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Bumpy Arrival

Posted on Mon Jul 6th, 2020 @ 8:55am by Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Lieutenant Thomas Wolf M.D. & Lieutenant JG Lillia Herren & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Deck 12: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 03 - 1645 Hours

"The leg was already missing!" Statzia's words filtered into existence as her body materialized in Sickbay. She swore under her breath--something about hell and damning people there. The bend in her forearm crutch bent a little more as she leaned, and she grabbed a hold of the edge of a biobed for balance. "Piece of bloody junk!"

Over the span of her short career, Lillia had tended to a number of people who were no longer able to continue their service after their run-ins with the Borg. She had never been in the middle of it, though. She had seen the fear, the rage, the pain that often accompanied those that had survived contact with the powerful hive mind, and seeing what she was in that moment, she could understand it.

The entire crew was on edge, which made perfect sense to the young counselor, and she moved calmly from bed to bed, offering what comfort that she could, as well as assisting nurses in small functions. When the woman with the crutch beamed in, it caught her attention, and she smiled at the crewman that she had been talking to, promised to speak with them when things calmed down a bit, then moved towards the grumbling human that was trying to balance on a bad crutch.

Her smile was genuine, gentle, even if she did have to raise her voice a bit to get up over the din of the wounded, as well as the medical staff that was steadily barking orders. “I’m Counselor Herren, though most just call me Lillia. Why don’t we get you onto that biobed,” the friendly dark-eyed woman offered.

Statzia gave an exasperated sigh. "I'm fine, I swear!" She gave a couple of hops, half-leaning on the biobed. "Scrapes and bruises, that's all." Well, it was almost the truth, but the bandaged gash on her arm had quit bleeding a few hours ago.

"Lillia, was it? Look, I just need a working set of crutches and we can do introductions later." Statzia pointed to the flashing alert. "If those things are on board, it's all hands on deck, and I've still got two of those."

The adrenaline coursing threw her veins was the only thing keeping her going, Javn knew that if she stopped and focused on her own bruised ribs and gashed arm she would be in no shape to help anyone else. While bandaging the wrist of a man older then her she heard someone incline about crutches. Javn made brief eye contact with the man and a gave him a small smile before releasing his now bandaged wrist. She turned to the woman hopping.

“I believe I can help you locate a pair.” She started opening cabinets she assumed would hold the tools needed but no luck in the first few. She knew they had to be around somewhere, you would think sickbays would be stocked relatively in the same manner. This was not the case. She swiftly jogged to another section of the sick bay opening cabinets as she went. The commotion around her like flittering wind as she stayed focus.
“Ah ha!” Of course behind the final door she found a pair. She made her way back threw the wounded and the medical staff to the woman she left minutes before. She set the crutches on the Biobed that the woman was using to keep upright.

"Anyone need help?" Thomas asked after finishing up with a patient and now having his hand free again.

Statzia gratefully took the crutches, quickly adjusting the height. She let out a sigh of relief as she leaned her weight on the crutches. "Better." She looked between the nurse and the counselor. "You," she said, indicating the nurse she'd recognized from the shuttle ride (but had never bothered to learn names), "I need an old fashioned scalpel, or anything you've got that will stab through skin, and some tape."

"Counselor," Statzia said, "I need your combadge, and an override code for the transporters."

Javn gave a quick nod and turned to face the male who spoke. “Sir I’m unfamiliar with this ships supply room, your assistance to gather the tools we need would be greatly appreciated”

"I'm not really familiar here myself, but I'm sure with some assistance from the computer we should be able to find the needed tools." Thomas said. Not minding that the only way his help was needed was by gathering tools. Guess that meant there weren't any patients needing a doctor right now.

“Aye Doctor, I believe there is a kit incase of power outages somewhere in the supplies that contains old surgery scalpels.” Javn began walking toward the doctor but turned too quickly lighting her whole right side with a pain too sharp to not react to. Her left arm went directly to her ribs, her knees almost buckling. She hissed with annoyance at briefly forgetting her own injuries. Before looking to see if the doctor noticed she dropped her arm and straightened her back to follow him to the computer.

“You’re welcome to my communicator,” Lillia said, removing the badge and handing it over, eyeing the woman curiously. If the new Ops chief didn’t get to return it for whatever reason, she could simply see the quartermaster for a new one. “As for the overrides, you’re going to have to get that from someone else. I’m not command rated. I’m just a simple counselor.” The dark-eyed woman blushed slightly, giving Statzia a bit of an awkward smile.

Statzia gave a frustrated sigh. "Right. And of course I transfer aboard in the middle of a Borg boarding party before mine are set up." She balanced on her single leg long enough to clip the combadge to her tank top. "No worries, Counselor. I'm starting to get used to crises."

"Who has the highest access within the medical department, with the former CMO and ACMO already having left the ship before we arrived?" Thomas asked. "If we can find him or her, we at least have access to the computer."

Another frustrated sigh from Statzia. "I'm pretty sure the Borg aren't going to wait on computer access. So--let's improvise." A glance around Sickbay, and she spotted a tray of medical devices. "Bingo!" A few crutch swings closed the gap. She leaned against a console as she pried the tiny panel on the laser scalpel, muttering to herself.

After a few minutes, she looked up, eyes searching Sickbay again. Spotting the weapons locker, she tucked the laser scalpel into her bra and swung herself to the other side of the room. "Better to ask forgiveness later, right?" She pulled out the laser scalpel, and began to cut away the locking mechanism on the weapons locker.

Javn watched as the Lieutenant took charge and began working on opening the weapons locker. She admired her quick thinking, her out of the box actions. She quickly made her way over to the locker. "How can I help Lieutenant?" Its was starting to dawn on Javn that the situation was much more danger some then she first realized.

