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Party In The Bell Jar

Posted on Wed Feb 24th, 2021 @ 4:56pm by Commander Nokomis Diza & Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu & Lieutenant JG Lillia Herren & Ensign Javn Darhk & Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deck 11: Holodeck 2
Timeline: MD 09 - 1900 Hours

Nokomis came early to the holodeck to make sure everything was perfect. She didn't think things would get done if she didn't and though it was supposed to be a part for herself she wanted everyone to enjoy the evening as well. She was dressed in a skirt that was long in the back but came up to her thighs in the front. She wore pantyhose which she thought was some kind of torture device as she put them on. On the top she had on a white blouse with an outer corset that she didn't have laced as tightly as she could have but she wanted to be able to move this evening and heeled shoes that she hoped she wouldn't kill herself in.

The invitation had come as a surprise. As a junior officer, Lyras had never expected to be invited to a party organized by the ship's first officer. Still, the instructions on the invitation were puzzling to him, so he intended to arrive early in the hopes of clearing it up. Since it was an off duty event, he did elect to wear something casual, rather than his dress uniform.

Social gatherings hadn't always been easy for the Orion's new Chief Engineer. Given her unique physiology, she usually spent most of the night fielding questions about one side or the other, or explaining what it was like to be half Bajoran and half blood sucking demon, sorry, Cardassian. She hoped things might be different on the Orion, however, and had opted to join in with the evenings festivities. Dressed in her faveourite, off the shoulder and flowing red dress, the Bajoran let her hair flow and wore the earring of her people. She looked the very definition of elegance as she entered the holodeck. Plus, she wanted to see if the person who had designed the program had the same knack for holodesign as she had (and that they weren't destroying her holodeck systems to boot).

Javn fidgeted with one of the many buckles fastened on her corset as she made her way to the holodeck. Breathing was only slightly difficult but she hadn't the time to make any alterations and refused to be late. There was nothing simple about her attire, the black buckled corset was set on top of a layered skirt, leggings and her heeled boots had different sized metal gears and small chains on each side. Her long black hair was curled and worn down for the event but adorned by a simple black top hat. It wasn't often she found herself invited to a gathering like this, she knew had she given herself the chance she would have found any excuse to stay in her quarters for the evening but after researching the theme she was intrigued to see what others would be wearing.

Lyras turned as his sharp hearing picked up footsteps behind him. His eyes widened as he saw a female of well, to him unknown origin. He had neither seen a Bajoran, nor a Cardassian before, let alone a hybrid of the two. And her attire was so different from his, it made him feel a little out of place, especially as he turned back to look at what the only other female in the room was wearing. "Something tells me, I chose the wrong attire," he murmured, more to himself than anyone else.

Statzia smiled at the doctor, her two-heels--one on a metallic prosthetic leg-- and cane clicking on the floor. "I'm sure we can help you replicate new attire, Doc, if you want." It was also hard to miss the curves in the red dress. "I don't think we've properly met," she said, extending her free hand to the Cardassian with the Bajoran earring. "I'm Statzia, your Operations Chief. I'm sure we'll be having a lot of conversations."

"Thank you ma'am," the young man answered gratefully, "what should I change into?" He gestured around at the females present. "I am not expected to wear a dress, am I?"

Vriha entered, looking around. The concept of 'steampunk' had been explained to her, in a general sense. Since it made limited sense to her, she had applied her research skills to learn more ...and found a rather extensive and varied genre, extending over several historical periods and across different cultures. There was an old earth form, but in the 22nd century it had met similar Tellarite and Andorian concepts. Sadly there was no Vulcan equivalent (no surprise - Vulcans avoided fun), so she didn't have an obvious option for dress. But she had encountered an earth variant of steampunk that involved robes not too dissimilar to Romulan dress, and best of accessorized with long curved swords. She had improvised on that by including a leather and plate mail bodice out of early Romulan history as well as gauntlets and an engraved gorget.

Statzia chuckled at the doctor. "Only if that is what you wish to wear, Doc. But I think we can find something suited to your wishes." She linked her arm around his elbow, guiding him to the doorway of the holodeck.

Lyras belatedly thought of pulling away from the physical contact, but his late realization also made him realize doing so now would be rude. So, he simply nodded and allowed himself to be led. "No dresses," he said firmly, looking through the options she started to show him. Eventually, he selected what seemed like a very long brownish coat that complemented the green hue of his skin. With it came what he learned to be was a monocle, a single glass contraption that he had no idea how to use.

Statzia smiled. "Perfect. Very befitting of the party theme." She reached up, helping to place the monocle on Lyras' eye. "You look very dapper."

