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Quite the Mix-up, Part 2

Posted on Sun Dec 27th, 2020 @ 5:36pm by Ensign Javn Darhk
Edited on on Thu Jan 21st, 2021 @ 3:06pm

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Risa
Timeline: MD 05 - 1500 Hours

Chovan had directed Javn and Lyras into a private room with candles flickering all along its walls. The candles shed a warm golden glow throughout the room. In the center of the room was a pool in the shape of an oval filled with pink and red rose petals. The soothing sounds of water bubbling in the jacuzzi filled the room. On either side of the pool were massive bowls of colorful fruit, as well as a bottle chilled in an ice bucket.

Prior to Chovans exit he instructed them both to separate changing rooms with the amenities they would need. Javn wrapped herself in a thin silk like robe after stacking her thick black hair in a loose bun on top of her head. She took a deep breath before stepping back out into the jacuzzi room. The stone floor was surprisingly warm under her feet.

She tried and failed to find Lyras using only her peripheral vision, not daring to look up from her feet as she made her way to the edge of the pool. She loomed over the water watching the petals float in swirls of oils for a moment. In one swift movement the silk robe dropped to her feet. Carefully stepping out of the robe she entered the water taking each step slowly.

Lyras liked the ambiance of the room, he certainly understood the calming effect it was supposed to have. He walked into the changing room and neatly folded his clothes onto a nearby bench. Looking around, he saw items to freshen up if needed but what he didn't find, beyond a deep blue silken robe, was something to wear in the pool.

He frowned ever so slightly before deciding he didn't really care. There was nothing to be ashamed of, was there? Wrapping the robe around himself, he stepped out and approached the jacuzzi. Javn was already in the water, her own robe crumbled on the floor. Quickly, Lyras slipped out of his, a breath escaping him as he entered the warm bubbling water to join her.

Javn heard his soft footsteps behind her as he approached the jacuzzi. She tried to pretend she couldn’t hear him, forcing her focus on the texture of the petals in her hands. She took a deep breath inhaling the rose sent drifting up from the water, she could identify the jasmine and sandalwood oils but the other scents were lost on her. The aroma was a very euphoric blend. One she was sure to remember.

“I found myself missing you while you were healing.” Her voice was soft. She regretted not visiting him while he recovered, but she wanted him to have the space he needed to heal. It was upsetting to think that shore leave would end without her seeing him at least once more. She was suddenly very thankful for today’s turn of events.

He studied her for a moment, watching her study the petals that drifted on the water. Like her, he could only identify a fraction of the scents that reached him, though he found them very pleasing. "I would have preferred you to be there," he admitted, "I cannot explain why, but not having you near was... distressing." He waded towards her even though he kept a respectful distance given their lack of attire.

“I....didn’t know that you felt that way. I regret my distance now...” Her voiced trailed off. She felt locked in place, wanting to move to hold him, to kiss him, but cemented where she stood. “Much as I detest your distance currently.” She spoke the last sentence almost under her breath not even sure if she said it out loud.

He gave her a quirky smile as he closed the distance between them, reaching to touch her face. "I am experiencing very strong feelings for you," he confessed, as he circled his other arm around her waist, pulling her towards himself. "Do not regret not coming to visit, your reasons are valid, if not misguided."

Javn leaned into his touch closing her eyes overwhelmed by the heat that erupted inside her at the contact. Her breathing hitched slightly.
“I would like to hear more about these feelings you have for me.” Her hands trembled but found there way to his chest.

"I could show you," he told her, drawing her closer until their bodies touched. He made it a point though to keep his eyes on her face. "If you would permit me..."

Javns lips formed a small O as the skin of her bare chest made contact with his. Her violet eyes opened filled with curiosity and looked up into his. She nodded encouraging him to continue. “I do...” Her hands wanted to explore him but her eagerness to know more about how he felt was stronger.

His fingers shifted against the side of her face, touching specific points. "Relax..." He whispered, "I will not look into your mind, but I invite you into mine..." As he initiated the meld, his feelings for her became apparent, almost a force to be reckoned with but he didn't know how to express. He never learned how.

The meld was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. At first she was somewhat scared, not having much knowledge on the effects of the Vulcan mind meld. Her instinct told her Lyras would never do anything to cause her harm. She trusted him, more then she had realized.

The intensity of his feelings was unexpected, she had not known their depth. A single tear fell from her eye. She never knew love but was sure this was it. “I want you to look into my mind,” her eyes searched his face for any hesitation. “I want to show you how I feel.” This new concept of sharing their inner most feelings was fascinating and erotic to her.

He nodded and closed his eyes in concentration. While it felt like minutes it was really only seconds before he lifted his hand. He shifted to gently wipe the tear from her eye. "Why are you crying?" He asked softly.

