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Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 9:46am by Ensign Javn Darhk
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Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Deck 7: Main Sickbay
Timeline: MD 08 - 1145 Hours

This post takes place after leave has concluded.

Steffan sat in the CMO's office in amazement. He'd just inherited the CMO's responsibilities by being asked by the Captain to step up. He was happy with his job as a medical officer aboard the Orion, he hoped that it would be a few more years before his responsibilities grew.

Shore leave finally over, Lyras was ready to report for duty, and this time properly. He tugged down the hem of his tunic as he approached the CMO's office. He was still getting used to these new teal uniforms, where originally he'd worn sciences blue. At least the tunics felt a little longer, than the old style shirt he'd been used to, which was somewhat of a comfort even though he still wondered about the long sleeves. Short, as a medical professional, surely was far more practical?

Javn padded around sick bay opening compartments here and there to check supply. Although she would miss the sun on Risa terribly she was grateful to be on the ship in a somewhat normal daily routine. While recording inventory onto a PADD she smiled to herself reminiscing about her shore leave.

Satisfied with the data collected from sickbay she knocked on the door to the CMO office. “Good Morning Lieutenant.” She smiled patiently waiting just outside the office, clutching the PADD to her chest.

At the sound of her voice, Lyras looked up sharply. "Javn?" he queried, "are you ill? What are you doing here?" Somehow, it was still a miracle the two had not discovered priorly to now that they were assigned to the same department.

Her purple eyes shifted quickly to Lyras, she took note of the color of his uniform. Her stomach dropped as the realization hit her. She opened her mouth to speak but words failed her. Had they never discussed their assignments? Her mind quickly recapped their conversations, none of which lead to their actual jobs. It made perfect since, his constant concern for her health. ‘It is what I do’ he had said. She was suddenly angry with herself for never putting it together.

“I am not ill.” She finally managed.

Haas snapped out of his staring into space. "Sorry, did you both enjoy shore leave?" He asked as he began to sort out the pile of PADDs which was on the desk.

The Vulcan looking youth nodded. "Yes sir, I quite did," he answered, taking a step into the office. "Ensign Lyras, reporting for duty sir," he added, producing a PADD and putting it onto the desk.

Javn's attempt to fight off the slowly increasing blush on her cheeks was in vain. She stepped into the office standing slightly behind Lyras. "Yes sir, it was rather enjoyable. Did you?" Javn kept her eyes focused on Steffan, trying to calm the fluttering butterflies in her stomach from being in such close proximity to Lyras.

The Doctor picked up the PADD which the Vulcan had placed on his desk. "Are you new?" He asked quickly glancing at the PADD. He wasn't expecting anyone new, or was it he just hadn't got to that piece of paperwork yet. He started to get flustered. "Hey Javn, it was ok until I got asked to run sickbay, now I'm feeling very under prepared!'

Lyras just stared for a moment. Wasn't that obvious when he offered his transfer orders and reported in? "Yes sir," he finally answered, "I am new. Very new..."

Javn looked between the two before stepping forward. She placed the PADD she was holding on the opposite side of the desk away from the stack in front of the doctor. “I’ve concluded the inventory count of supplies. Nothing needs immediate attention and should something become scarce I’ll be sure to make arrangements to have the supplies ordered. I checked the roster this morning, you have one patient scheduled for this afternoon. Seems like it will be a slow day. If I can help in anyway don’t hesitate to ask.” She gave him a small smile before retreating away from the desk. She was unsure if she should wait to be dismissed so she stood next to Lyras waiting to see if the doctor had a task she could assist him with.

"Sorry Ensign, I've inherited the CMO job which I wasn't ready for, so I'm trying to keep my head above water at the moment." Haas said with a smile. "You'd think after a year in the ship I'd know a new face." His smile faded as he hardly knew anyone on the ship so they could be older crew members and he still wouldn't know. "Thank you, Javn. Great work as always. One patient? Who is it?" Haas asked scrambling around his desk trying to find the right PADD.

Though he didn't quite know why, nor would he be able to answer such a question if asked later, Lyras reached to take Javn's hand without even thinking about it. It felt like an automatic response when he did it. "I did not report to the ship first," Lyras explained calmly, "I met with the captain, then was told to enjoy leave and report to sickbay when the crew was recalled. I did have an accident while on leave but it was seen to by the EMH." Which was an oddity in and on itself, to be treated by a hologram.

