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Shades of Colour

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 7:07pm by Ensign Javn Darhk & Ensign Lyras
Edited on on Fri Oct 9th, 2020 @ 10:34am

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Risa Beach Front
Timeline: First Night- Evening

Javn wiped the damp hair from her forehead, pulling it back into a tight ponytail. Her cheeks were flushed from the intense volleyball game that recently ended. The captain had given her a run for her money for sure. She hadn't been so exerted in what felt like months, the rush was a high she didn't want to come down from. She took a long gulp of water to quench her thirst and gazed up at the sun, it would be setting soon. Looking back her purple eyes found a young Vulcan man with a lost expression on his face wondering down the beach. The adrenaline from the game still coursing through her veins caused her to feel braver then normal as she waved to him.

Seeing the movement from the corner of his eyes, Lyras looked up. He was glad for the distraction as he wasn't sure where to go, and the woman seemed to want to draw his attention. Lifting his arm in an echo of her wave, he changed his path and walked up to her. "You look flushed," he observed, "are you well?"

She laughed at his question not realizing the duress her appearance might insinuate until then.
"We just finished a game of volleyball, I'm not as in shape as I thought anymore. Are you meeting someone? You seem... lost?"

"I am.. not certain." Lyras hesitated. "I was sent here to meet with a ship, and the ship is in orbit but all the crew seems to be scattered here? I do not even know what or where here is..." For a Vulcan, he seemed to be wearing his feelings right on his sleeve, and he seemed very uncertain.

Javn couldn’t help the humor she saw in the situation. Here was this Vulcan reporting for duty and the whole ship is out on reprieve. She gave him a warm smile and extended her hand. “I’m Ensign Javn Darhk of the U.S.S Orion. I’m new to the ship as well. Currently all personnel are on personal leave. We’ve docked here because Risa just so happens to be a popular pleasure planet in this sector.”

"I have never been here before," Lyras admitted, "I am Lyras." As people seemed to be on leave it didn't feel proper to use his rank. He did prefer his title anyway, in that regard. "I apologize, I do not shake hands," he added, nodding towards her extended hand, "I do not mean to he rude, it is against Vulcan custom." He gave her an apologetic smile instead. "You have very unusual eyes..." He finally said, after a brief pause in which he caught the purple hue as the setting sun caught her eyes.

She immediately looked away, embarrassed he noticed. She didn’t tend to make eye contact long enough with anyone for them to pick up the odd coloring of her irises. “ I could say the same, I’ve never met a Vulcan with blue eyes.” She started to fidget with her hands, the adrenaline had run its course it seemed and her shy manner had returned.

"Touché," Lyras smiled, "it is uncommon that is true, but I am not full Vulcan and for all I know it is common among Romulans. I would not know, to he honest." He tilted his head a fraction. "I do find yours quite fitting, why do you hide it?" He did notice she didn't look up at him, was this a cultural thing he wasn't aware of?

Pink started to color her cheeks. "They aren't common among humans," She took in a slight breath and looked up at him. " Its not my intention to be rude, its just not often that I'm asked about them." The sun was making its way towards the water setting the sky into colors of pink and orange. She couldn't recall the last time she had watched a sunset. Just another beautiful world event that she takes for granted spending so much time in space.

"You should not hide what is part of you," Lyras advised, "it is a hard lesson I learned recently." He watched as the sun basked them in a multitude of colours. "They are beautiful," he added, though at this point it wasn't clear what exactly he referred to: her eyes, or the colours of the setting sun.

She watched him gazing into the setting sun and smiled in response to his statement. It was difficult being new to a ship with a hermit habit. She didn't socialize much outside of the sickbay, but it was never because she wouldn't like to. She didn't want to waste this moment in self pity, she wanted to embrace the company. "I'm not sure if its within your customs, but would you like to accompany me to the bar? I could use a drink."

