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Posted on Wed Oct 21st, 2020 @ 4:14pm by Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih & Ensign Lyras

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Risa beach
Timeline: MD4

Lyras turned to the remaining female officer, not sure what to expect now. "Why did you not accept the statue?" he asked curiously, "I still do not understand the significance. Why does one need a statue to express a desire to copulate?"

He couldn't be serious... could he? "I did not accept it because I do not wish to ...copulate... with anyone here. Nor did I wish to deal with the advances of those who would imagine that I did because I was holding that statue," Vriha stated levelly. She cocked an eyebrow. "Do you actually not understand that displaying that statue is a way of advertising consent to be propositioned?"

"I do not understand why a statue is needed to advertise it," Lyras answered stiffly, "or why one would want to be propositioned by someone you do not know to begin with." He sat back down on the loungebed, still nursing his wrist as he looked up at her. "you said you do not wish to with anyone here... do you have a mate?"

"The statue is to signal availability so people do not approach those who are uninterested. Though on the issue of why anyone would want o be propositioned by a stranger we agree." Vriha puffed a short laugh. "So I do not see why you would even ask about a mate. I am not that much older than you, so it would be ridiculous for me to have taken a mate."

"Why is it ridiculous?" Lyras shrugged. "My mother was about our age when I was conceived. We are adults, are we not, so why should we not have a mate?"

Because we aren't anywhere near old enough to make a 200+ year lifetime commitment... Vriha thought, but considering how little he seemed to know of Romulan norms and the fact that shorter lived species had different timeframes for mating, held back on voicing it. "You said you were half Romulan. Was your mother a humanoid then?"

The hybrid's blue eyes flashed briefly. "Do not insult me," he stated flatly, "my mother was Vulcan. My father, apparently, was Romulan. I know nothing about him, mother never spoke of him. In fact, she always maintained he was a spacefaring Vulcan with whom she had a brief engagement. It was not until my arrival in this century, that a medical officer discovered my Romulan genetic make-up." He gave a scoffing laugh. "So much for Vulcans never lying huh."

Vriha's brows ascended halfway up her forehead. She had never thought of Vulcans as promiscuous, but apparently they were. "Then she was not mated to him, merely ...enjoying some recreation." She smirked. "Rather unsafely it would seem. I would have thought supposedly intellectually superior Vulcans would know about birth control."

"I do not know. As my mother refused to speak of him, the circumstances of my conception are an unknown to me." Lyras shrugged. "She never did take another mate, though I do not know why. I never considered asking her. What is curious though is that despite her knowing I am not pure Vulcan, she taught me hybrids are inferior."

Wow. This kid was really messed up. But the way he spoke of his mother suggested she was no longer around to ask. "Did she abandon you when the truth became known?"

"I did not learn this until a few months ago. My mother died ten years ago," Lyras answered, "of old age." He paused for effect. "I was born in twenty-two eighteen, and was lost with my ship in twenty-two forty-six."

That took a minute to process, but it would explain a certain amount about his apparent cluelessness. "Your ship was lost in temporal anomaly?" she guessed. "How long ago did you emerge in this century?"

"I did not keep track, but approximately six months at best," Lyras replied. "No, not a temporal anomaly. Me and a handful of others were trapped in a transporter buffer after the ship was attacked by a.." He hesitated. "It was gaseous, and it fed on haemoglobin. We were apparently adrift for one hundred and fifty years, before someone triggered the transporter and we were rescued."

Several questions ran through Vriha's mind. First, surprise at even a half-Vulcan who didn't keep track of time down to the minute, but perhaps having been in a transporter buffer for so long had down something to his internal clock. Second, why had he been placed in the buffer when vulcanoids had copper-based blood rather than haemoglobin? Of course, if most of the crew were dead, perhaps a ship of that era could not continue operate long enough for rescue. However, it seemed too heartless to ask such questions of someone who had returned so recently to a different era only to find his mother dead and learn that his father had been someone who had been then an enemy.

"Six months is not long to acclimate such changes," she observed gently. "I am a full-blooded Romulan, a Galae exchange officer assigned to the Orion. If you have questions about your father's people I will answer them as best I can."

'In time," Lyras acknowledged the offer, "I need to focus on finding a balance first, and get up to par with my work. I am grateful for the offer, please do not misunderstand, but I am not ready to explore that part just yet."

"Understandable," Vriha acknowledged, inclining her head a small degree. "A century and a half is a lot of material to cover, especially in medical science, and that must be your priority. I am a science officer, and while the biological sciences are not my specialty, I have studied the field. If I can assist with any questions there, I will do so."

"Thank you ma'am, that is appreciated." Lyras gave her a single nod. "I will keep that in mind. I uh... probably should head back to the hotel... and leave you in peace."

"I do not find your presence disturbing," Vriha replied with mild amusement since she could see how he might find her unnerving after the earlier incident. "But if you wish to join the others, you should go. I intend to walk along the beach. It has been some time since I was near the sea."

The Vulcan nodded in understanding. "No I do not wish to join the others, I would like some time alone." Again a quiet nod. "Good day ma'am, enjoy your walk."

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih
Science Officer, USS Orion


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