The moment Lyras' hand wrapped around hers she froze. Javns face turned a deep red at the unexpected physical contact. Her heart began to beat so loud she barely heard the words being exchanged around her. Javn gave his hand a light squeeze before slipping her hand from his and locking both hands behind her lower back. She hoped the action wouldn't be seen as a negative reflection of her feelings for him.

"The patient...oh yes! Sorry sir, its just a routine physical for Ensign Palo. I'm more then capable of conducting the physical myself if you would like."

"Would you mind? I'm still trying to get through all this paperwork. I joined Starfleet to heal people not to be a desk jockey. Doesn't help that most of this paperwork hasn't been touched for a long time." Steffan replied.

"Is that a hint sir?" Lyras asked, glancing from Javn to Steffan and back, "would you prefer I oversee Nurse Darhk with the physical?" Or would she be overseeing him as he still had plenty to learn.... he wondered if the man knew just how out of practice he actually was. or out of date.

The fluttering returned to her stomach at the thought of working side by side with Lyras, with him overseeing her as she worked. She put on a brave smile for Steffan. "I don't mind at all sir. Take your time getting situated, I can oversee sickbay with Lyras."

"Thank you, I appreciate that." Steffan said to Javn with an appreciative smile. "Lyras, have you had your first medical aboard the ship yet?"

"I do not think so sir," the younger doctor answered hesitantly. "I was on board for treatment after an accident, but I was barely aware of my surroundings. I do not think a physical was a priority at the time."

Javn's eyes shot to the floor. Remembering the events of the night they spent cuddled together lost in the middle of nowhere on a pleasure planet. Her hands fisted tighter behind her back. She waited patiently for the conversation to continue between the two.

"Javn, could you do the Ensign too, please? At least that'll be one off the list." Haas asked.

She should have seen that coming. Javn still hadn't processed how she would do working along side Lyras. Before her body had time to blush and give away her nerves she nodded. "Aye sir, I can get started on that right away." She turned to Lyras with a shy smile "Follow me." Javn led them out of the CMO's office.

"Actually sir...if you would not mind seeing to my physical?" Lyras asked, "I would not want to inconvenience the nurse or stress her."

"Javn is more than qualified to do your medical." Steffan replied with a smile.

"I do not doubt her qualifications sir," Lyras answered, offering a somewhat uncomfortable smile, "I have every faith in them, actually. would not be proper as we are..." He hesitated, casting Javn an uncertain smile. "Involved... I would therefor also disqualify myself from treating her, sir."

Javn returned Lyras’ uncertain smile with one of her brightest. Her eyes seemed to shift into a lighter tone of purple when she looked at him now. She brought her gaze back to the ACMO.

Javn spoke with a bravery she didn’t know she possessed. “It is true sir. I apologize if this brings any inconvenience to you. You have my word we will conduct ourselves professionally. But as Lyras said it would be improper for me to perform his physical.”

"Oh." The Doctor said as he glanced up from his PADD. "I see. Will this cause you problems working together?"

"Negative, I do not forsee issues in working together," the hybrid doctor responded, glancing sideways at Javn. "I only see an ethical issue in us providing treatment for each other while on duty."

"No sir, there will be no issues. I'm sure of it." This was uncharted territory for Javn which made her nervous. She was curious to see how well they would work together but this was not the time or place to express any insecurities. She began to fidget with her hands held behind her back. "If that will be all sir I should see to preparations for Ensign Palo's visit."

Steffan looked at Javn and nodded, "Of course." He said by way of dismissing her. He then looked at the new medical officer. "If you give me a few minutes to finish this report I'll do the medical for you. My apologies, I obviously didn't know about your relationship."

Javn smiled briefly at the doctor before turning to Lyras. She made eye contact with him for a moment, withholding words she would save for a later time, before stepping out of the ACMO's office.

"It is very recent," Lyras admitted, turning his head to watch the nurse leave. "I am experiencing feelings I have never experienced before." He turned back to look at Steffan. "Where do you wish me to wait for you?"

"Well, I hope those feelings continue." Steffan replied with a genuine smile. "Feel free to explore Sickbay, I'll come and find you when I'm done. It shouldn't long."

"As do I sir," the younger doctor admitted with a slight nod. "Very well sir, I will... explore."

Lieutenant JG Steffan Haas MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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