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Knock, Knock...

Posted on Fri Jun 18th, 2021 @ 10:46am by Captain Logan Barrett & Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 5: Mysterious Strangers
Location: Alien Vessel
Timeline: MD 01 - 0945 Hours

The away team arrived in a shimmer of light into a dimly lit corridor of the Orion vessel. Flickering lights gave the indication that main power was offline. A few meters away, one green skinned humanoid lay on the deck unconscious. The low thrumming sound of the ship's main drive could be heard around them.

Lyras had held his breath upon transportation, fighting down a wave of anxiety. Due to his history, he really didn't like using the transporter, it felt like a very bad idea to use them. Of course he knew better, but after having been stuck for 150 years, it felt like a nightmare experience. As soon as he coalesced and spotted the humanoid, he rushed forward to kneel at its side. "He is still alive," he reported, chancing the use of a tricorder, hearing the blips and beeps echo around the room.

Javn stood stone faced, temporarily losing connection with the here and now upon seeing the green skinned humanoid lying just a few steps away. Her mind was elsewhere, reliving a memory of a language she couldn't understand and green skin. She could smell warm open air, a sweet candy like taste filled her mouth, and she could hear a deep bellowing scream.

When Lyras spoke his voice snapped Javn from her trance. She willed her legs to work and to steady her trembling hands as she approached and knelt beside Lyras.

"Damage to every major system detected." Vesu spoke softly, stepping around the pair to scan the warp core.

Mis, who as soon as she arrived had been fighting the urge to sneeze, rubbed her nose and asked, "Any life signs nearby us?" She was no doctor but she was determined to help those who needed it, if she could. "Liski and Vesu, see if you can makes heads or tails of all the beeping, make sure life support is stable before we move further."

Feeling a second wave of panic wash over him, Lyras turned his head towards his mate. "Are you alright?" He asked softly as he continued to examine the unconscious alien in front of them. "He seems unconscious but otherwise unharmed. Shall we wake him, or transport him to sickbay?"

Statzia stepped past the medical team, activating a console on the wall. She let out a low whistle. "There's a hull fracture outside of cargo bays 3 and 4, and that section is sealed off. Life support is functional--but may not be for long."

"If it won't injure him, wake him. We should find out what happened," Mis responded to Lyras, frowning at Javn who spoke directly after her. "Let's get as much information as we can and then decide our next steps." She wanted to explore the ship further but also didn't want to run into any other uninvited guests, if there happened to be any.

Lyras shook his head. "Not advisable ma'am," he answered carefully, not wanting to overstep any boundaries by saying no. "I would prefer he is transported to sickbay where he can be cared for before waking him."

Mis frowned but didn't push the subject.

Javn replied to Lyras without looking up from the injured Orion in front of her. "I'm fine."

Lyras gave her a quick nod before getting up. Their patient stabilized, there was nothing more he could do for him so they needed to move on and see if there were other survivors.

Vesu pulled a fiber under the console nearest the warp core and the beeping stopped. "This ship is very similar to the one I grew up on. Propulsion systems are down, and life support will be down in approximately twenty minutes. I might be able to slow that a little, but I recommend evacuation of all hands- the orbit will decay more rapidly after that, and life support can't fix skipping off an atmosphere."

As she spoke, she crossed to a panel in the wall and took it off, then sat and leaned into it. Unless someone had re-wired this, she could- and with a loud thunk, some more of the lights came on consistently. Orion ships were a lot more physical than star fleet vessels. She'd forgotten she liked that.

Moving on, Lyras knelt down a male body lying a few paces away. Taking a quick scan, he then shook his head. "This one can be transportd to the morgue," he reported, "there is nothing we can do for him."

Meanwhile, Lt. Huxley kept his phaser drawn as he slowly moved about the area to ensure security for the away team and to make sure there weren't any surprises waiting. I don't want a repeat of Rontier Seven, he thought. On Rontier, several years prior to his assignment aboard the U.S.S. Orion, Huxley was part of a similar away team that was ambushed by giant lizards intent on making them a snack. Luckily, it didn't come to a bad conclusion but all the same, he still hated surprises.