Javn entered the holodeck in the same moment Lyras and Statzia were making their way in the opposite direction. Her faced flashed with confusion briefly before taking on a more blank expression. Her eyes connected with the doctors, she nodded a hello before continuing into the holodeck. Her violet eyes scanned the immediate vicinity recognizing the Romulan whom she had met under less the desirable circumstances on Risa. She braved a smile while addressing her, "Lieutenant Vriha, how are you?"

"I am well, thank you," Vriha replied, offering a smile in return. "The theme here is fascinating. I did some research on 'steampunk' as I had not encountered the term before and was told it is less a specific style or genre, than one having the right 'feel'." An eyebrow ascended at the imprecision of that advice. "I hope my costume fits."

Javn returned the smile and took a moment to admire Vriha's attire. "I think so, you look quite fierce. What's engraved there?" She asked curiously pointing to the Romulans chest.

"Ah, I suppose you would not have seen it before. It's a stylized mogai - a type of raptor that's..." she paused a moment, flicker of sadness shadowing her expression but quickly dismissed, "...that was native to Romulus. This representation in from a period roughly a millenium ago."

She took another moment to appreciate the design, "The detail is exquisite, " she caught the glimmer of sadness before Vriha pushed it away and felt somewhat at fault." I feel you put much more effort into your costume then I." Javn let out a soft laugh.

Lyras returned to the group wearing his new costume. He did feel as though his new boots were a little heavier than he was used to, if not a bit more cumbersome to walk with. Quietly, he slid up to Javn's side and lightly brushed his fingers over her arm, pretending to remove a spec of dust, but intending a covert affectionate touch.

Javn did her best to keep her expression neutral and void of any sign of how she felt inside at the slight tough of Lyras' hand. She slowly turned to him not expecting to see his outfit had changed. Her eyes grew wide and her cheeks pink as she eyed him up and down. Smiling she reached up to touch the monocle he now wore, "This is my favorite part. Here I thought you weren't going to participate in dressing up."

"It suits you," Vriha remarked. The long coat resembled in some ways Vulcan styles of a century ago, but in others clearly drew on old earth as well.

Nokomis was thrilled that people were actually coming to this. She'd had her doubts given that she'd picked a rather unusual theme. "Hi," she smiled when she saw Stazia come in with the doctor.

Statzia, having released the Doctor's arm, made her way over to the First Officer, her cane clicking on the floor as she crossed. "So, how does it look?" She smiled, giving a spin, allowing Nokomis to get a look at the gifted jacket with the rest of her ensemble.

"Amazing," Mis nodded approvingly. "Especially on short notice," she'd lost some sleep over finishing the black knitted jacket but it was worth it. Stazia wore it well. "I'm glad you could come."

"And miss a chance to sport an old-fashioned leg?" Statzia tapped her metal leg with her cane. "I haven't been able to wear a pair of sexy shoes since I lost the lower half." She gave a quick peck on the birthday girl's cheek. "Now that the Doctor is suitably dressed, I'm going to go get our new Cardassian friend suitably engaged." And with a wink she headed off to snag the new Chief Engineer.

The combining of man and machine. It was a terrifying thought for Lillia, and as she had done her research for the party that she had been invited to, she had blanched at some of the images. Metal face masks with gears and odd, hollow eyes stared back at her, and she couldn’t help but see the intimidating red beam emitting from them. The counselor felt a strange combination of fascination and horror at the idea of becoming like that.

This also had her running late, as she couldn’t seem to pull herself away from the stories and images. In the end, she had come to terms with the idea of seeing the odd mechanical apparatuses as an old world view of fantastical prosthetics. But it was still strange to her, especially considering recent events. Perhaps this was some kind of coping mechanism for the crew, but she rather wondered if anyone else was seeing what she was.

As a result, she had chosen a spiral steel-boned corset dress that she had found an image of. It seemed simple enough, the corset part shimmered like woven silver, while the uneven skirt was made of black satin and lace. Two black belts wrapped her slender waist, holding a pair of black leather belt satchels. She wore black leather knee-high boots that had a series of silver gear-shaped buckles up the outer calves. The leather choker with the small jet stone had made her hands shake as she tried to clip it on. It felt like a slave collar, but then, so did any kind of necklace that fit too close.

Lillia took a deep breath and shook off that sensation, knowing exactly where that all came from and knowing that this was not the same thing. She was in control of her life, even if she went where she was ordered to. The counselor pulled her long, dark hair up into a loose bun, held by a hairpin that was topped with small dangling gears, then hurried to the holodeck.

