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The Medical

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Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Sickbay

Doctor Haas had finally finished going through some of the paperwork which was on his desk. He wanted to take a break from looking at a PADD and get Ensign Lyras' medical done. Although, when looking up the Ensign's medical file, there wasn't much there. In fact there was only the entry made by the EMH for when Lyras' was injured on shore leave. Steffan put this down to his medical file just hadn't caught up with him yet from his old assignment.

Leaving his office, Haas went in search of the Ensign. He found him looking over a biobed in great detail. "Haven't you ever seen a biobed before?" The Doctor joked as he approached.

"Briefly," Lyras admitted as he walked around the bed, studying it. "But not this advanced... the ones I am used to working with were... far less advanced. More simplistic and far less comfortable." He ran his fingers across the smooth surface. "Far less aesthetic too," he added, looking up at his new chief. "One might even call them ancient now.."

"Where have you come from?" Haas asked with a chuckle. "The middle ages?" He added as he patted the biobed indicating he wanted the Ensign to take a seat on the bed.

"From your perspective, perhaps," Lyras smiled as he sat onto the bed, "I was born in twenty-two eighteen. I have no allergies that I am aware of... Just a recently healed injury after falling from a tree." He gestured at his upper left arm, and his right ankle and lower leg.

"Wait, what?" Haas said, being caught off guard by the Ensign's year of birth. "Have a missed something?"

"I do not know what you would have missed sir," Lyras answered honestly, "my personnel file states clearly that I was caught in a transporter buffer for over a century, after an incident on the ship on which I served at the time." It wasn't like he lied about it, though he didn't quite volunteer the information upon a new meeting either. He felt he wasn't required to.

"I, erm, haven't looked at your personnel file yet." Haas sheepishly admitted. "I just looked for your medical file which only has your recent injuries. I guessed that your medical file hadn't caught up with us yet."

"I am twenty-eight standard years old, not counting my time spent in the buffer," Lyras explained calmly, "I grew up on Vulcan, raised solely by my mother. The only thing I now know about my father, is that he was Romulan. Given the time passed, I doubt he is still alive and I have no real desire to find him. As far as I know, I have no allergies."

"Fascinating." Haas commented as he opened his Tricorder and began scanning the Ensign. "So, what was it like being in a transporter buffer for so long? Did you suffer any degradation for that amount of time?"

"Not that I am aware of," the young Vulcan answered after a moment of thought, "then again, I do not believe I had any kind of awareness while suspended in the buffer. Until specifically told, I did not know how much time had passed."

"Did it feel like an eternity or was it just like a normal transport but beaming years apart?" The Doctor asked, very interested to hear the Ensign's story.

"I suppose, more like a normal transport. As I said I was not aware of anything while in suspended animation." Lyras sensed the interest, but didn't feel capable of enlightening the man much. "I do know I spent some time in sickbay to recover as we were unconscious for some time. I had a lot to learn since then and I have been working hard to get myself up to speed."

"I can imagine, a lot has happened since then and technology has improved a lot too." Haas said as he closed the Tricorder. "Your scans look good, Mr Lyras, but I would like to run a more thorough scan on your hippocampus just to make sure there has been any degradation since your last scan. Being in a transporter buffer for that long might have last effects."

Lyras nodded in consent. "Do you need me to lie down?" he asked, not quite sure how one did such a scan in this modern era. He knew he still had quite a bit to learn, so if he was to be a guinea pig, how better to do so? "Also... your scans did tell you I am half Vulcan, did they not?"

"Please." The Doctor replied, referring to the Ensign lying back. As he moved towards a piece of equipment in the corner of Sickbay and wheeled it over to the top of the main biobed. "Actually, I was going to say your readings aren't exactly spot on for a full Vulcan. I'd say you have some Romulan blood mixed in for good measure?" He added with a smile.

"I would say about half," Lyras acknowledged, "my father was Romulan. It is a... recent discovery. I was raised only by my mother, and she refused to speak of my father all ..." He paused, sighing softly. "She never spoke of him," he amended.

