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Nightmares on the other side

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 3:59pm by

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Lyras' quarters

Sleep usually came easy to Lyras. Though, as half Vulcan, he didn't need nearly as much sleep as Humans did, he did value the time given to rest up. Therefor he actually did make use of his resting period as much as he was able because who knew when he might have to be on his feet for a prolonged time.

That, and he didn't feel it very useful to boast about an ability to not need much sleep.

He raked his fingers through his hair a final time even though that was a useless gesture. Yet somehow, he preferred it to sit well before bed, rather than just have it be a mess. He caught his reflection in the mirror as he passed it on his way to bed and smiled softly. He was wearing a grey T-shirt that somewhat clung to his frame, and matching pants. Something he considered comfortable to sleep in.

Though it was late, somehow he did still feel wide awake. Yet, there was something tugging at the edge of his consciousness, something he couldn't quite place. Shaking the feeling off, he crawled under the covers and made himself comfortable before closing his eyes.

Flashes of images shot through his semi-conscious mind as he prepared for sleep, relaxing himself as much as possible as he always did to achieve a sleeping state as quickly as possible. A boy and a girl, the girl having the most vivid purple eyes he'd ever seen. A woman, and a green skinned male that gave him shivers just upon the mere sight of him.

Lyras shook his head, not even aware he was doing it. He was overwhelmed by a sense of rejection and loss, of fear. "No no," he murmured, before bolting up right. His shirt was sticking to his skin, soaking wet. What had just happened?

"Computer, lights!" he ordered. Who was the woman he had seen in his dream? Or the boy? Why was he dreaming of people he had never met? Wide awake now, and utterly confused, Lyras made for his door. He shivered as he stepped into the colder corridor -compared to his fairly warm quarters- not even realizing he failed to put on a robe, or shoes.

Before he knew it, he had already pressed the chime to Javn's quarters, not even remembering how long it'd taken him to get there. He didn't seem to care it was late either, he was too troubled, by what he thought he'd seen.

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion


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