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A Statue's Consequence

Posted on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 @ 8:51am by Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Resort hotel
Timeline: MD4 evening

Fascinated by this statue, Lyras found himself drawn to them as he passed one of the hotel's shops on his way to his room. He found a dark mahogany coloured one that wasn't as big as Stazi had displayed only hours before.

He paid for the statue, and took it up to his room, turning it this way and that as he crossed the corridor from the lift to his door.

Realizing she was certainly not on the right floor she giggled. She probably should not have consumed the third foggy blue drink the bartender had made for her. She had abandoned her sandals before coming into the hotel and was now forced to walk barefoot through the halls. Javn twirled in the hall letting the ends of her dress flow out around her. The liquor made her feel more loose then she was accustomed to, made her skin tingle all over.

As she rounded the corner she stopped short. "You." She addressed the man who exited the lift.

"Hi..." Lyras stopped short as well, studying her and taking note of the blush on her face and her general... well he thought she looked a little less balanced. "Are you alright?" he asked, taking a few steps forward while shifting the statue to his right arm, extending his left to steady her if needed.

As he advanced Javn stepped back to keep the distance between them. Her back straightened, this was definitely not how she imagined seeing him again. Then she took in the statue he held and her eyes almost left their sockets with shock. Her jaw fell open as she just pointed to the statue in his hand.

Eyes following her gaze, sensing her shock and surprise, Lyras hoped to shift it out of view, but it slipped from his grasp instead to land right at her feet. "I am sorry," he apologized as he crouched to pick it up again, "I am not usually this...uncoordinated."

Closing her mouth she tried to swallow but found her mouth bone dry. "You have a... a umm... horga'hn." She almost choked on the word. She attempted to smooth down the front of her dress feeling a bit of anxiety build.

Picking the statue up and straightening, he nodded, cradling the figurine to his chest. "Yes," he answered, "but I was going to keep it in my room." Again he reached out, instinctively slipping into medical mode, "are you sure you are alright?"

She put on a brave smile and nodded. She was not in any type of position to be guessing why he possessed one nor did she have the right to question him. She knew very little about him and his business was his own. Regardless of the fantasies she had he was not hers. "I'm on the wrong floor, I got briefly carried away."

"I see." Yet he knew she was lying so he moved to support her as he guided her towards his door. "Hold this for me," he said, shoving the statue into her hands as he tried to open his door. The door swung open and he guided her inside. "I do not believe you are in any condition to move anywhere," he indicated, "I smell alcohol."

Though they were plastered all over the resort and she knew about them she had never held a horga'hn. It was heavier then she expected, she began to examine it until she felt his hand on her bareback and her body instinctively tightened. “I’m fine really... it was only three....” The events took place too quickly for her to object. Before she knew it she was in his room, in a very flimsy dress, slightly intoxicated and holding a horga'hn.

He retrieved the statue from her as the door closed behind them and set it down on one of the cabinets, then gently guided her over to the couch. "Three might have been too much," he told her as he eased her down. "Are you warm enough? Do you need anything?" he asked as he took a single step back to afford her some space.

“I’m fine Lyras, truly.” She took a look around the room then back at him. Her frown deepened. “I should go, your probably expecting someone and I don’t want to intrude.”

"Who should I be expecting?" Lyras countered as he seated himself across from her. "I am not expecting anyone, at all. Why do you assume such? Because of the statue? I bought it as a souvenir, that is all."

Her eyes glued to the floor she replied, "It's my impression that someone owning a statue seeks to invite another to...jamaharon." She said almost choking on the word.

"I do not know what that is," the hybrid answered, "and was one not to openly display this statue if one wanted to be approached? I have kept mine fairly hidden until I encountered you in the hall. I do not intend to take it anywhere outside of my room now."

She let out a giggle before quickly holding her hand over her mouth. The humor in the moment monetarily overwhelmed her. She began to fidget with the seam on her dress trying but falling to suppress her grin. Her darkened violet eyes met his. "Are you enjoying your stay?"

"It is gratifying," he answered in the most serious and deadpan way he could muster, then smiled. "Yes," he added, "are you?" He noticed her fidgeting. "Are you sure you are alright? There is nothing for you to be anxious about..."

She nodded. “I am. Quite possibly too much.” She sat straighter folding one leg on top of the other. Her dress began to slide up her thigh until she uncrossed her legs pulling the dress back down, it barely reached her knees.” I don’t normally fidget, lately it’s just been around you.”

He arched a single eyebrow at that statement. "Why is that?" he asked curiously as he got up to pull a blanket from one of the chairs and draping it across her shoulders in an attempt to help her cover herself a little. She seemed obsessed with keeping her dress at a certain position.

She moved the blanket to cover her legs, it was warm against her skin. “Thank you for the blanket.” She sighed, “I honestly can’t fathom an explanation, it’s unlike me.”

"I am not doing anything untoward," he mused, "nor am I acting any different from how I am normally. I am me.." He studied her. "You do seem to have a preoccupation with your appearance, and a tendency to change colour. I cannot think of any medical conditions that would fit these symptoms."

A deep red blush spread across her cheeks instantly. Anger started to build slightly along with embarrassment. "I am not sick Lyras. I don’t have 'symptoms'." Her brows scrunched together in disbelief that he was looking for something wrong with her. Perhaps she was acting like a fool around him. She stood abruptly dropping the blanket on the floor.

