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Help needed

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 8:08pm by Ensign Javn Darhk & Lieutenant Thomas Wolf M.D. & Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Somewhere outside the resorts
Timeline: MD 5

Lyras had drifted in and out of consciousness during the night. He kept insisting Javn leave him to go for help but she hadn't budged. When he woke again in the morning, he shivered, feeling stiff and sore and mostly very cold. He knew they needed help, but as a realist he also knew that they weren't going to get far.

He groaned as he tried to shift, gritting his teeth as he jarred his injured -dominant- left arm.

Javn had scouted the immediate area several times over the night hoping to find some path, or indication as to what direction would lead back to the resort. Her efforts were moot. She knew they couldn’t sit idly for much longer. Lyras’ injuries needed more medical attention then she could administer in the middle of nowhere.

His stirring caught her attention and she returned to his side. Placing her hand on his good leg she spoke, “Try to limit your movements if possible.” She let out a deep sigh. “The sun should be rising soon, I don’t like the idea but I need to go retrieve help to move you.”

Lyras gave a slow nod. "I do not think I can move," he answered, "even if I wanted to. You need to go, we need help. You cannot carry me without risk of injury to yourself."

"I will come back for you." she promised. After briefly pressing her lips to his she stood. Leaving him felt fallacious. She picked up a jagged rock with intentions of marking trees to help find her way back. Turning the rock over in her hand she lingered still fighting her instincts to stay.

"I am not going anywhere," Lyras whispered as he watched her walk away. He closed his eyes, hoping he could try and meditate, perhaps it would help to reduce his levels of discomfort and pain.

Vriha had risen early to jog before most people would be wandering about. It was a beautiful planet, but after the last evening she would be as happy to avoid drunken lecherous tourists. (Given that, some people might have been hesitant to jog alone, but Vriha was Romulan; she had great confidence that she was the most dangerous things in these woods).

However, she had barely worked up a light sweat when she became aware that she was not, in fact, alone. A figure appeared ahead of her - disheveled, skirt torn - and upon recognizing her, Vriha sped forward. "Ensign, what happened?"

“It’s Lyras, he’s injured and I’m not able to move him myself.” Her words came out frantic. “I need your help.” She pleaded. Not giving Vriha a moment to respond she turned certain the Romulan would follow her back into the woods.

Vriha nodded, glad it was only that - not that an injury wasn't bad, but from Javn's appearance she had been somewhat concerned that someone had taken advantage of her out here and left her passed out through the night. She followed, noting the path and direction. "How badly is he injured?"

“I can’t be certain the extent of his injuries without a tricorder.... which I don’t have.” She let out an angry huff. “It’s not good though. We need to get him to a hospital immediately.” Her attempt in concealing her worry was failing.

Quickly navigating back thanks to the markings on the trees they reached Lyras with in minutes. Javn’s stomach twisted seeing Lyras, his face had paled considerably. She dropped to his side gently placing her hand on his cheek to wake him.

Vriha kneeled besides the doctor, placing two fingers on the artery on his neck. "He is weak, but alive," she told Javn.

Lyras stirred at the touch, smiling weakly. "You came back," he whispered, unconsciously leaning into the hand that touched his cheek. "I tried to meditate...I must have fallen asleep." He looked up at the other woman. "You must think me careless..."

She gave Lyras a pained smile. “Of course I came back, I promised.” She addressed Vriha, “I can’t move him on my own, do you have a communicater? There must be someone above the Orion that can teleport us to sickbay.”

"I do not or I would have used it already," Vriha replied, mentally chiding herself for that. She had anticipated no need for it herself, but had not considered encountering others who might need her to have it. "However, he does not look that heavy. I believe I can carry him." She moved to the side, considering the best position to lift him so as to cause as little disturbance to his injuries as possible. "You may wish to brace yourself. I doubt it is possible to move you without causing pain."

Lyras nodded, visibly gritting his teeth and steeling himself. "How far from the resort are we?" He asked through clenched teeth, "we were lost."

"I had taken the loop path around the resort and then headed into the park, but I believe less then 2 kilometers if we take a more direct route," Vriha said as she got her arms positioned, and then lifted as carefully as she dared - he was larger than her and balance had to be factored against his comfort.