“Because I love you as well.” She smiled up at him, very aware he hadn’t told her but had shown her his love for her. All of her insecurities regarding his feelings were gone, the barrier she held up to keep her one feelings hidden now gone.

He didn't need to tell her. Instead, he leaned down to kiss her, his fingers tangling in her long hair. He was very aware of her warm body flush against his, but he was controlled enough to ignore it. He smiled warmly at her, an emotion he had kept in check as well, but this time his expression had changed. It was a private display, meant only for her. "What do you want to do?" he asked softly, wondering if they were just going to stand here, or actually enjoy the warm water by lounging on one of the 'beds' within the jacuzzi.

Javn was taken back by the genuine smile he displayed for her. She tilted her head admiring him in this state. Distracted by the beauty of his smile she answered, “Yes.” She quickly realized her response made no sense. She slid her hand in his and lightly tugged him down lower, the waterline at their necks now. Javn pulled him closer to the side of the jacuzzi near one of the jets. Her eyes never breaking contact with his.

Her mind was still reeling from the meld. She was still processing everything she had just learned, at the same time holding back her bodies yearning to be close to his. Her career in Starfleet had led to numerous adventures and experiences, but nothing could top this.

"Are you alright?" he asked in concern as they eased onto the beds inside the jacuzzi. He drew her closer to him, keeping his eyes on her. "I understand a meld can be... intense..." He paused. "It very private."

She simply nodded, not knowing how to put her feelings into words at the moment. It was as if a dam had broken loose inside her and she was attempting to hold back her body’s wants and needs. Feeling his skin on hers was driving her mad. She wanted nothing more than to climb on top of him right there in the pool. Her face flushed a deep crimson as the thoughts raced in her mind. She broke eye contact with him immediately.

“Have you....melded before?” She kept her eyes straight ahead watching the petals float in the water.

"Obviously," Lyras answered matter of factly, watching her closely. "One learns throug doing, so obviously I have done before. But not, like this, with someone I care about. I am very careful with who I engage in this. My last time was out of necessity. This was my first with someone I care for." He tilted her face up towards his. "have you?" he asked.

“No.” She whispered. She took his hand in hers pulling it away from her chin. Laying her head on his chest she continued. “It was so much more then I thought it would be, I didn’t expect to feel the depth of your feelings. I feel your emotions but I also feel mine.” Unconsciously she began to trace circles and shapes on the skin of his hand.

Turning his hand over, he watched her trace his palm. "In Vulcan culture, the touching of hand is considered to be an intimate gesture," he said softly, not quite looking at her, "insofar I remember, only between lovers..." He paused as he was very aware of the touch of her fingers against the palm of his hand. "I am.. however.. not certain I am ready for a next level of intimacy."

It took several seconds before he looked up. "Yet...being with you... my resolves are going to be tested. Please... be patient with me. I have never done this before, I do not know Human culture when it comes to intimacy. I would prefer to... wait with.." He faltered, biting his lower lip almost bloody as he searched for the right way to tell her he wasn't ready for sex, without hurting her feelings.

Javn brought her index finger to his lips to stop him from continuing. "There is no rush, forgive me if it seems I'm pressuring you. I have feelings for you that I've never felt for another or dreamed that I ever would have. I seem to lack control of myself around you..." She let out a small chuckle before finishing," you could say I don't have the best control of my emotions. So very human of me isn't it?"

"Indeed. I do not ask for your control, only your patience." He smiled at her. "You are Human, I would not ask of you to change because I am not Human. My resolve is being tested, but I will endure."

"Are you sure about that?" Javn joked with a mischievous smile she very seldom wore.

"Not for lack of trying," he admitted, returning the smile, "for now, I am content if you are, with being as we are and explore our feelings."

Javn shrugged playfully, "For now." She echoed. She leaned in a planted a kiss on the tip of his nose.

He leaned back, allowing her to lose her balance and land on top of him. "Then let us explore," he invited her as he traced the curve of her ear with two fingers, then down the line of her jaw, his eyes focused on her face.

She released a sudden gasp as she fell on top of him. A giggle rose in her but feathered off at his touch. She moved her head to kiss the fingers that traced her skin, not satisficed she leaned down to kiss him, biting his bottom lip before pulling away. "Tell me what your thinking. Please."

"I am concerned that I will not be able to resist," he confessed, "but I must. I desire to be bonded first before committing to ah..." He paused, biting his lip again as he looked at her. "Sexual relations," he finally finished. "But I do not wish to rush you either."

"I have..." she kissed the lip he had just bitten, "all the faith..." her lips moved to graze his jawline until her next words were whispered into his ear, " the galaxy you will be able to resist me." She left kisses trailing from his ear lobe to the peak of his ear. A question flashed in her mind, she pulled back to see his face, hers dressed in confusion.

