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Vesu's Medical

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 2:41pm by Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Medbay

"Doctor?" Heshoulou's eyes darted quickly around the room and landed on what she assumed was the doctor. She could be wrong though, most doctors she'd worked with hadn't been so sturdy. He reminded her of her brother Gommav. "I was told to report for a physical. Did you get my medical records yet? They said they sent them."

Haas looked up from the instrument he was calibrating. "Hello." He said with a smile. "Who are you?" He asked not recalling an Orion crewmember but he had been wrong before.

"Heshoulou Tigge Vesu. I'm the new assistant chief engineer. It's an onboarding physical, I should specify." She tucked her hair up into a bun quickly, "I don't have any medical issues that are unusual for an orion or an engineer, pheromone blocker tolerances, posture issues, you know. I need my prescription shifted periodically. The one I'm on right now is fine and should be for a few months."

"Ah! Hence why I don't know you." The Doctor said with a grin. "Please, come in and take a seat." He added as he approached the main biobed located in the centre of Sickbay and patted the bed. "So back posture and pheromone blockers, I'll need to check to make sure we have a decent supply of them, anything else I should know about."

"Nothing else, not really!" She hopped up onto the biobed and settled. "I've got some old injuries in my medical records, but they've all been taken care of entirely."

"That's good to hear." The Doctor smiled as he pulled out the scanning diode from the back of his tricorder and began running it over the Orion. "So tell me, what does of pheromone blocker are you taking? Unfortunately, I've not received any medical files for a few of the new crew members on board. As usual, Starfleet medical like to take it's time with such things."

"35 micrograms of Arainil, pill form, daily. Also get injections as a secondary precation. Lavexa, 45 micrograms, monthly. You know how that stuff sticks around." She swung her feet, watching the scanner as he moved it, "I just got my injection before I transferred."

The Doctor nodded as he made a mental note before adjusting his scans to detect Arainil. "How are you finding the Arainil? Any side effects or not as effective?"

“I’ve been on it for three months now and the only side effect I’ve noticed is my hair being drier and kind of frizzy.” Heshoulou pat the top of her head, “It is still as effective as when I first started using it. Given how fast I usually build up a tolerance, I should have at least another month or two on Arainil.”

The Doctor nodded, "I can see your body is starting to fight the Arainil. I think you're right, another month or so and it wont be affective any more. I'll start looking into another medication for you to use. As for the the drier and frizzy hair I think that's not a bad trade off in comparison of some of the side effects you could have." He said with a smile.

Heshoulou laughed. "Oh definitely! I took Linapenal for a while- my feet were asleep the whole time, I couldn't eat most grains or I'd get headaches, and my vulcan friend thought I smelled like I was still producing pheromones."

"Interesting." The Doctor said as he continued scanning. "Once your medical file catches up with you, I'll cross reference what you've had along with the side effects you've had and see what I come up with. I'll make that a priority as a month will fly by and I'd prefer to have it ready for when you need. Before all the men on the ship are on their knees at your feet." He added with a grin.

“Thank you doc, that is much appreciated!” Heshoulou wished, not for the first time, that she could go to space without medicating herself into a hormonal wreck, but anything was better than unconscious manipulation of her coworkers and friends. When it had just been her siblings on that cargo freighter, she’d had no need for inhibitors. When she’d moved to her uncle’s ship, her pheromones were tolerated and occasionally useful. But Star Fleet was the only place she could work on such magnificent ships and she would never want to hurt people with her presence. She watched the scanner as she zoned out.

"You seem to be in excellent health." The Doctor said as he studied his tricorder. "Have you had any broken bones at all?" He asked.

"Oh this is embarassing." She laughed, "I broke my left arm play-fighting with my brothers when I was young. My little sister fixed me up. Why do you ask?"

Haas nodded, "The bone is off by 0.00078." he smiled. "I'm being particular as I like a job done well. If it's not caused you any problems then I wouldn't worry about it."

"I'll take 0.00078, really, since I was twelve, she was nine, and so on. It's never bothered me, no." She wiggled her fingers as if testing her arm, "If there's little chance of complications from it, I'd prefer to keep it this way."

The Doctor smiled, "That's fine by me, I've picked up several of those before and you'd be surprised how many say that they still have a niggling problem.

"Well, I think you're fit for service aboard Orion and I'll get to work on the next pheromone treatment for you."

"Thank you, Doc!" She smiled and hopped up.


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