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Posted on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 @ 9:09am by Captain Logan Barrett & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deck 13: Security Office
Timeline: 1435 Hours

Determination was set on his face as Lyras entered the security office. The longer he thought about it, the heavier it weighed on his conscience. He knew Javn wasn't going to agree with this, but for his own peace of mind, he had to do it.

The Vulcan hybrid approached the desk, drawing the attention of the officer on duty. "I wish to report a crime," he stated, his voice betraying his anxiety.

Lieutenant junior grade Kevin Huxley pulled his attention away from the LCARS display on his desk and gazed up at the man with the pointed ears. One eyebrow shot up at the idea that a crime had occurred on the ship. Quite ridiculous, he thought.

"I beg your pardon, ensign?"

"I wish the report a crime," the young Vulcan repeated, somewhat stoically. He sat down across from the desk so the officer wouldn't have to look up at him. "I am just not certain how to, as I am involved." He paused, his stoic appearance frazzling a little. "I... committed it."

Huxley blinked a few times and leaned forward in his chair. "What... what did you do?" he asked with some puzzlement. "Did you break a replicator or something?" he asked as a follow up, with some degree of incredulity.

"Break?" Lyras shook his head. "Oh no, far worse sir." He wrung his hands anxiously, looking over his shoulder at the door. "I invaded someone's privacy... I telepathically connected myself and the woman I care deeply about, without her prior consent. That is a crime, it is unforgivable."

Huxley watched the faint struggle behind the eyes of the stoic young man. He let out a confused sigh. "Well, it's hard to prove a 'telepathic crime'. If it'll make you feel any better, I can interview the alleged victim, if you wish?"

"Another telepath could confirm it," Lyras answered dejectedly before nodding slowly. "If you must," he finally consented, knowing Javn wouldn't agree with him reporting it.

The notification that she was needed in security was unsettling. Javn could think of no reason as to why her presence was requested. Her curiosity and anxiety only grew the closer she got to the department.

Upon entering the office her brows furrowed when her violet eyes caught sight of Lyras. Why was he here? Pausing in the threshold of the entrance she directed her attention to the security officer," Hello. I was... my name is Javn. I was needed? Though I don't have my tricorder if this is medical situation?" There was no other explanation she could think of as to why both her and Lyras were present.

Lieutenant Huxley rose from his chair and looked at the striking woman. "This isn't a medical call, actually. Ensign... Lyras, was it? He has expressed that he committed a crime against you. May we speak in private?"

Javn’s entire body stiffened. Within a heartbeat her eyes flashed from Lyras and back to Huxley. There was a soft clink when her teeth meet and she had to force herself not to grind them together. Rather then risk her temper coming out in her words she nodded yes to Huxley. Keeping her attention focused on him and only him, fighting against and ignoring the bond that connected her to Lyras. The bond that was notably stronger in his presence.

Huxley waved her into an interview room off to the side and stepped in behind her, walking around a small desk and taking a seat. He motioned for her to do the same across from him. "Please, have a seat, ensign. I'm not quite sure what Doctor Lyras thinks has happened but if you wouldn't mind just explaining it for me, that would be very helpful. He seems to think that you've been the victim of a thought crime by him."

Javn sat, folding her hands in her lap, still battling the anger she felt bubbling inside. "I am not a victim. Nor has he wronged me. I... there has..." She huffed a sigh, the last thing she wanted was to discuss the situation with an outsider, even though she knew he meant no harm. "Ensign Lyras is doing what he feels is right by reporting the situation, but I feel the need to express that regardless, my consent prior to the bonding was not given. I do not wish to... press charges?" She paused for a moment before adding. "Lyras believes he has connected our minds in what's called a bond. I do not know much about it, its a Vulcan custom that's details are not shared with outsiders."

The security lieutenant arched one disinterested eyebrow and picked up a PADD that was laying on the table, tapping it multiple times. "So, in essence, it was just an uncomfortable situation but Ensign Lyras didn't intend to cause you distress?"

Unsettled by the lieutenant's attention to the PADD she began wringing her hands. “It was not his intention, no.” She felt small sitting across from the security officer. A feeling she detested.

Huxley glanced up from the PADD and could tell how uncomfortable this situation was making her. "Uh... look, this is just a simple documentation. It doesn't go up the chain of command since there's no criminality involved. If Lyras hadn't walked in here, none of this would be happening." He set the PADD down and looked into her purple eyes. "I don't know what sort of relationship you two have but... maybe talk things out so he doesn't get an idea like this in the future? Perhaps see a counselor about the issue." He smiled faintly to reassure her.

A dark blush spread across her cheeks, feeling the heat on her face she adverted her eyes downward, concentrating on the table top instead. Cursing her shy nature she cleared her throat but didn't raise her eye sight as she spoke. "I apologize, I do believe I could have handled the... discovery of the bonding better." She looked up timidly, "There wont be any... repercussions for him will there?"

Huxley shook his head. "No, there's nothing to to really report," he said with raised hands in a big shrug. "Why don't we step outside and tell him together." He rose from his chair and gestured for her to leave the room first.

Meanwhile, Lyras sat in the other office, wringing his hands in very un-Vulcanlike manner. He was doing his best to stay calm but it wasn't working and he could just feel Javn's anger at the edge of his consciousness.

Javn sat with her lips tightly pursed into a thin line trying to reign in her anger before facing Lyras. She nodded to Huxley and stood slowly, exiting the room in the same slow pace. Her eyes didn't immediately meet Lyras', keeping to a spot on the wall almost directly behind him. She waited for Huxley to speak first.

Lieutenant Huxley followed the dark-haired nurse out of the room and over to where Lyras still remained seated. He glanced in between them both and said, "I don't see any UCSJ violation in what took place. There wasn't any intent to harm. I might recommend you both seek counseling for this matter." He tugged at his uniform front slightly before continuing, "As far as security is concerned, this matter is closed."

Lyras nodded. "Thank you," he said, somewhere relieved there would be no repercussions but on the other hand feeling like the matter was so lightly dismissed. He took a deep breath before looking up at Javn. "You are angry," he said softly, wondering why she was angry. Was it because of what he'd done or because he had reported it as he had actually said he would.

Javn's violet eyes cut from the spot on the wall to his. She ignored his statement for the moment and turned to the Lieutenant, "Thank you for your patience. Enjoy the rest of your day lieutenant." She took a few steps toward the exit before glaring over her shoulder to Lyras expecting him to follow. She wasn't going to bother starting the looming conversation until they were in private quarters, one without an audience.

Once they had departed security, Huxley walked around his desk and sat down in his chair. "I knew it. Even Vulcans can have relationship drama." He shook his head and got back to his work.

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Kevin Huxley
Security Officer, USS Orion


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