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Darhk Terrors

Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 10:20pm by Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Unknown
Timeline: After Candle lit Dinner for Two

Thin feminine green hands placed three small sweet treats into Javn’s palms. She smiled up at the woman before scampering off toward a pillow on the side of the room. Only a few feet from the massive stone table in the center of the room.

Setting her treats down on one of the vibrant colored pillows, she glanced across the room to see her mother, standing to the left of a large green male seated at the head of the table. Her mother’s face stayed neutral but allowed a very short nod of approval toward her daughter.

The large man was speaking in the common tongue to a fellow male of the same skin tone, also seated at the table. Javn knew the large man as “Master”. For the most part the master ignored the child’s presence. Something she had become accustomed to. The fear that colored her mothers face whenever near him confused her, she never witnessed a reason to warrant the feeling from him.

The masters guest turned to look over his shoulder making eye contact with Javn. Too naive to look away she held his eye contact until he turned around to speak again with the master. Javn’s eyes caught the sudden stiffness her mother’s form took, as well as the paling of her face. Javn was too far from the table to hear what words were exchanged, she understood bits and pieces of the native language that she picked up from servants but her mother refused to allow her or her brother to speak it.

She thought she understood the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘price’ but to what the man was referring to was lost on the child. More words were exchanged between the master and the male. Deciding she was disinterested in the conversation she turned back to her treats until the rumble of the masters voice filled the room with her name.

Annoyed she stood and made her way to the table. Watching how her mother refused to look at her. Surely she had done nothing wrong?

Knowing that they were never to address the master or speak unless spoken to she stood silently between him and the new comer. More unknown words were exchanged.

The newcomer moved slightly closer to Javn. Her attention turned to him, annoyance still present in her expression. His cold fingers lifted her chin, turning her face side to side slowly. She felt under inspection. Like he was looking for something. Her violet eyes locked on his, anger slowly rising. She didn’t appreciate being touched. Especially by someone unknown to her. She deemed the man ugly and curtly pulled her chin from his grasp. Her actions caused the man to laugh. It was unpleasant, ugly like his face.

Turning her attention to the master she caught a figure moving in the background towards the pillow she had been seated at. A small figure with features identical to Javn. Her twin, Dorian.
He was reaching for her treats. Furious she stormed over to the pillow and pushed her brother hard in the chest. His laugh only fueled her anger. Before she had time to scoop up the treats their mother appeared taking both children by the wrist and hauling them out of room.

Javn opened her eyes, suddenly awoken due to being jostled around. She was in her mother’s arms, being carried down a dark corridor. It had to be the middle of the night. No light was coming in from the large windows lining the corridors. Confused Javn because wiggle in an attempt to break free and be put down.

“Quiet Javn.” Her mother said briskly.

“But momma where are...” she was cut off.

“I said quiet Javn.”

Confusion and fear began to quickly manifest. Her eyes burning with tears. Her mother’s pace picked up as they turned a corner. Javn squeezed her arms around her mother tightly burying her face in her mother’s neck. The tears began to fall. She let out a sob as her mother turned another corner dropping low to the ground. Her mother’s hand pressed hard against her mouth as she shhhed her daughter.

Down the corridor footsteps could be heard headed in the opposite direction. Her mother’s breathing was rushed but she stood again and began walking quickly. Within seconds they were out the back door. Javn’s mother set her down, taking her hand and pulling her along as she became to run.

Tears were flowing freely down the child’s cheeks now. “Run Javn.” Her mother spoke in a harsh whisper. “But momma where’s Dorian?” Her mother ignored her question.

Her mother was leading them through a wooded area with thick brush. It slowed them only slightly. Her mother pulling, nearly dragging Javn along. Her wrist began to sore from the pressure of her mother’s grip. Suddenly she tripped and landed face first into the dirt. The tears and dirt mixing on her cheeks into mud. She tasted a hint of blood.

Her mother lifted her from the ground wiping her cheeks. For only a moment her mother allowed Javn to view the anguish in her eyes. Before Javn had the chance to speak they were running again.

When the tree line broke Javn started to recognize their surroundings. They were in the city they would sometimes visit. Tall stone buildings darkened by the nights sky. The streets empty of activity. They walked quickly for a few blocks before her mother changed course, moving between buildings until an open door leaking light into the side street came into view. Next to the open door was a man smoking something that smelled horrid. This mans skin matched hers, it wasnt green like everyone else. He didn’t look like he belonged here. He was dressed in what looked of leather, with belts holding weapons to his waist. He flicked away the object he had been smoking and exchanged words with her mother.

Her mother kneeled down so that she was eye level with Javn, pushing back the child’s black hair from her face. Gently rubbing away the tears and mud from her cheeks. Sadness tainted her mother’s voice when she spoke.

“Javn your going to leave with this man. He’s going to take you somewhere safe. Somewhere far from here.”

“No momma, I don’t wanna go. Why can’t I stay with you?”

“Because it’s not safe for you anymore. What’s done is done. I can’t protect you.”

“What about Dorian?” Her voice cracked and new tears fell from her eyes.

“I need you to promise me you will never come back to this place. Ever. Promise me Javn you won’t return.”

“Momma I’m sorry for whatever I did, I’m sorry momma. Please don’t make me go.”

“Javn promise me!”

The man placed a hand on her mother’s shoulder, “There’s no more time. Your absence will be noted soon.”

Javn’s mother pulled her close hugging her tighter then ever before. She spoke into her hair, ”I’ll always love you, now go.” Her mother released her and pushed her towards the man who scooped her up. Javn reached a hand for her mother as the man started off in the opposite direction. She cried out for her mother, watching as a single tear slid down the woman’s face.

Javn woke with a start. Her body and bed soaked in sweat. She tried to calm her breathing but failed. She pulled back the covers, moving to hang her legs over the side of her bed. Her purple eyes scanned her darkened quarters of the Orion. The sense of fear still overwhelmed her, tightening her chest. It had only been a bad dream... or had it been a memory?


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