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Under the Knife, Part 2

Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 4:11am by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After "Under the Knife"

After several hours, the operation to remove and replace Lieutenant Liski's prosthetic leg had been a success. The prosthetic had undergone numerous tests and everything checked out, as did the medical side of the operation. All nerve endings had been correctly connected and everything seemed well.

"Alright, I think that's everything. I think it's time to bring her round and see how the patient is feeling." Haas announced, checking her vitals and being happy with the read outs.

Lyras nodded and moved to the side of the bed, checking the settings on his hypospray a final time. "Technically, she should not be in any discomfort," he remarked as he pressed the nozzle to her throat, "we did take all necessary precautions."

After a few moments, Statzia's eyes flew open, her mouth gasping out a half-strangled scream. She sucked in a deep breath of air, as if coming up for water, and her hands flew up to rip the headphones from her ears, sending them scattering to the floor.

Vesu jumped, then calmed herself and picked up those headphones, ceasing the playback. "Statzia! Hey. Welcome back. Take a moment." She pat her back gently.

Lyras hovered nearby, tricorder on hand. "How do you feel?" he asked, leaning a little closer to examine her.

Steffan continued to watch her vitals, as soon as she regained consciousness her heart level jumped up again. In the Doctor's mind that justified his decision to up her sedative slightly.

"Feel?" Statzia gave an almost maniacal laugh. "I feel like I've spent three days in an empty cave, drowning in the darkness that fills my lungs so I can't breathe. Which is what happens every time I undergo sedation, Doctor." She started to push herself up in bed. "Except that in my sleep, if I scream, I can wake myself from the nightmare. When you sedate me, my screams drown in the darkness with me!" She swung her human leg over the edge of the biobed.

Vesu sighed. There had been a reason she didn't ask how Statzia was feeling. "You ready to test out the leg we made you?" She was very interested to see if it worked and was comfortable.

"Maybe she should take it slowly," Mis suggested, looking around at all of them. She didn't want her jumping right up into it without first getting a feel for how it was going to well . . . feel.

Statzia shook her head, swinging the slightly-limp prosthetic leg over the edge of her biobed. "If the surgery is complete--" She tried to put the prosthetic foot on the floor, and it slid on the smooth deck plating. She swore under her breath, clenching her jaw.

Lyras moved swiftly to catch and steady her. "Easy," he advised, offering a slight smile. "At least you did not punch me this time. It will take some getting used to, and we will schedule time for physical therapy. Your brain will need to adjust and that may take a little time."

"Yes, it will take a few days for you to get used to the new prosthetic. You may get some swelling and bruise with is completely normal. Anything that does feel right please speak up." Steffan said was a smile. "You're doing just fine. Take things slowly though."

Statzia waved off Lyras forcefully, steadying herself and placing the foot back under her. "Will all of you just back off? I can't focus with all of the damned King's Horses standing around waiting on me to screw this up."

"No one is waiting for you to screw this up, nor are we horses." Vesu sat down, mentally taking notes. Maybe grip pads would've been a good addition. "You can't blame the medical staff for being caretakers." Despite the relatively harsh words, she was smiling.

At Vesu's response that she was not a horse, Statzia's unease lifted a little, and she rolled her eyes. "It's a nursery rhyme. All the King's Horses and all the King's Men couldn't put Humpty together again. He was an egg--one who thought it would be a bright idea to sit on a wall. And everyone thought it was in their best interest to put Humpty Dumpty together, but nobody ever asked what the egg wanted. Not in the story, at least." Statzia took a deep breath. "It...doesn't feel right." She looked at Vesu. "The ankle feels too wobbly, like I can't control the foot under me."

"You aren't Humpty Dumpty, either. I can tighten the ankle's joint, but you might lose a little of the range of motion." She tapped her chin, "It also might be something you'll have to get used to and learn to control. It is brand new to you, after all."

Statzia nodded, taking in a shaky breath. "As long as I don't wipe out going down the ramp of the Bridge again." She paused. "I guess I'm going to have to start buying left shoes again, aren't I?"

"Only if you want to match!" Vesu chuckled, "I don't think I could make you shoes, but the computer might be able to replicate your shoes mirrored."

"You'll be up dancing in no time. " Mis responded. She'd opened her mouth before but Vesu beat her to it. " Have you ever been horseback riding? I have a program on the holodeck, you're welcome to join me. " Mis tried to say casually.

Statzia looked a little sheepish. "Aside from the Academy and my furlough on Risa after I lost my leg, I've never been planetside for any span of time. I'm afraid any animal that I've encountered has been moderately warmed and served on my plate." She offered up a smile, though it seemed a bit forced through the stress on her face. "Once I figure out how to use this hunk of metal, though, I'm introducing it to a futbol program. I--played on the Academy team. It was about the only thing in the Academy I managed not to screw up."

Lyras wasn't someone who let himself be waved off like that, not while on duty. He remained close, ready to catch just in case. "If we wanted you to fail ma'am, we would not be here doing our best to make this work for you," he commented. "Also... I have never seen a horse before..."

"It's hardly a hunk of metal. It's one of the greatest advancements in modern medicine. It's as close to the real thing as you can get. The skin pigmentation has been perfectly matched. Without a tricorder, the naked eye wouldn't be able to tell you which leg was which." Haas chimed in, perhaps a little more defensively than he should of but it was proud of what the team had accomplished.

"Thank you for the words of encouragement, Doctor," Statzia stated, a bite to the tone of her voice. "I'm sure my skin pigmentation is an incredible solace to the other crew members who lost more than a limb." She pushed herself up onto the other leg--the real one--and gave a hop towards the crutches leaning against the wall. Grabbing one, she slid her left arm into it, using the support to keep her new foot from sliding away. "If there's no other use for me here, I'd rather stab myself with a knife twenty-three times than to listen to more platitudes about how I should be grateful for the medical marvels that kept me alive."

"You should be grateful," Lyras answered flatly, "you cannot bring your crewmates back, but you can honour them by living."

"Living? Statzia spun, bringing herself face-to-face with the Ensign. "I just spent the last few hours reliving the flesh-tearing bone-snapping death of my team, which happens every fucking time I'm sedated--which one of you idiots might know if anyone bothered to read my GODDAMN PSYCH PROFILE! I have no home, no family, and the one person who gave me anything to live for just died in my nightmares for the hundredth time so that you--" she gestured to the medical staff, "could be less-inconvenienced by sedating me."

Statzia turned to look at the rest of the room. "The next time someone wants to tell me how lucky I am, you'd better hope I leave more of you behind to identify than they did of my team." She shouldered past the medical team, walking barefoot out the doors of Sickbay.

Haas was shocked by the outburst but from what he'd been told about Lieutenant Liski's mental state he wasn't at all surprised. "I'm going to have to relieve her of duty and speak to the Captain. She needs to get through these issues before she becomes a danger to herself or others." He announced. "At least the leg didn't bother her." He added before moving out of the surgical bay to get changed back into his uniform.

Mis turned on her heels and left the room without another word. Her head was slightly bowed, but she did not follow Stazia when she left Sickbay. Instead she walked towards her quarters nearly resigned to the fact that no matter what she did Stazia was never going to let her under her skin.

Vesu packed up the mechanic's kit silently. There was a lot of work for her to do somewhere, even if it was redundant.

Lyras just stared for a moment, shaking his head in dismay. "I think it did sir," he finally said, turning towards his boss. "If it had not, she would not have used the crutches."

"Even with crutches she made a very swift exit." Haas replied, disappointed with her behaviour.

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