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No Glory In The Trumph

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2020 @ 9:22pm by Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina & Centurion Eilaea t'Keirianh

Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Enroute to Engineering

The forcefield had been lowered around the transporter room once they were fairly certain no one was infected with Borg nanoprobes. It was too little too late though. The Borg were already on the ship. Once she'd gotten the survivors to sickbay Nokomis had formed a team consisting of Yaserina, t'Keirianh and herself plus some security officers that she did not know the names of at the moment. They were headed for engineering to clean out the infestation and save the ship. That was the goal, but it felt more like a anxious deathmarch toward doom.


Statzia rounded the corner outside of Sickbay, pausing only long enough to orient herself on the new ship. She'd spent the whole journey in transit studying diagrams and schematics of her new ship. "Sickbay is...deck 12. Engineering, 36." She swore under her breath. It could be worse--she could be trying to climb down twenty-four decks with a glitchy prosthetic.

She tapped the borrowed combadge and started down the corridor. "Liski to the Bridge."

On the Bridge, the comm officer blinked. "...who is this?"

Damnit. "This is Lt. Liski, your newly-transferred Chief of Operations." She turned down the corridor to the left. "I'm on Deck 12, and I'm going to need a security override on a turbolift."

"All of the turbolifts are on--"

"Yes, I know they're all on lockdown. It's protocol. But if the Borg are on the ship, then I need to get to Engineering."

There was a pause on the other end of the comm. "You'll have to take--"

"It's twenty-four decks."

"They've locked down both the tur--"

Statzia clenched her jaw, coming to a stop in front of a turbolift door. "I'm an amputee, damnit, and by the time I get myself and a pair of crutches down twenty-four decks on one leg, the Borg will have time to strip the ship down for scrap metal." She took a deep breath. "So, if you would be so kind as to request a security override for turbolift 12-B?"

The turbolift door slid open a few seconds later.


Eilaea, for her part, was kitted out with whatever she could find from the armory - hand weapon and phaser rifle, grenades - and her own blades, dagger and sword alike, the latter retrieved hastily from her quarters, as she hoped it would prove useful against Borg and their adaptation abilities to energy weapons.

As they rounded a corner on their way to Engineering, five Borg approached, two falling to weapons fire before the rest adapted. They seemed to be getting faster at that; she hoped it was just her perception of it and not an actual fact. The three remaining Borg in the group continued to advance on them; Eilaea advanced on one of them in turn, engaging the Borg in what amounted to a fencing match, sword against modified and weaponized arm, under she finally was able to use her other hand to slam her dagger into its neck while she had it distracted with the sword. She didn't wait to see if it went down, following up a moment later by swinging the sword around the opposite way and beheading the Borg entirely. The body itself fell to the deck, weapons on its arms twitching until they finally went still.


The turbolift doors slid open at the end of the hall, and Statzia could hear weapons fire from around the corner. She swore under her breath and took off as fast as she could, crutches and all.

*clack* *thud* *clack* *thud* *clack* *thud*


Nokomis raised her phaser and pointed at the Borg in front of her but jumped and spun, keeping both those before her and pointing one at whatever was coming up behind her. At the last second she saw a glimmer of the gold combadge of a Starfleet officer. This meant nothing when dealing with Borg as they could be partially assimilated standing up but she paused just long enough to see the eyes of one of their new officers, they looked clear to her and responsive so she spun back to the threat in front of her.

Statzia put up a hand just long enough to signal her human state. With the free hand, she pulled a knife from her belt, letting the crutch hold to her bicep. She took a hop forward, jamming her knife blade into the neck of the approaching Borg.


Engineering was no picnic either. Borg assimilating her people, machinery changing into the Borg equivalent, bat'leth in hand, K'Larn started slicing and dicing anything not human fully. She had already handed out blades to her people when the phases went useless. It was not her first time she was up against these things, no it was the fourth time. Out of nowhere came two tubles snaking for her neck. Suddenly there was a scream next to her, as a Borg had hit his mark. Momentarily forgetting the tubules, she swung the bat'leth killing both the Borg and the victim, Ensign Morris. Somehow the tubules missed their mark on her neck as she ducked and cut the Borg almost in half.


Phasers were only of use in the beginning and Nokomis hated hand to hand combat. She always had trouble letting go of the fact that these had been people. At least until they tried to assimilate her. She bashed one over the head and moved on.

Eilaea, meanwhile, was for all her ferocity in the battle also quite methodical about it all...Including now, as she drew her knife briskly and deeply across the neck of the Borg Nokomis had just knocked out, ensuring the permanent end of the threat.

Statzia watched the last Borg drop, and quickly tucked the knife in her belt. She gripped her crutch again and swung herself over and around the Borg bodies, following the Commander. "Any word on Engineering?"

"No, we lost communication with them. It might just be interference or it might be . . . " nanites infecting fellow crew members and turning them into drones made her skin crawl and her gut boil with anger. That was the thing though. You couldn't really get mad at the Borg, they were what they were. There was no feeling to anything they did.

Eilaea assessed the newcomer quickly, setting aside the her first and perhaps emphatic reaction--to wonder why the newly arrived officer had never been provided with an integrated prosthetic to replace the missing limb, a technique common in the Empire, and she would think even moreso in the Federation, with their superior medical technology--for later, in favor of more pressing matters. "We have orders to make contact, and regain control if necessary." Eilaea's statement was firm and driven as she cleaned her blade on the pantleg of her uniform.

As the team approached the door to Engineering, the team pulled up short as the door didn't open. "The Borg probably jammed it from the inside. Let me through!" She maneuvered her way through, pulling up her crutches alongside the door. Carefully balancing on one foot, she pried the access panel open, letting it half-drop to the floor. "We'll get this open ASAP! Be at the ready, because as soon as it opens--" she pulled her hand out of the panel with just enough time to dodge a spark, and was right back in.

K'Larn was busy swinging the bat'leth as she heard the doors open in main engineering. As with most Klingon's, once they were in the heat of battle, anything can happen. Turning as the doors opened, K'Larn lunged for the doors, bat'leth held high ready to attack.

"Still human!" Statzia wasn't sure why those were the words that came out of her mouth as she ducked, but things were what they were.

K'Larn stopped mid-swing, "Statzia! My apologies ", she said pivoting she sliced the neck of a Borg coming at her. "Pick a Borg, and make a smorgasbord of him!", she yelled. K'Larn was dead set on eradicating the intruders from her engine room. Later she would deal with the mental reproductions of her actions, but now she had to stay strong and win.

Nokomis hit a borg over the head with the blunt end of her rifle, only to have him grab it instead. She planted a kick in the middle of his chest. "They're getting stronger and adapting quickly," she yelled out. "Anyone got any ideas?"

As the Borg staggered back, and right into Statzia, she pulled the laser scalpel and pressed it to the back of its neck. With the spine severed, the Borg crumpled to the deck.

Statzia tossed the laser scalpel to the Commander. "Here! They can't adapt to this!"

"They can't live if you sever the head from the body!" K'Larn hollered as she swung the bat'leth and dropped the Borg nearest her. The deck was littered with blood, dead Borg, damaged consoles and injured crew, and the fighting still was going on. You had to decapitate them in order to kill them.

The action made Nokomis sick to her stomach. She was not a violent person by nature and did not seek out conflict of any sort. If anything she planned and avoided such situations. There was no avoiding this though, and she knew it had to be done. They needed to take control of this ship again no matter what the cost.

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Centurion Eilaea t'Keirianh
Operations Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski
Chief of Operations, USS Orion


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