"Let's transport the people here and move toward the bridge. We don't have long," Mis ordered. Either they would lose the ship or they would find a way to stabilize the orbit but she didn't want to take chances with the survivors.

Javn tapped her combage, "Darkh to Orion, We have one male Orion that needs immediate transport to sick bay, Please notify Ensign Havillard of his arrival." Javn stood and with in the next few seconds the Orions body was surrounded with a shimmering blue light until it was gone completely.

Statzia tapped on the console in front of her. "Bridge is two decks above us. I can head up there and see if I can get navigation online and stabilize the orbit."

"I do want to see the bridge's engineering station- someone clearly has been neglecting down here." Vesu slid out of the wall and stood, brushing herself off.

"Are we not all heading up there?" Lyras asked, coming back to his feet after the patient had been transported away and he had somehow managed to cover up the deceased Orion. "If there are injured, we are going to be needed." And he wasn't going to be left behind on an unknown vessel that was about to be plunged into destruction.

"Yes, we need to stick together. The last thing we want is to not be able to get a lock on part of the away team." Mis responded looking down at the tricorder in her hand.

In a bold move, Lyras gestured ahead. "Lead the way," he suggested, to noone in particular.

Vesu tapped her forehead for a moment, then started walking. "The bridge should be this way, if you wanna come with me."

There was something about the way she said it that caught the young doctor's attention. "Do you know this vessel?" he asked as he sped up to walk beside her.

"Yes- or well, not this one specifically, but I grew up on an Orion cargo vessel like this one. My siblings and I ran the ship ourselves, with very little help, and I was the engineer of the bunch." She finished that sentence like it explained everything, and gently touched one of the walls.

Lt. Huxley arched an eyebrow as he listened to the other two talk about the ship familiarity. For his part, he kept scanning the deck for life sign readings with his tricorder in an effort to ensure there were no surprises.

"And what did your sisters do?" Lyras asked as he kept pace with her, "tell me about them?" As he spoke, he continued to scan as well, hoping there were more survivors. "Are we headed to engineering?" he added, understanding that if, as an engineer, she wanted to go down there.

"We're heading to the bridge now, actually. I have more than just sisters. My elder sister is a navigator and a quartermaster, she was our captain. She's really good at using her pheronomes to get what she wants- she can even control them without medical assistance, if she needs to. My brothers aren't very smart, they were more muscle and protection than any brains of the operation. Then there's our little sister Veesashaa- she's like you, a caregiver. She studied some medical holos we got off some Bolians and she's really good at stitching things up. She's the one who set my arm when it snapped." Vesu spoke softly, feeling along the wall, "Why do you want to know about my siblings?"

There was something about the way she spoke that held his attention, and made him watch her more closely. "Why would I not want to know?" he countered, "I do not know what it is like to have siblings, because I have none. And you seem to care a great deal about them." He paused. "And I think this vessel is more familiar to you, than you are letting on."

Statzia chuckled. "When you've seen one cargo ship, you've seen them all." She ducked past a piece of fallen debris. "Human, Ferengi, Orion--they're all laid out basically the same."

"People don't usually ask me about myself." Vesu stated plainly, "And this ship is the same type as the one I grew up on, I should hope I know it well enough. It's not the same one- Mikak slammed his head into one of these bulkheads, on this hall, we'd see the dent."

Lyras nodded, eyes traveling to the wall where there was indeed no dent visible. "Is it not considered polite, to enquire about one's family?" he queried, "especially since this vessel seems to stir memories for you."

"It's less about polite and more about what I'm used to. Few people have asked about them before, and of course a vessel like this one is going to stir up memories. I was a child." Vesu still spoke softly, touching the wall, following the thrumming of a power conduit like she used to. She just spoke quietly by nature. "If someone showed you the inside of your childhood home, though lived in by another family, you'd have memories to reminisce on. Not for long! We have to find the survivors."

Vesu punctuated that by pointing to the bridge door, just ahead.

"I consider it likely that another family now inhabits my childhood home, if it even still exists," Lyras pointed out, "but it is illogical to dwell on such memories. I have no other family left, my mother is dead." He stepped up to the bridge door, then looked over his shoulder at Huxley, as if to ask if the man wanted to go first or if he could.

