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New Arrival

Posted on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 @ 2:00pm by Captain Logan Barrett

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Risa
Timeline: MD 01 - 1800 Hours

The past few days had been nothing but confusing. Lyras had been ordered to Risa and wait for his next assignment, the USS Orion, to arrive. He had wandered the planet, but found himself unable to unwind or relax. He had so much catching up to do that most of his time had actually been spent in libraries or in his temporary residence, studying modern medical practice.

He wasn't quite sure how to even report in, if the ship was here for leave. Was it even proper conduct to bother a commanding officer, if he was on leave? As he wandered, deliberately ignoring the sudden downpour as the weather changed from one second to the next, he spotted the subject of his attention. "Captain Barrett?" he called, realizing he was now less than presentable than he had really intended.

Logan Barrett was on his way to one of the resort's many restaurants after a rigorous volleyball match on the beach. He looked forward to sampling the unique foods on offer when he heard his name from down the corridor. Turning, he saw a young man with pointed ears. "Yes?" he asked with inquisitive eyes.

"I apologize for disturbing you..." The young man said, offering a single PADD, "but I was referred here and now I am not sure what to do. I am Ensign Lyras, assigned to your medical staff sir."

Logan took the offered PADD and skimmed it over. "Oh, no need to apologize, ensign. Was it the transporter chief that directed you to the surface?" He pursed his lips in a stifled smirk. "I think Chief Stiles has played a joke on you. You would've been more than fine simply settling into your quarters and reporting to sickbay." He handed the PADD back to the young man with brown hair. "I'm not entirely sure if Doctor Wolf is on the ship..." He frowned as he tried to remember if anyone had mentioned the man to him.

"I have not been aboard the ship," Lyras answered uncomfortably, "my orders were to find you on this planet. It took me a few days to find you sir. I did not even know this planet existed, until a few days ago."

The captain blinked a few times. "Wait, you never heard of Risa before? It's the most popular tourist planet in the Federation." He looked the young man up and down. "Where are you from, son?" he asked with a faint smirk.

"I was born on Vulcan," Lyras answered, then paused a few seconds. "In twenty-two eighteen," he finally added, mentally steeling himself for the captain's reaction.

Logan blinked a few times trying to comprehend the number Lyras had spoken. He was pretty sure that Vulcans lived an average of two hundred years, which would make Lyras about ready to call it quits but the man showed no more signs of aging than his late twenties. "You look pretty good for your age."

"Suspended animation does that sir," Lyras said softly. "I was... rescued... several months ago. I am still adjusting to this time, and I am studying sir. I assure you I am working hard to get my knowledge up to par but Starfleet agrees that it is best done in the field sir."

The captain raised his eyebrows in mild surprise as he nodded in agreement. "Yes, I'd imagine that suspended animation would do that. How has your acclimation gone so far?"

"Slowly sir, but I am trying not to rush things. It does cause some challenging situations as seemingly I am not up to par with some cultures either." He gestured around. "Like this one but I am aiming to meet with the crew at my earliest convenience. Do you have any recommendations on what to do here?" He paused. "I will formally report to the medical chief when leave is over," he added as if in afterthought, "no point in bothering her on her vacation, is there?"

"I completely agree," Logan said with a nod. "There's no need to rush things with either your acclimation or reporting." He gestured around the hall with a wave of his hand. "You'll find that there are numerous things to do and see on Risa, Mister Lyras. Even a Vulcan can appreciate the serene nature and calm meditation locations dotted throughout this particular island, as well as sample the various cuisine on offer."

"I will venture around," Lyras promised. "Meditation sounds like a good idea. It does seem very pleasant here." He gave half a smile. "Your crew may not want leave."

Logan arched an eyebrow as good as any Vulcan would. "Indeed not." He then let out a contented sigh. "Well, I should get to my room for a shower. I really hope you find someplace to relax and take in the serenity of this place. I have a feeling that our next mission will have us right back in the thick of things."

"I shall be looking forward to that sir," Lyras smiled, offering a light bow. "Enjoy your shower sir."

Logan nodded with a smile and headed down the hall a few feet before stopping, turning around to look at the departing man, then looked back in the direction he was headed. He blinked a few times and thought about how odd it was to see a Vulcan smile. Best not to dig too deep, he thought, before continuing to his room.

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion


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