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Prequel 1

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2021 @ 12:18pm by Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski

Mission: Side Posts
Location: USS Mercutio

"You know," he said, grinning at her from his place at the table, his mouth half-full of slug steak, "you don't have to wear clothing when it's just us, right?"

Statzia rolled her eyes at her Ferengi roommate. "I never took you for being a traditionalist, Tallin." She finished tying the head wrap around her braids, concealing them all under the bright red fabric that matched the satin robe she was wearing.

"I'm just saying that you might be more...comfortable without clothing to restrict your body." A hint of a grin played across his lips, and he showed a few sharpened teeth with his smile.

"I'm perfectly comfortable right now." She plunked herself in the chair opposite him, cutting into her own slug steak. "But after climbing through the Jeffries tubes on half the ship looking for the last of those microfissures, I just felt dirty."

Tallin nodded, taking another bite. "And I can understand why you changed out of your uniform. It just seems...senseless, in a way, to get yet another garment dirty when you could have sat here wearing nothing."

Statzia stopped chewing for a moment. "Is everything alright?" He was, in fact, acting unusual. In the two years that they'd spent sharing quarters, he had never mentioned a desire for her to go without clothing.

Tallin took a deep breath, placing both of his hands on the table as if to steady either himself or the table. "I have a--a business proposition to make."

This had Statzia's attention. She'd spent most of her life prior to Starfleet involved in the family's business, often selling or bartering parts with various Ferengi families, but Tallin's family had never been one of them. "Go on..."

His eyes closed for a moment. "I wish for you to stop having engagements with other members of the crew."

Engagements, of course, was how he discretely skirted around the concept of sex--human sex, primarily, though there had been other 'engagements' with other crew members. "If this is about that noisy romp with the Klingon, I can--"

"I want you to stop having sex with all of them." Tallin's hands hit the table, perhaps more forcefully than he intended, causing the dinnerware to rattle on the table.

Statzia slowly set her silverware down. "Tallin? What's gotten into you?"

The Ferengi rubbed the back of his neck with one hand. "When you are in the company of someone else, it just makes me so--jealous. I can't stand knowing that someone else is--engaging with you." When Statzia opened her mouth to interject, he put up his hand. "And it has nothing to do with it happening here in your bedroom, because any time you come back smelling like someone else, I get so angry because I want it to be me you are with."

Statzia let the silence linger, making sure he had said everything he needed to say. "That...wasn't our agreement, Talin."

"Then I am formally requesting a renegotiation of our contract." The Ferengi placed his hands--this time more carefully--on the table.

She sat back in her chair, his eyes finally meeting hers again. "So, if I give up engaging with other people," Statzia asked as she folded her arms across her chest, "what do I get in return?"

Tallin nodded, as if he had already planned out his negotiation strategy. "If you do that, then I will learn what a hu-man female requires during oo-mox," (that made Statzia giggle, but she tried to keep a straight face) "and I will learn the hu-man customs of negotiating a partnership." At this Tallin took a big breath. "And if we are successful in this endeavor, then I propose that we become--business partners and life partners together."

Statzia sat in silence for a while. Finally, she gave a nod. She untied her robe, letting it slip off of her shoulders and onto the chair. Without a word, she picked up her fork and knife and began to eat again.

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia Liski
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion


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