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Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 8:55pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant T'Sai

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Deck 1 - Ready Room
Timeline: Day 3 - 1000 Hours

Barrett had asked his new intelligence chief to come have a quick introduction meeting. He was glad that Starfleet had seen fit to give him a dedicated intelligence officer, especially given the important nature of their mission to Romulan space. He sipped his morning coffee, the scent of which had filled the room as it typically did. A Vulcan would prove a very dedicated officer, he thought. Perfectly fitted to gathering and disseminating info on a need-to-basis.

Momentarily hesitating outside of the Ready Room, T’Sai pilled at her newly replicated grey trimmed uniform and replaced a loose strand of hair. It would not do to meet with the Captain and not be ready. Satisfied, she took the last step to set off the proximity sensor and walked through the opening door.

The Vulcan took note of Logan’s position, and walked toward him. When she got a respectable distance from her Commanding Officer, T’Sai stopped and introduced herself. “Commander Barrett, I am Lieutenant T’Sai, Chief Intelligence Officer.”

Barrett rose from his chair and offered T'Sai the traditional Vulcan greeting before gesturing for her to take a seat opposite his desk. "Please, have a seat, lieutenant. It's good to finally meet you. Your service record is exemplary, as I'd expect from someone who works in Intelligence." He ran a hand over his beret, shaping it to his head momentarily before adding, "And as someone who shares your work background, I understand the importance of your post as we get ready to head out towards Romulan space."

T'Sai returned the greeting before sitting in the offered chair with a certain grace that only Vulcans possessed. "Thank you," she offered in the customary manner, talking about personal achievements was never something that she enjoyed doing. "I have worked in the Empire for some time. This is an opportunity to being peace that has never existed." To a person who didn't know Vulcans, her voice almost had a hopeful ring to it.

Logan pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows in an eager appearance. "I read your file, what parts I could, of course. That's exactly why you're on this ship. I'm going to need an adviser when dealing with the Romulans. They all have their own agenda and keeping them straight is a task that I gladly give to you, if you are up to it?"

"Of course," T'Sai answered matter-of-factly. "The Romulans prize deception when dealing with outsiders, even when their Empire is in jeopardy. I would expect the unexpected."

"We will be heading to the Romulan border and meeting with one of the first people that will supposedly share some of the ideas of closer Federation ties. I've already had his limited file available to your access code. He's a Tal Shiar colonel by the name of Loval. Does that name sound familiar?"

“The name does not seem familiar,” T’Sai began, eyebrow arching with concern. “However, it is concerning that our contact is a Tal Shiar operative. It would be suspect to suggest that somehow the organization has such a, convenient change of philiosophy.”

Logan rose from his chair and turned to look out the viewport at the still stars. "I agree with you, lieutenant. Perhaps they think that by having us meet with the Tal Shiar first, it will alay any major concerns we might have. Then again, they'd be foolish to think that at all." He let out a soft sigh, trying to get the weight off his shoulders before turning back around to look at her. "Do you have any questions for me or any specific department needs that might need to be addressed as we get underway?"

"Yes, I do have a question," T'Sai acknowledged. "How active would you prefer the department to be? We can run scans on everything, take random samples, or act only as requested." Some commanding officers wanted their department to have a major role in all aspects of the ship's interactions and others prefered for intel to be hidden away. This would help her get a feel for what was expected of her.

He slowly sat back down and intertwined his fingers before placing them on the desk. "I consider your department to be vital in obtaining as much information as we can on the Romulan side of the border on many issues. I'd like to give you as much leeway as you'd prefer in scanning and gathering valuable intelligence that will serve the Federation. Unless specifically directed, you may have your people proceed at your discretion, lieutenant."

“That will be acceptable,” T’Sai nodded. “In that case, my department will be free to participate in any task. Because we will be integrated more closely with the other departments, I must request that Intelligence be given the ability to recruit from the crew if their assistance and expertise is required, with approval of course.”

Logan nodded approvingly. "That'll be just fine, Miss T'Sai. If you require anyone for a special assignment, just inform Commander Nokomis. I'll let her know so that she can be aware." With that, he stood up and smoothed over his beret before offering a curt, professional smile. "If that's all, once again welcome aboard."

With a slight nod, T'Sai respectively responded, ""I appreciate the welcome, Captain. I shall begin my duties immediately."

Logan nodded and smiled. "Excellent. Dismissed."

Lieutenant Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant T'Sai
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


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