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Satisfying streches

Posted on Thu Mar 8th, 2018 @ 6:41am by Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly & Lieutenant JG Jackson Lewis

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Persoanl Quarters of Jackson Lewis
Timeline: Day 3 - 0600

Eli loved the tingle of the fabric moving across her skin as she stretched under the sheet of Jackson's bed. They had easily agreed to go back to his quarters after their discussion of their new arrangement. She rolled on her side placing her head on his shoulder just wanting more human contact. With a grin on her face she placed a kiss on his chest. "That was...exactly what I needed." she gave a contended moan as she smiled.

His eyes were closed but he grinned. "Well I'm happy to have helped." He wrapped his arm around her slightly, resting on her ribs. "And I'd be remiss if I didn't compliment you on your part in this mutual stress reliever."

“Glad I could be of assistance.” She smiled. She was a lover and savored human contact on a physical lever, she struggled to allow herself the luxury of developing feelings. She rested her chin on his chest watching him for a moment. “you are an attractive male, I can see why you have developed a complex” she giggled slightly.

He laughed, turning his head to look at her. "I guess that's a compliment."

“Oh it is...” she used her hand to push back a clump of hair that has fallen into her face. “Might as well be who you are and own it.” Lord knows she had.

His hand moved lightly across her back. "To thine own self be true." He looked at her again. "Does it hurt to get all these tattoos?"

“Yes, and no,” she replied with a little shivers from his touch. “They aren’t pleasant while you are getting them but once they heal, they are just a little sensitive.” She looked at her arm. “I like them, they make me different.”

He traced them with his index finger, slowly down her arm. "They also make you look really hot, but that's just me." He grinned.

"Added bonus." Eli purred as she pushed up and kiss Jackson before sitting up taking the sheet with her. "Want something to drink? I need some water, you make me thirsty." She grinned with the sheet drapped around her, waiting for his response.

He had momentarily closed his eyes at the kiss, then finding her with the sheet when he opened them. "No, I'm good thanks." She was a vision, unlike anything he'd ever seen.

Eli gave a little shrug of her shoulders before disappearing and reappearing in his door with a glass of water in hand. Raising the glass to her lips she drank down more than half the glass before setting it on the table and dramatically plopping back on the bed this time laying with Jackson as her pillow. Stretching her arm out she ran her fingers along the skin of his leg absently with her eyes closed. She was content.

He stared up at the ceiling in silence, just hearing the sound of their breathing, feeling their bodies pressed against each other. There was no care in the world. Just them. He'd been in this position more times than he could count but he'd be lying to himself if he said this didn't feel different. He knew it was because of her. He also knew the truth. "How long could we lay here before they put us in the brig for not showing up to work?"

Eli laughed with her eyes closed but her face bright. "Not long enough." She turned her head. "I guess we should have slept at least a little last night." She pushed up on her elbows and let out a sigh. "It is going to be a long day, but totally worth it." She laid back down and closed her eyes. "Just a few more minutes."

"No objection here." He ran his hand gently through her hair.

Eli sighed contentedly. There was something wonderful about be here with Jackson. No one making demands on her, no one expecting more than she could give them. She could easily see herself getting used to have him around. She wasn't sure how much time and gone by but she knew she needed to get moving. "Ugh..." She pushed up with groan, "I need to get back to my quarters and get a fresh uniform and get to work...and you due to." She gave him a content smile. "You need to get to shift, I am not worth getting thrown into the brig over." She stood up letting the sheet fall to the floor pooling around her feet before moving to locate her clothing from the night before.

"From this vantage point you're worth that and more."

Eli cast him a knowing glance over her shoulder as she finished up getting dressed. She was still in her duty uniform from yesterday which was looking a little raged from crawling around in jefferies tubes. Once she was finished dressing she bounced over to the bed kneeling on it and pressed a kiss to Jackson lips before moving back away from the bed taking her glass with her. "If you want, you are welcome to stop by my quarters tonight." She said before draining the rest of the water.

"Oh I don't know I'll have to check my social calendar." He grinned as she moved away, his eyes scanning as if committing her to memory.

Eli rolled her eyes. "Well, don't pass up a more exciting opportunity on my account." She replied. She wasn't one to hang pretenses on things and what they had was what they needed, at least in her mind. He owed her nothing and vice versa. "I am going to get so I can change. I will see you around, flyboy" She grinned as she headed for the door.

When he heard the door open and close, he sighed closing his eyes. There was a time when this would have been the epitome of what he had striven for. Ride it out and enjoy the wave before it crashes. That's what his old man told him on the beach one day. For now he'd have to see how long it'd last.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jackson Lewis
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion


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