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Posted on Sun Feb 21st, 2021 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu & Ensign Andrew Davis Jr.

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Medbay

Heshoulou had not expected the kickback she'd receive if Davis hadn't shut down the plasma coils before she hit them with the coil spanner. Sparks rained on her, burning her skin and leading her to jerk back, not that it did much to get her away.

Andrew called for emergency medical transport for his chief once the extent of her injuries was clear- somehow, she was still conscious.

"Help?" She offered as she realized she was in medbay.

Lyras rushed forward, his oldfashioned tricorder in hand. He knew he ought to be using the modern ones but this was what he was comfortable with, and he had it updated to know modern species too. He was flanked by a nurse, who did wield the modern equipment, as a back-up. "What happened?" he demanded as he approached the injured chief engineer.

"Coils. Andrew forgot the thing." She smiled, trying to lift her arms, "I was trying to span them, you know, as you do-"

Andrew put his hand on her forehead to stop her from talking. "It's my fault, Doc, I didn't shut down the plasma coils, she said she was going to work on them."

"My fault, shut up Davis." Vesu's hands and face were coated in dark green plasma burns, bubbling pale skin and veins of emerald pulsing as she tried to sit up. Shock was a stronger experience in Orions, mostly to help them power through accidents like this. "Oh no. Skin hurts, Doc."

"Stay down," Lyras ordered as he took his scans, before scooping her up in his arms to get her onto one of the beds. "Dermal regenerator," he told the nurse, "do not worry lieutenant you will be right as rain in no time. Are you allergic to any kind of medication?" As this was an emergency he had no time to pull up her medical records.

"Nope! No allergy to medicines. Thanks for the help." Vesu hummed, "You've gotta be strong."

Andrew hovered for a moment, then decided to step back and let the doctor do his work. This screw-up was gonna be worth a call home for sure. His mom was going to kill him.

"There is no need to thank me, I am here to serve," Lyras answered dryly as he set to work. When he was done he wrapped the injured limb in a gauze soaked in analgestic. "Keep this on for a few hours, it should help against any further discomfort," he advised.

"Alright. Whatever you say, Doc." She hummed. "I miss my sisters. Hey is this going to scar?" She tried to gesture to her face with her now-wrapped hands.

"It should not, do you require it to?" Lyras asked, not understanding why someone would want to keep scarred tissue when modern technology could heal it all.

"Re- What? Whatever. Cool. Good. I like my face." Vesu laid back, letting her hands rest at her sides and her eyes close. She could feel herself coming out of shock and onto the meds he'd administered, and it was making her sleepy.

Andrew stepped forward just a little, worried about his Chief. "Sorry for the emergency, I'd rather not make extra work up here."

"Pardon?" Lyras shot the male a look of annoyance. "Who are you? The lieutenant will be fully healed once I am finished, there will be no residual scarring and in a few days all the discomfort should be gone."

"I'm Andrew- Ensign Davis, sir, I'm the one who called the emergency and the accident was kind of my fault. Sorry for the excitement." Andrew shrunk away from that look, stepping back.

"What excitement?" He turned back to the sleepy chief engineer. "You are welcome to remain here until you feel better, I recommend remaining off duty for another day."

"I feel fine, but I'd love a good nap." Vesu blinked slowly and then squinted at Lyras, "Wake me up if we get attacked."

Andrew rocked, "The 'excitement' meaning the emergency, sir."

"As a Vulcan, I do not experience excitement," Lyras deadpanned, "at least, I do not consider this to be excitement." He patted Vesu's arm. "Rest up ma'am, barring an emergency you should be able to." He glanced back at Andrew. "You, out. Back to work."

"Yes sir!" Andrew turned and practically ran.

"Yes sir." Vesu mimiced him, grinning.

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu
Chief Engineer, USS Orion


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