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Mission: Side Posts
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: following "Final Tests"

Having had some time to mull it over, Lyras couldn't shake the funny feeling he'd been experiencing since Statzia had left sickbay. His face still drawn, the young Vulcan hybrid approached the CMO's office. "Doctor Haas, have you got a moment for me?" he asked after drawing the CMO's attention.

"Of course." Haas replied with a smile as he waved the Ensign into his office and placed the PADD he was reading down.

"I just spent some time with Lieutenant Liski," the younger doctor started as he closed the door behind him for privacy, "and I find myself concerned for her wellbeing." He paused, drawing a deep breath. "Are you aware, that she does not even want a new leg?"

Haas frowned, "Really?" He said, surprised. "I thought she was quite keen on having the replacement sorted and being more comfortable."

"No sir, she is not. I am concerned for her sir," the younger man repeated, "there is more to it, than just the replacement of a faulty replacement. I really feel she should see a counselor about this." Lyras hesitated. "I am not certain how much i am allowed to tell you sir, as she told me what this was about after I pressed the issue. But you are my I allowed to tell you?"

"Of course, discussing a concern of a patient isn't the same as discussing it in the officers lounge with friends. Let's see what we can do to help her." Haas replied as he gave the Ensign a reassuring smile.

"She said that it will not make her feel whole, that it cannot replaced which she lost." Lyras frowned. "She was referring to a person sir... she lost someone she cared about, when she lost her leg, and I get the feeling that allowing herself to feel whole and painfree, makes her feel as if she is tainting his memory."

The Doctor nodded, "Sounds like she has some post traumatic stress problems. The need to feel pain in place of filling the void which is left by a death is a fairly common side effect. Do you know if she's spoken to anyone?"

Lyras shook his head. "No I do not believe so. I recommended she speak to Counselor Herren but she seems reluctant. She can even speak with me if she desires... to a degree I can relate to her sense of loss. What would you recommend I do?"

"She needs to speak to someone." Haas said after he took a breath the think. "A counselor would be best for her but she did reach out to you, Lyras. I'm inclined to suggest you speak to her again. The more she talks the more she may open up."

"Then I will keep talking to her, but I should point out that I am not qualified to function as counselor." He frowned. "In my time...where I came from... there were no counselors on board though.."

"I appreciate that, but she chose you to confide in. If things get to much then please let me know. I'll happily step in or speak to the counselor about it. Right now, keeping her talking is a good thing." The Doctor replied.

"The counselor should be kept in the loop," Lyras mused, "but I will continue to talk with her, if she desires someone to talk to. Purely professional of course..." He glanced over his shoulder. "I want Javn kept out of this if need to worry her somehow."

"Of course, on both counts. If things do get a little heavy and intense I'm more than happy to step in but she has reached out to you, which is a good first step." Haas replied, reassuring the Ensign.

"Alright. I will keep listening to her and help her as much as I am able," the younger doctor promised with a small nod. "Thank you doctor, for your advice."

"Any time, my door is always open." Steffan replied with a smile. "If it does get too much then please reach out and either myself or the counselor can take over."

"I will," Lyras promised again. He gave his boss a final nod before getting back to work.

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Steffan Haas, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion


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