"I suppose that a relationship between and Vulcan and Romulan back then was probably..." Haas paused for a moment to find the right words."...frowned upon."

"I am not certain my mother knew," Lyras confessed, "and given her refusal to speak of him I now wonder if it was even consentual..." He gritted his teeth as he looked away, attempting to squash his rising anger over this. The emotion he felt was an unfamiliar one, but it entailed quite a bit of resentment towards his sire. "I have no desire to learn who he was or is," he added, "I am here now, and I should make new memories and not dwell on a past I cannot change."

"What makes you think it wasn't consentual?" Haas asked as he began the scan.

"Romulans are the enemy, even if none had ever really seen one. Where is the logic in denying someone's existence, if there was affection or even love? Why would she refuse to speak of him if they had any kind of relationship?" Lyras shrugged. "No-one in the clan spoke of him, it was almost as if they did not even know him. I have no memory of anyone ever mentioning or even enquire after my father. I was always told he was in space, and would never return."

"Perhaps it was forbidden love? Your mother could have been told never to see your father again and you were brought up as a Vulcan?" Haas theorised while the scan proceeded. "Of course, I don't mean to pry and it's a personal thing. However, I do find your story fascinating."

"I am Vulcan," Lyras answered stiffly, "and I will never know the answer to that. My mother is dead and I have no other family that I am aware of. Since my mother never spoke of my father, I can only assume none of the clan was ever aware of his identity."

"Of course, I meant no disrespect." The Doctor replied in an apologetic tone. "Have you ever considered forwarding your DNA to the Romulan authorities and seeing if they could match your DNA to another one?"

"Negative." Lyras shrugged. "What good would that do? I am vrekasht in either case. A bastard child, from what I know of Romulans they would never acknowledge me."

"Such a shame." Haas commented as he began to get results through of the scan. "What about any relatives on your Vulcan side?"

"I was an only child doctor, my mother had no siblings that I was aware of. I do not believe I have any relatives left." He lay still for a moment as the scanning commenced. "It does not bother me, I am who I am, and I will make the best of it. I have no time to look for relatives to begin with, I have too much studying to do, so much to catch up on still, I cannot afford to waste my time looking for family who might or might not exist."

The scanning sequence finished with an audible beep. Haas took the scanner away while the computer began analysing the scan to produce the results. "You may sit up." The Doctor said with a small smile. "Have you had any refresher training since you arrived in this time?"

"Yes, prior to my assignment here." Lyras paused, looking up at his new boss. "But I would welcome any tutoring and guidance you are willing to give me," he added, "I am qualified for my time, but I am aware I still have much to learn. Even for my time, I was considered to be inexperienced."

"Of course, I'll be happy to assist you." Steffan said as he read the exam results. "Looks like your hippocampus is in good shape. There might be a very slight sign of degradation from your time in the buffer but I only mention it due to that experience. Other than that you're absolutely healthy."

"Is there anything I need to do to remedy this degradation?" Lyras asked, visibly relieved at being declared healthy.

"It's only very slight. You shouldn't have it for your age, so I'll assume it's due to your transporter experience. We'll keep checking on it every three months just to stay say but I don't think it's a cause for concern at the moment." Haas explained.

"If you are not concerned, then I will not be either," the younger man stated. "Am I cleared for duty?"

"I think you are, Ensign." The Doctor replied with a smile. "Welcome to the medical team. Any problems, don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you sir." Lyras slid off the bed. "Anything you would like me to start with?"

"Is there anything you'd like to familiarise yourself with?" Steffan asked.

The younger man's eyes lit up. "Everything!" he exclaimed, before getting himself in check again. "Everything is so... futuristic. Help me better understand?"

"Feel free to experiment with the equipment. They all have safety protocols, so you shouldn't do any damage. Any questions then please feel free to ask myself or one of the medical team." The Doctor replied with an encouraging smile.

"Yes sir!" the young doctor answered brightly as he hopped off the bed. "Thank you sir."


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