"What does it mean to be bonded?"

"The Vulcan equivalent of marriage," he explained patiently, holding his breath as she kissed him, suppressing a gasp as she touched his sensitive ear.

Javn continued to leave a trail of kisses from his ear to the nape of his neck before freezing in place. She had only been half listening to his answer before. Now it clicked, "oh.....OH." She pulled back, surprise colored her face before the blush set in. "Marriage?"

"Marriage," Lyras confirmed, sensing her surprise. "In Vulcan culture, we are telepathically linked during a ceremony, which is recognized as being married." He gave her a reassuring smile. "I am not suggested we bond now," he explained quietly, just in case she thought he was doing exactly that.

"This is something you want? To be telepathically linked to someone? To be....married?" Javn hid her face by continuing her trail of kisses along his neck. She held back a million questions and insecurities from ruining the moment.

"Eventually." He closed his eyes, tilting his head back a little. "Would you consider it?" he then asked curiously, "in due time, of course."

Javn enjoyed seeing Lyras surrender to her kisses. She continued speaking her words on his bare skin, "I could perhaps be persuaded...I fear it wont be an easy task for you though."

"Why would I need to persuade you?" He tilted his head sideways a little so he could peek at her. "Either you will, or you will not. It is not a requirement, though it is our custom."

"But it seems it is a requirement, to further our relationship...physically?" Her trail led her back to his face, she pressed her lips to his. "Is that not true?"

"Yes..." He murmured around the kiss. It was the only answer he could give, because he would not engage in sexual relationships until he was bonded. It seemed only logical to him. "Does that bother you?"

“No, of course not. I find it very.... honorable.” she whispered in between kisses. “This...” she deepened the kiss sliding her tongue across his bottom lip, “is all I want right now.”

"Hmm.." he managed, closing his eyes again, "perhaps we should vacate the jacuzzi, and maybe head to the sauna?" He sat up just a fraction, knowing they were alone and yet somehow desiring more privacy.

Javn let out a heavy sigh before retreating back to the edge of the jacuzzi, she pulled herself up to sit on the ledge, still dangling her feet in the bubbling water.

"I suppose our time here is close to ending." She spoke solemnly, keeping her eyes in the bubbles around her ankles. "Thank you for joining me, the booking is still quite a surprise but I am glad it was you."

"You do not wish to join me?" he asked quietly, nodding over towards the sauna area before looking back at her, making sure to keep his eyes on her face.

She smiled down at him, “I do wish to join you.” She extended her hand for him hoping he would take it so she could pull him closer for just one more kiss before continuing their escapade of feelings and relaxation within the spa. “I only wished to express my gratitude for your company today.”

"You said it was ending, therefor I assumed you did not wish to join me," Lyras explained, reaching to accept her hand and being pulled over. He stood before her as she sat on the ledge of the jacuzzi. "It is I, who is grateful for yours," he added, smiling up at her.

Javn leaned down to kiss him but couldn’t help the smile that graced her lips. “I will always wish to join you, for as long as you’ll have me.” She stood very aware of her lack of anything to cover her as she walked to the opposite side of the pool to retrieve her robe. Covering herself she returned with his robe in hand. She contemplated keeping it from him, she let out a small mischievous laugh but held it out to him anyways.

He pushed himself out of the pool in a single fluid motion and accepted his robe, equally aware of his lack of attire prior to quickly shrugging his wet frame into his robe. "I wonder why we bother," he commented as they walked towards the sauna, "this is highly uncomfortable, we are alone and it needs to come off again. It is... illogical... to bear this discomfort, when it is not necessary." To make his point, he shrugged out of the now damp robe again, and simply draped it across his arm, offering his other to Javn.

Javn’s eyes slipped lower than his chest briefly before turning her head quickly to the sauna. She slid her arm in his and allowed him to lead the way.

“Well, I can see your point, that one should just remain bare, but I can also understand why one would wish to be covered.” She shrugged. “If for nothing more then the excitement of removing the covering again.” The blush that colored her cheeks also crept down her chest.

"True," he agreed, "but there is always opportunity for that later." He led her inside the steaming room and carelessly tossed his robe across one of the pegs before turning to her. "May I?" He asked, his hands resting on her shoulders, ready to slide the single garment off of them.

Javn sucked in a breath, she shouldn’t be nervous, she was bare before him moments before. She wanted to kiss him to distract herself from the intimacy of having another remove her clothing, even something as dainty as her robe. She finally nodded her approval, her eyes not once leaving his face.

Slowly, he slid the robe down her shoulders and arms, letting it fall into the floor. He traced his fingers up her arm, throat and finally her face. "Do not be nervous," he whispered as the steam enveloped them both, "I would never do something to hurt you. You are everything to me."

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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