Statzia's brow furrowed when the Bridge door didn't open as Lyras approached. "You would think that door would open automatically, right?" She looked over her shoulder to Vesu for confirmation before stepping up to the door herself.

"You would think." Vesu felt on the wall for a second, "and it still has power, so. There's some damage we aren't seeing. Let me see if I can trigger it manually." She reached in her toolkit and used a small magnetic tool to trigger the door. There was a grinding sound. "Ok, we're gonna have to break it down."

Statzia knelt by the door, giving Ensign Lyras a bit of a wave with her hand to gently move him aside. She set down the kit she'd had slung over her shoulder, kicking it open.

"Where is Ensign Darhk?" Mis suddenly said. She'd been busy listening in on the conversation and looking in front of her that somehow she'd not noticed that one of their party had gone missing. She sighed. Logan was going to kill her. "Alright, I'll look for her, everyone else stay here."

"Ma'am, I would recommend that you take Huxley with--" Statzia's statement was interrupted by a muffled yell from the other side of the Bridge door. "Lt. Vesu and I can get through this door, and it sounds like we may need the Doc for whoever is on the other side."

Lyras had turned his head sharply as he heard Javn was missing, but understood he needed to focus. But, with his love missing that might prove a little difficult. "Ready," he announced, ready to run in towards the source of the cry for help.

Statzia took a torch out of the toolbox, clicking it on and shining it along the crevices at the edge of the door. She pulled out a hand-held laser cutting device, working it along the top edge of one door, and then the other. A small metallic *clunk* rewarded her efforts and she grinned. Grabbing another arms-length tool from the box, she wedged the pointed end into he crack between the doors, and began manually cranking them apart.

Vesu initially moved in to help, but then squinted into the room. On the floor, pinned by some debris, lay an orion woman with long, dark hair. Some emerald blood smeared her side.

"Say?!" Vesu began scrambling at the heated metal, clawing frantically, "Stars! It's Say! Statz, we have to-" She hissed when she touched some still- hot metal, then grabbed the tool from Statzia and began to force the door much faster.

The yell from inside confirmed the woman was still alive, "Hesh? Vee's out there! She's got Gep!"

"Your sister? Gods--" Statzia jumped in, helping taking back over cranking the door open. "Vesu, can you squeeze through?" The opening was narrow, but Vesu was just tiny enough that she might fit.

Vesu had to force her hips through, but she was determined enough to do so. The panic barely hidden behind her eyes flashed for a moment before she dissapeared inside to rush to her sister.

"Hesh!" The woman gasped, "Vee's got Gep out there, I need to find him."

"I think we should focus on stabilizing your orbit first, you complete wreck. We have people searching the ship for survivors, someone will find them." Vesu spoke more calmly than she felt, lifting on the crushed console that held Sayshelou down, "Do you know if you have any thrusters?"

Statzia looked over her shoulder as she cranked on the device. "Commander," she relayed from what she heard inside the Bridge, "there are at least two more survivors, a woman and a child." With a clunk, the door gave way a few more inches. "Alright, Doc, in you go!"

"Understood, I'll see if I can locate them, hopefully Javn already has," Mis tapped her communicator and went back to following life signs.

Lyras squeezed through the door as fast as he could, running towards the two women. he knelt at the injured woman's side, quickly flipping open his tricorder. "I do not read any internal injuries," he reported, looking up at the chief engineer who obviously knew the injured woman, "but I do read broken bones and she is in considerable pain."

He gave her an uncertain look. "I am unfamiliar with Orion physiology," he confessed, "please tell me if there is anything I absolutely cannot give to her."

Say and Vesu glanced to each other quickly, then Vesu spoke, "Vee would know, but neither of us are familiar with our physiology either. We aren't that different from vulcans, though- copper-based blood and all." Vesu turned and started skimming through computer alerts on the engineering console as she spoke, "You're leaking plasma, you've cracked your ribs, and you don't know where your son is. Sayshelou Mainosh, you wreck of a woman, if you die because I wasn't here to run damage control I'm going to scream."

