couch..." He did notice the mild tug on his shirt and he covered her hand with his. "Are you certain nothing troubles you?" He asked as he shifted to draw his free arm around her. "I can sense that there is something, but I cannot define what."

Javn released her grip on his shirt when his hand enveloped hers. She weaved her fingers through his before bringing their joined hands to her mouth, pressing her lips to his knuckles.
"This time is different from before." She knew she was going to have to be more forward in her explanation as to how this differed, but she couldn't muster the courage to say so out loud.

The Vulcan chuckled lightly. "Quite," he answered, "we are both under the sheets." He pulled her closer, feeling a hint of anxiety himself. "I know what I promised you.... are you nervous about that? Because, there still is no hurry..."

"Yes." Her breath caught when he pulled her closer. It wasn't the first time they had been this close, but given the darkness of the room and her mind on 'other' things, it made her nervous still. Her hand rested on his chest now, her face hidden in the crook of his neck as she inhaled deeply, savoring the warm scent of him.

"I am... Just as nervous," he confessed as he slightly turned his head to give her some room to breathe. "I... know the biology, obviously..." He faltered as he shifted his hands to rest on her back. "But otherwise...I do not." He paused again. Of course they already had seen each other naked, and he had no issues with that at all. He'd happily undress now at that. But sex was a whole new playing field, even if he had promised.

"I have a vague idea...but perhaps we just go with...what feels good." Her violet eyes found his in the dark, she was sure of how she felt about Lyras, she was sure this was what she wanted. Taking his face in both her hands, Javn pressed her lips to his. Slowly and passionately until her body was flush against his.

Gently, Lyras reached up, carefully but deliberately placing his fingers in key points against her face, feeling their minds connect, intensifying each touch, each feeling as they explored.

Lyras wrapped his arms around the naked form of the woman he loved, feeling as though he might never want to let her go. "How do you feel?" He asked, needing to hear the words rather than literally just sense how she felt. "Are you alright?" It might ruin the moment but there was no turning off 'doctor mode'.

Javn’s mind was reeling, stuck in the memory of the feelings he had given her, the way his hands and mouth felt on her skin. She had not been prepared for how euphoric it was to have her mind melded with his as his hands roamed her body.

Was she breathless? Or was she forgetting to breathe? His voice was close, but did she hear it with her ears or her mind? Lyras had shown her before his feelings for her, but that had been a mere taste of how he truly felt.

“I’m more then alright Lyras. I’m….” Her body shuttered and she held on to him tighter. “Still processing.” She wasn’t sure where she ended and he began as they lay in a tangle of limbs on the bed. “How was it… for you?”

"Perfect," he answered, "I feel it was perfect." Even if it had been a little awkward and uncertain. He reached to brush a lock of hair from her face, looking up at her, almost feeling himself drown in her violet eyes. "I love you," he finally said, "and with you, I feel I can face anything."

"I love you, and I very much love being with you. In all ways, including this new way." Leaning down she left a trail of kisses from his lips to his ear where she traced the outline.

He gasped at the touch. "Keep that up and you might not get any sleep at all," he whispered hoarsely, though he did nothing to stop her. Instead, he brushed the fingers of one hand down her side, slowly and deliberately.

Javn giggled softly at the threat but then more so when his fingers found her ticklish spot. She grabbed his hand before he could continue. “Maybe I would rather not sleep. Maybe there is more I wish to explore?” She took his ear lobe in between her teeth and bit down gently.

"Hmm," was all he managed. "I am all yours..." He turned his head a little. "What do you want to explore?" There was only so much exploring to do wasn't there?

Javn smirked, a devilish grin inspired by these new feelings Lyras instilled in her. The strength in these feelings taking hold, she brought her mouth to his and kissed him deeply. Rather then tell him, she would show him she decided. In a quick motion she found herself seated on top of him, her lips leaving kisses down his jaw, to his neck, and then eventually down his chest…

Lyras blinked as the lights in the bedroom suddenly came to life. His feet were tangled in the sheets, and any further movement was blocked by the body lying on top of him. He felt like he'd only just fallen asleep, but clearly, it was time to get up. His hand brushed against Javn's skin and he marveled at how sweaty it felt. Was his the same? he wondered.

He felt exhausted, and it was the kind of exhaustion, he had never experienced before. "Javn?" he whispered, "we need to get up..."

"mmmmmm...." Javn moaned from on top of him. "No its not." She squinted her eyes shut tighter.

"I need to get up," Lyras insisted, trying to move her, but he was trapped in place. "Javn please, we need to get up, or we will be late... we need to clean up.. please."

"Carry me to the shower." She smirked, still not opening her eyes.

"I cannot move," he answered, "you have me pinned and I do not wish to hurt you. But when you move, I will."

"I thought Vulcans had three times the strength of humans." She complained but did as requested. Only when she sat up did she realize how utterly sore her entire body was and winced at every movement.

"I do, but I do need to be able to move for that," Lyras smiled as he too sat up, rubbing his numb arm back to life. He shifted off the bed, then scooped Javn up into his protesting arms. He wasn't quite sure whose discomfort he was experiencing, hers or his own.

"Just a quick rinse," he warned, "we do not have time for anything else."

"So what your really saying is that 'shower time fun' will have to wait for another day?" Javn teased, knowing full well she needed time to allow her body to recover from the soreness she was experiencing. She ached all over, in places she never had before.

"Or at least until after our shift," he answered as he set her back down on her feet in the bathroom, "will you be alright? I can sense you are in pain." Guilt crossed his features. "Have I hurt you?"

Javn saw the guilt in Lyras expression and couldnt help but feel responsible. She knew he was able to sense all that she felt, an ability of his she was still getting used to. She placed her hand on his forearm, "You have done nothing but give me everything I have ever asked of you." She smiled and leaned on her tippy toes to press a kiss to the corner of his mouth before starting the shower.

"Still, if it persists let Doctor Haas examine you please," he begged of her. He waited patiently for her to finish before having a quick rinse himself. "Meet you later for lunch?" He asked as he replicated a quick breakfast for two, before getting himself properly dressed.

Nodding in reluctant agreement Javn said, "If it persists, I will."

As she tied the end of her braid, finally ready to get to work Javn stopped and smiled at the moment. It was almost too natural, a morning routine, his knowledge of what she preferred for breakfast. The serenity in this time with him was unexpected, a feeling so great she had never thought she would find, or be worthy of.

"Yes, I will meet you for lunch."

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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