The hybrid's face went even whiter as he was lifted , his injured arm resting against the woman's shoulder his leg dangling limply. He closed his eyes as he fought against his pain. "Can you walk that far?" He whispered, hoping he wouldn't offend her with his comment.

Vriha blinked. "Of course I can," she replied simply, surprised at even being asked. Then she remembered that Starfleet standards were different. "I would not have allowed in the Galae if I couldn't carry an injured comrade that far."

Javn cringed watching Vriha lift Lyras. She put her hands out to catch him as if she would drop him. She retracted feeling slightly useless but not wanting to offend the Romulans strength. “We should hurry, should we go in the direction in which I found you?” It wasn’t like Javn to be pushing nor was it her intention but her concern for his condition was increasing.

The science officer looked in the direction they come, considering the shortest route and the landscape. "If we head a few degrees south-southeast, it should cut some time from our journey. Once we are close enough to see the resort, you can run ahead for help as well."

Lyras was barely aware of the trek back to the resort. His body was tense as he was carried, his expression a mask of pain and discomfort. He trusted Vriha to get him to safety, he had no reason not to trust her. He trusted Javn to stay close during their trek, and as suggested run ahead as soon as they got near. How long it took for them to get within range, he had no idea.

Javn swept a piece of Lyras hair from his face. It was more difficult then normal for her to keep her emotions in check as they ventured back to the resort. Silently filling herself with guilt for not being better prepared.

The noises in the distance were faint but her human ears picked them up just fine. Looking forward she waited for the resort to come into view before she set off.

"It should not be long now," Vriha assured Lyras, and to some extent herself. He was clearly in pain but she could do little more than move at a steady pace and try to hold him so as to minimize the effects on his injured arm and leg; however she was beginning to feel that effort in her arms. "Once she alerts the resort they will send a medical team to meet us."

The way she shifted told the injured man she was straining to carry him. "Put me down if it is too much, there is no shame in it. I do not wish for you to injure yourself by carrying me."

"It is not too much," Vriha replied, and looked down at him with a half-smile. "I admit that it might have been easier on my arms to use what humans call a 'fireman's carry', but it will not cause me injury. At worst it is a reminder that I should re-evaluate my conditioning routine to put greater emphasis on endurance versus fast twitch muscle strength and speed."

Thomas Wolf and his daughter had been walking through the woods for more then an hour now. What was suppose to be a short walk turned out to be a lot longer. "How much longer..." Gila, his 8 year old daughter asked. As he was about to give the same answer he had been for a number of times he saw the small group approaching. "Whoah," he said as he catches up to them. "What happened here?" he quickly checked over his shoulder to see if Gila was following them.

“Doctor Wolf!” Javn breathed a sigh of relief. “Lyras fell from a tree yesterday and has serious injuries to his shoulder and foot. We were lost in the woods overnight, he needs immediate medicinal attention.” Javn quickly rambled off recent events brining the doctor up to speed.

"I was trying to find a high ground to see which way to go," the injured Vulcan murmured.

"Do you have a comm, Doctor?" Vriha asked. "After spending the night with the injuries, I believed the Ensign should be transported to medbay as soon as possible."

"Yes, I have." Thomas said as he knelt down to the other doctor. "We'd better get you on board of the Orion as soon as possible. I can better treat your injuries there." He retrieved the communicator from his back pocket.

Javn moved closer to Lyras stroking his cheek. She swore to herself she wouldn’t leave his side until he was in better condition. He was barely conscious and growing paler by the minute. Javn noted the small child following the doctor. She gave her a small smile, before turning to the doctor awaiting him to signal transport to the Orion.

"Very good. Then I will leave you in capable hands," Vriha said, and gently set Lyras down. "I hope you will be fully recovered soon."

“Thank you Lieutenant, I hope to someday repay the favor. And to hopefully see you again in better circumstances.” Javn knew it was not the time or place to express her gratitude but had it not been for the science officer she feared what their situation would have resulted in.

"Thank you," Lyras answered gratefully as he was set down. He appreciated Vriha's carefulness though he grimaced as he touched ground. He felt very weak and he wondered just how bad his injuries were. He had felt the trickle of blood before. He looked up at the newcomer, only faintly aware of the child that accompanied him. "I am ready..."

"good," he said and made sure Gila came nearer to them. "Wolf to Orion, three to beam up directly to sickbay. Medical emergency."

Lieutenant Thomas Wolf MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Orion

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih
Science Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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