"Of course. Though you will need to direct us as this is unfamiliar territory for me. This is my first time on this planet and I have only been here for a few hours. I have yet to find the captain to report in." As he had seen some Humans do, he offered her his arm, not quite sure if this would offend her or not. It was certainly not a Vulcan custom but as he was wearing long sleeves he saw no harm it.

She let out a soft laugh. Weaving her arm through his she began to lead them from the beach into the open doors of the resort. Close contact with anyone other then a patient was seldom, but hey she was on vacation. She tried to relax but the heat coming from his body being so near hers caused her to blush. She decided to keep talking as to distract her. "The captain joined us for the volleyball game just a bit ago, is he aware your looking for him?"

"Probably not, if he is on holiday," Lyras mused, "I will find him later. Why is your face changing colour? Have I done or said something inappropriate?"

Her blush deepened. "You're quite observant. Has anyone ever told you that?" She wore a bright grin as they approached the bar. She slide her arm from his and placed both forearms on the bar waiting on the barkeep to make his way down to the two of them.

"Is that not a Vulcan trait?" He asked as he too leaned on the bar. "Though perhaps it is a learned habit that comes with my profession..."

She shook her head still donning a grin "Im not sure, you're the Vulcan so maybe you should be answering that question." The barkeep finally made his way down the bar. The Risan native looked to Lyras first. "What will you be having sir?" The emblem on the mans forehead caught Javns attention as it glistened from the setting sun.

"Tea," Lyras answered without pause, seeing the disappointment in the barkeeper's eyes. "And you?" He asked of his companion.

"A dry wine please." She looked at Lyras and shrugged. "It is vacation." The barkeep nodded walking off to fill their order. Coming back moments later and setting the drinks on the bar in front of them. Javn spoke before Lyras had a chance to. " Please charge it to my room under Darhk." She took her glass and pulled it closer to her.

"Your time is your own, you can drink what you please on your own time," Lyras commented dryly while sipping his tea, "I am certain you can pretty much do as you please, on your own time, while you are here on leave?"

Javn's eye brows furrowed at the strange way he spoke, then she let out a giggle. "Yes, we can indeed do what we like with our time." She brought the wine to her lips and took a small sip, she wished it was something stronger. She looked up from her drink and gave Lyras a small shy smile.

Unfortunately, this was where his expertise at observation ended. He could employ a smile, but he had no idea how to read one. "What do you usually do, when you are not on duty?" he asked curiously, "and why do you frown?"

"People frown for many reasons, " she lifted her glass drawing a longer sip this time. "I believe I do it sometimes unintentionally. As far as what I do when I'm free varies. I try to explore often, especially when I'm on planet somewhere. My favorite past time is reading, I could read for hours but nothing digital, I prefer books." She stopped suddenly realizing she was rambling. " I'm sorry, I'm not normally this talkative." She laughed nervously keeping her eyes on her glass.

"here you go hiding again," Lyras observed, "I like being outdoors, and I too like to read. Preferably medical literature, but anything else will do. Occasionally, I like to go swimming."

"I thought Vulcans despised swimming?!" Her eyes widened in surprise and shock.

"My mother deemed it important to learn, just in case," Lyras answered, "but no we are not bred for water and I still have to be careful in humid conditions."

"I haven't been able to go for a swim yet, todays the first day I've been here. Would you care to join me tomorrow perhaps? Depending of course on whether you have prior engagements or duties to attend to." She was being more forward then normal but his company was soothing, she didn't want this to be the last night she saw him.

"If we are here on leave, I doubt I will have duties until the ship departs. Depending on how my department head will roster me in as I still have quite a bit of catching up to do." He still hadn't elaborated on his department, or even his origins, keeping deliberately vague. "I should be able to join you on the morrow," he added, "but now I really should go find the captain and report in. I do not wish to be labeled as tardy."

"Of course, I wouldn't want that either! Perhaps we can meet around noon on the beach?"

"As you wish." Lyras finished his tea and stood. "I should find the captain now. Good evening ma'am."

She nodded and gave Lyras another small smile. Her stomach was fluttering with excitement. "Good Evening to you as well."

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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