Though he stayed close to Javn, almost to the point of being just a smidge possessive, Lyras noticed that he was, at least until now, the only male present. And, with all these -in his view- less than properly dressed ladies, he was actually feeling a little uncomfortable. "Are there any more male officers coming?" he whispered to Javn.

After taking a look around at the other party goers she turned to Lyras and whispered her conclusion, "I'm afraid I don't know, I hope to see more attendees but I fear this may be all there is."

Finally, with a drink in hand, the ship's new Engineer was stood, observing. It was fascinating to watch everyone feeling free and at ease during such a function. A typical engineer at heart, she wasn't the most personable at times, but that didn't mean she didn't like people. And people watching in particular was one of her favourite past times.

Statzia approached the new Engineer once again, smiling. "Sorry about that," she said with a smile. "The poor doctor is a little...behind the times, so sometimes he just needs a nudge in the right direction."

"No need to apologise," Prida smiled as she looked around the gathered group with interest. "I love watching people. My parents always wondered why I didn't become a shrink!"

Statzia chuckled. "I probably spent more time on or around Ferenginar growing up, and I've been told they 'rubbed off on me'. I would probably make a poor psychologist," she paused, "though I've spent enough time in the Counselor's office that I could probably play a convincing one in a holofilm."

The advantage of running a little late was not lost on Captain Barrett. He smoothed his tie one last time as he rounded the corridor to the holodeck and waited for the large gray doors to open up. He then made his way through the gathering numbers of people to walk up to his first officer and lean in close to say, "You really outdid yourself with this program, Number One."

She nearly laughed. "Thank you, but this is supposed to be a party Logan. I don't think anyone will faint if you call me Missy."

He pursed his lips faintly and nodded in agreement. "You're probably right." He grasped a drink that was on the nearby display table and sniffed it, letting the aroma waft into his nose as he brought the glass close to his face.

Lyras breathed a sigh of relief as he spotted the captain. For a moment he was really worried he was going to be the only male in this party.

Heshoulou felt, as usual, late to the party. She wore an outfit she'd made for an ancient west program with a few more steampunk modifications, something between earth styles and the older Orion pirates' accessories. She had dual holsters for prop weapons and goggles with red lenses. She didn't yet know anyone well enough to seek them out, but she appreciated the invite. She had carefully selected the red fabric and lenses to contrast with her green skin, and maintained black accents that made her hair look more fitting. While she was there, she might as well take apart the ridiculous prop guns she had to make them more functional (they were practically lazer pointers with lights and moving parts). Maybe she'd make a friend here. Maybe she'd be without them like her last post.

Statzia heard the hiss of the holodeck doors, and turned to see who had joined the party. A new face--Orion. Her eyes gave the woman a once-over...and she was a cute one at that. Her attention briefly turned back to the present company: The Vulcan doctor and the nurse at his elbow (and if they kept giving each other those little flirty sideways glances, the heat sensors on this deck were going to trigger), the mousy Counselor who appeared that she might go running for the nearest burrow if someone sneezed, the Romulan with the quite laudable attempt to join in after the spa trip had gone so sideways, the Bajoran/Cardassian--which would certainly be an origin story to draw out over a bottle of the good stuff, and then the Hostess and the Captain--and you could cut that between them with a knife. And now, an Orion.

Well, nobody else was making a move for the beautiful woman standing in the doorway, and since when did Statzia ever turn down the chance at a First Contact? So, she pivoted on the heel at the end of her Victorian prosthesis and she and her cane clicked their way to the entry. "Hey, I'm Statzia!" She made sure to flash one of her good smiles. "You're dressed for the right place. No worries, if any of them bite, I'll bite them back for you."

Tucking her prop back in its holster, Heshoulou smiled. "I'm Heshoulou, and trust me, I can bite back myself. Thank you for the offer, though." The room felt just a little better once she felt she knew someone in it, so she scanned the group. The machinery was highly suspect, but the detail in everyone's outfits was admirable. "Your outfit is lovely, isn't it? I'd never heard of 'steampunk' before. I just altered this old thing to suit it. Maybe I should've put my corset on the outside!" She laughed. Maybe this would be a fun party after all.

Oh gods... "Your outfit is perfect...though I would never turn down the opportunity to unlace a woman out of her corset." She gave a quick glance to the rest of the crew before letting her eyes scan the holodeck program. "I'm sure this little establishment has a back room somewhere that would give us the privacy to make a costume adjustment."

“Well I’m glad you like it! I stitched it myself. While I appreciate the offer, I think I’d prefer a drink or two before we make any costume adjustments. I did just arrive, after all!” Heshoulou stepped carefully. She didn’t know if Statzia outranked her, though it was likely. If she was going to keep friends she’d have to be careful about getting too close too quickly, wouldn’t she? But no one had ever flirted with her without bringing up pheromones and slave girls so Statzia was already doing much better than most.