"Then what do you think it is?" This was unknown territory for him and he could sense -and see- that she was mad at him.

“I do not know, perhaps I am just some silly girl with unrequited feelings who has no control of her emotions.” She had made fists with her hands, causing little half moons to press into her palms.

"You are hardly silly," Lyras told her as he took her hands into his. "And you are Human, noone expects emotional control from you." He paused. "What unrequited feelings though... I do not understand."

Not looking up from her hands in his she responded, “The feelings I have for you.” She felt hopeless and bare with her feelings splayed out before him like this. She held her breath waiting for him to drop her hands and recede back.

"Oh..." Lyras sat very still for a few seconds as he considered her words. Unlike her expectation, he didn't withdraw and continued to hold her hands. "Do you wish to explore them?" he asked her earnestly. While familiar with a great many feelings, love unfortunately wasn't one of them. If he had feelings for her, he was unable to explain them even if he did like her.

It felt like an eternity had passed since he spoke. She debated her actions long before she acted on them. She slowly knelt down in front of him, she took his right hand and opened it palm facing her. She began to slowly and ever so lightly run the tips of her fingers along his palm. After a moment she found her hand sliding up his neck to his ear where she traced its outline even slower hovering at its pointed tip. Her fingers ran down his cheek bone to his lips where she felt the soft skin of his lips under her fingers. She knew she had to give him an answer and he would be expecting one, her eyes slowly rose to meet his. “Perhaps.”

"That..." He held his breath as she touched him, not quite sure how to respond. How did she know this? He closed his eyes as she touched his ear. He sighed softly, reaching to touch her hand, gently kissing the fingers that touched his lips. "I have not done this before," he whispered anxiously. "Have you?"

Her stomach began to flutter. Her breathing hitched and heart began to pound quicker with each passing second. In her 23 years she has never encountered someone she wished to physically be near. Shaking her head slowly she responded, “No...” She leaned in closer.

He swallowed. "Then...we should not rush..." He reached to brush her cheek with the back of his fingers, her skin feeling very warm. "And you are...not yourself. I will not take advantage of that." She had admitted to having had a few drinks, it obviously affected her. He leaned over, his lips gently touching hers in an inexperienced kiss.

“No... we should not..” she spoke around the kiss but refused to pull away just yet, refused to let him pull away. Slowly she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. Her hands found their way into his hair weaving her fingers through it.

Hesitantly, he returned the hug, at least he thought it was intended as one. The fingers in his hair felt a little odd, but not unpleasant. Was he supposed to return this? Slowly, he pulled away, watching her closely. "Do you need anything?" He asked softly, "to get you back to your normal self?"

She sighed withdrawing her arms back to her lap. “Water.” Realizing she was still on the floor she rose and reseated herself in her former position on the couch across from him.

With a nod, he got up and got some water for her. "Anything to eat?" He asked, while he was still on his feet.

“No, just the water please.” Her head was slightly spinning and she wasn’t sure if the flush she felt was from the alcohol or not.

He handed her the glass of cool water, then sat back down across from her. "Perhaps you should stay here tonight," he suggested quietly, nodding over towards his bedroom. "I do not trust you to get back to your own room on your own."

She took a long sip of water more parched then she realized. She tilted her head. “I’ll consider it, but you have to stop trying to diagnose me.”

"I apologize..." He cast her a serious look however. "It is what I do... and I am serious, you should stay here. I will sleep on the couch."

She shook her head and finished the rest of the water. “I won’t put you out of your room Lyras,” she paused seriously considering his offer. Was there any harm in it? She knew she could make it back to her room but he was so sweet for offering. “The bed is big enough for the both of us. I won’t stay if you choose to sleep on the couch.” She was being stubborn now and exhaustion was starting to descent upon her.

Lyras frowned. "It is not proper," he objected, his mind racing. "yes it is big enough, but I should not."

She nodded and stood up. “As it’s also unfair for me to put you out of your room when my own is not far. Thank you for everything.” She gave him a smile and ran her a finger down his cheek. “Goodnight Lyras.” She started towards the door.

In a quick motion, he caught her arm. "No," he said, "I cannot let you leave in this condition. It is not safe."

“Lyras I’m in a far better condition now then I was when we ran into one another.” She gazed down at his hand then up to study his face. “I promise you I will be alright. I can take care of myself.” She attempted to remove his hand from its grasp on her arm. Her mind flashed to the Borg who had gripped her when she first boarded the Orion. She tensed but tried to push away the memory.

Feeling her tense up, Lyras felt she was poised for an attack, o he removed his hand from her arm. "I do not believe it is wise for you to leave," he commented, taking a small step back just in case. "Please stay."

After a few seconds she let out a sigh then raised her hands in defeat. “Fine. But I am sleeping on the couch.” Turning around she headed back towards the couch.

With a quick motion, Lyras clamped his hand around the base of her neck, just where the clavicle began, and squeezed quickly. He caught her before she could even begin to fall, then carried her over to the bed. "I am sorry," he apologized as he eased her down. "I cannot accept that." As soon as she was made comfortable, he changed into his sleeping wear, yanked one of the pillows from the bed, then headed back to the living area. There, he eased himself down on the couch, and drifted off into sleep.

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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