"Wait is this man your doctor?" Sayhelou tried to sit up, "You trust a man and a vulcan with your bodies in Star Fleet? What kind of operation-" She had to stop talking to catch her breath, more against the pain than the pressure.

Statzia gave the door wedge a few more cranks, suddenly realizing that Lt. Huxley was standing over her shoulder. "Well, quit staring, Lieutenant, and go after the Commander! There are still survivors on the ship, and there's not much you can do to stabilize orbit--" She tossed her toolbox through the gap, then grimaced as she squeezed her torso past the doors. "Go!"

Statzia put a hand on Vesu's shoulder as she slid past, making her way to navigational controls. She scrolled through the information on the fractured screen, frowning as she read through the data. "Aft thrusters are a hot mess, but we might be able to reroute power around the damage."

"Stay still," Lyras ordered firmly, while gently pushing her back. He pressed a hypospray against her throat to release painkillers into her bloodstream. "We will have you out of there soon," he added, nodding towards the console that was pinning her down. He looked up at the other two women. "She will need to be transported to sickbay as soon as we release her," he told them.

Javn had only partially been paying attention to the conversation between officers when her tricorder had started beeping. It was a faint life sign, or at least she thought it was a life sign. She hadn't realized how far she had wondered, following the readings and not being aware of her surroundings until she was in a corridor alone. There were no lights other then the dim flashing emergency signs in an unknown but familiar language. Still the tricorder picked up signs of life.

She should have turned around, not proceeded alone but 'just a little bit further' she told herself as she went down the darkened hall. When she turned a corner Javn's eyes locked on those of an Orion male holding onto his side where a wound was visibly leaking. The other hand held a weapon directed right at her heart.

"Ensign Darhk?" Mis called, knowing she was getting close. "Are you there?"

Javn jumped hearing the commanders voice faintly. The Orion took a step forward seeing her reaction. She knew she should explain to him who she was and why she was there but her voice wouldn't work, her entire body cemented in place. Her lack of control over her bodies actions terrified her more then the male with the weapon.

The male took another step towards her, grunting in pain as he did. Large droplets of his green blood splattered to the floor but he refused to lower the weapon.

Mis frowned, not hearing the woman's voice was worrying her, though she could still see the life signs on her tricorder clearly. She followed them further into this maze, trying to remember her way out of it and came around a corner to find an injured male Orion stepping closer to Javn. "Stop," Mis called, raising her phaser.

Suddenly, an orange-red beam lanced out from the side and hit the man in the torso, causing him to wince in pain and drop the weapon from his hand. It clattered to the deck right before his unconscious form did. Lieutenant Huxley stepped out into the light and kicked the unknown pistol away from the wounded man. He glanced back at the other two and nodded but didn't say anything.

Javn exhaled, it took her a moment to move her limps from the shocked state they had been in. When Huxley gave the okay she went to the injured Orion and started scanning him with her tricorder, "We need to transport him immediately."

"What did you do that for?" Mis snapped, feeling that she'd had the situation in hand. She rushed forward to help the man, tapped her communicator, "Diza to Orion, we have a wounded Orion in need of immediate transport directly to sickbay."

"With all due respect, commander, he was armed and not listening to your commands to drop it." He shook his head as he tilted his head at the unconscious form. "It was only medium stun, which for an Orion means he'll be awake any minute now." I guess I should've waited for him to shoot you, he thought to himself.

Mis glared back at him but there was no use arguing the point now, what's done was done and she needed to get the team back together again so they could get out of here. "Well since you made the decision for me. You get to accompany him back to the ship while I get everyone else together and get off this hunk of junk." She didn't ask twice as she reached for Ensign Darhk. "Are you alright ensign? We need to move."

Hesitantly, Javn looked towards the commander and gave a grave nod. Standing she retreated a few steps from the Orion, still trying to overcome the staggering feeling she had been under moments prior. "Ready."

Mis held out her hand to the other woman, helping her around the body of the Orion. "Diza to Orion, Once the pattern enhancers are in place, beam up Lt. Huxley as well."

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia Liski
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu
Chief Engineer, USS Orion

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion

Lieutenant Kevin Huxley
Assistant Chief of Security, USS Orion


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