Statzia smiled. "Rule of Acquisition number 147." She gave a grandiose gesture to the holofigure behind the mahogany bar. "People love the bartender." She turned, offering her right arm to the Orion. "Though, truth be told, the holo-tender only has synthahol. If you want the real stuff, I have a bottle of Trakian ale in my quarters, as well as some homebrew that I traded for on shore leave." She grinned. "It's as strong as Taos lightning, and will knock you off your feet, if you're not careful."

Though he had seen Orions before, Lyras realized he'd never actually met with or even spoken with one before. Tapping Javn on the arm just in case she preferred to stay where she was, he started towards the newcomer. "Greetings, I am Lyras," he introduced himself.

Javn watched as Lyras headed towards the Orion who had just entered the holodeck. She meant to move her feet to follow but was somewhat awe struck by the Orion's green skin. It seemed familiar, but from where she couldn't put her finger on it. She surely had never met her prior to this night.

With an incline of the head rather than a handshake, Heshou grinned. It had been a while since she’d spoken to a Vulcan outside of duty. “Greetings! I am Heshoulou. It is a welcome surprise to meet you. I was just about to order a synthale with Statzia, and the more the merrier. I’m sure they have some beverages suited to your tastes, whatever they may be.” She flashed her best smile. She’d found Vulcans to be honest and attentive, if a little blunt, and hoped this one would like her. As she spoke, she took Statzia’s arm.

Statzia gave the doctor a smile. "You should invite Nurse Darhk to join us for a drink." She gave a coy wink, glancing over his left shoulder at the woman who quite obviously was sad to see him walk away. Taking a brief second to make sure she was balanced on both feet, she took her weight off of her cane long enough to brush her fingertips along the back of Heshou's hand. "And if you don't ask her yourself, I'm going to ask her on your behalf." With that, Statzia put the cane back to the floor and made her way--with company in tow--towards the bar.

As the trio started to move Javn joined them, smiling briefly in the Orion's direction and offering a small wave. She was still trying to brush off the deja vu she was experiencing when they reached the bar. "Ask me what?" She directed her question towards Statzia.

This was a lot of people at once for Heshoulou so she focused on the bartender- who was fake. She ordered some Orion whiskey and smiled at the woman who joined them alongside Lyras. Heshou could see why the Vulcan liked her, she was beautiful, and they seemed to have a comfortable rapport. That was sweet.

"If we would like to join them for a drink," Lyras answered, watching her closely as he offered her his arm. "I think we should, unless you would prefer not to?" He could see she had briefly tensed up, and he didn't need to be attuned to her to know something had been up.

Her eyes shifted back to the females at the bar before settling on Lyras. Shaking her head yes, she replied, "Yes, I would like to." She lifted one finger halting movement. "No tequila shots though." She was suddenly reminded of her brief encounter with a wild woman on Risa who downed liquor more elegantly then any other. Vanilla she thought with a tisk.

"Considering I do not even know what that is..." Lyras chuckled as he led her over to the others. "...I do not believe that should be a problem," he finished with a slight grin.

"Thankfully, on the holodeck, tequila is harmless." Statzia smiled, leaning on the bar and ordering a whiskey on the rocks. "Heshoulou, this is Javn." She extended a hand towards the nurse. "Impeccable bedside manner, even when the procedures are less so." She managed a smile. "These two will be on the team to attach my new prosthetic, once Engineering is done putting the final connections together."

“It is a pleasure, Javn. Always good to know we have a good medical team here who can work with prosthetics. I probably won’t get the chance to work on yours, but you’re welcome to bring it to me if it ever gives you trouble. My uncle had an arm he made me fix.” Heshoulou leaned against the bar, sipping her Orion whiskey. “A good prosthetic toes the line between substitution for and improvement upon a natural limb.”

"Its a pleasure to meet you as well Heshoulou." Javn's cheeks tinted pink hearing the lieutenant compliment her, given their last encounter it was unexpected. "I find the science behind prosthetics to be quite interesting. I do hope you find it as an improvement Statzia."

Statzia took a deep breath. She made herself smile. "I'm not sure that the human body requires improving, but your sentiment is noted." She took another sip of her synthahol, inwardly wishing it was the real stuff.

Captain Barrett watched Lyras and Javn walk off toward the group at the bar. Listening to the conversation, he leaned over and nudged Mis softly on the shoulder. "It's nice to see the crew mingling like this." Just then he paused and asked, "Speaking of, have you seen our security chief yet?"


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