"You want the truth, Ensign?" Statzia gave a soft cheer as the door to the weapons locker clicked open. Tucking the laser scalpel in her bra again--it maybe useful later--she turned to look at the doctor, the counselor, and the nurse. "I can't tell you how to run a Sickbay, but as your Chief of Operations I'm going to tell you to prepare for the worst case scenario. I'd get the most dire patients as far away from those doors as possible, and seal and barricade the doors as soon as I'm out."

Statzia opened the weapons locker and tucked two knives into her belt. "Anyone in here that can stand and defend Sickbay should be ready to, and by the time the Borg get here, they'll have already adapted to the phasers and whatever energy weapons Security has thrown at them. Use knives, anything you can stab with." She paused, looking at the weapons locker, before pulling out a grenade. She pivoted on one crutch, extending the weapon to the counselor. "If all else fails, blow a hole in the bulkhead. Explosive decompression is far more merciful than being assimilated."

"You heard the lady, let's get moving" Thomas said as he headed for the corner furthest away from the door and made room for the patients. "Let's move the patients over here and move anything that isn't sealed to the floor in front of the door."

Javn nodded, her lips formed a tight thin line. She turned and started assessing equipment she could move. Patients first she told herself. She reached the closest shipmate who was bend over in pain. “Let’s get you over to the corner with the others”. Pulling the mans right arm over her shoulders she got him up to his feet and started to make way towards the doctors direction in sick bay.

“You to...? I...umm,” Lillia stammered as the grenade was held out to her. The counselor didn’t even like to fight, much less did she want to be the one responsible for such an act that would end so many lives. “I'm a counselor, not a warrior. I can’t promise that I can do that,” she admitted, though she took the device, gingerly, as though it had already been activated and was about to blow up in her hand.

Statzia reached a hand out and put it on the Counselor's shoulder. "When it comes to the Borg, everyone becomes a warrior. I've seen what those things do to a ship. Your job, sweetheart, is to take as many of those damn things out of commission, before they turn us into one of them."

Javn helped the patient to the floor on the opposite side of the sick bay. Offering the man a small reassuring smile. She didn't want to show the chaos of worry that was flooding her mind. She knew the dangers when she joined Starfleet, but never thought it would all end so soon for her. There was a tad bit of relief in the fact she wasn't the one who was handed the grenade. Before she could stand she heard the main doors to the sick bay slide open. She held her breath as the tension in the room built. Glancing over her shoulder towards the door she witnessed two tall figures walk into sickbay. She froze with horror as her eyes locked onto the eyepiece of one of the borg.

Lillia slid the grenade into one of the pockets on the blue smock that she was wearing, still not certain that she could actually use it. She turned, silently contemplating how she was supposed to use it to end the lives of crew members that she wanted to help. As she walked over to help another of the wounded, she found herself face to face with something that she had only ever heard about from her patients.

Her eyes widened and she automatically reached up to her com badge. “Lieutenant Herren to Security. Intruders in main medical,” the counselor said, her tone calm and steady because of her training, even though her heart was pounding in her ears. For someone that had been raised in a colony that was devoid of technology, a people that viewed technology as evil and something that could lead to just such horrific abuses, the beings before her were truly the thing of her people’s collective nightmares.

When one reached out towards her, Lillia reacted automatically, showing at least some skill with hand to hand combat, shoving the arm towards the other Borg just as a tube shot from its outstretched arm. She then backed away, though keeping herself between the creatures and the others, pulling the grenade from her pocket. Was she really going to have to blow them all out into space?

"Shit!" Statzia gave a quick hop to spin herself around. The shove to the Borg by the counselor gave her the space she needed. She quickly pulled the laser scalpel from her bra, pressing it to the back of the Borg's neck, and activated the device. The Borg gave a shudder and collapsed to the deck.

"Get everybody back!" Statzia shouted.

Javn glanced behind her into the terrified eyes of the injured. She had to do something to protect them. She couldn’t sit her and not defend them. Her eyes shot to the discarded bend crutches of the lieutenant. Taking in a deep breath she took the few steps toward
The bio bed to grab a crutch. As the first Borg went down the second entered medical walking directly towards the injured and frightened medical staff. Javn ran towards it thrusting the crutch below it’s chin disconnecting a wire leading to its chest. The Borg twitched. “Disconnect, I’ve got to disconnect it.” She thought.

Before Javn could act the Borg gripped her uniform in its metal claw lifting her off the ground. Her legs swung trying to find footing. She dropped the crutch, both hands wrapping around the claw that strung her up like a rag doll. The uniform became tight around her throat making it difficult to breathe. This was not how she thought her Starfleet career would end. “No.” She thought “Today is not the end.” Javn wrapped her legs around the Borg pulling herself closer to it. She reach around and fisted the wires coming from it’s head and yanked as hard as she could. A grunt came from her mouth as she had to pulled with all her strength to disconnect the wires. Finally she heard the sparking sound as the wires came free. The Borg collapsed the the ground with Javn on top of it. Prying the metal claw from her now torn uniform she looked up to meet the eyes of Lieutenant Herron. “Sorry Lieutenant, the idea of being blown away by the grenade wasn’t sitting well with me.”

Statzia let out the breath she didn't realize she was holding in. "That settles it." She turned to the nurse. "Ensign, start passing out any bladed weapon to anyone that can stand and defend themselves." Leaning on one crutch, she pivoted to face Wolf. "Doc, you get that door sealed and locked down as soon as I'm through."

Tucking away the laser scalpel, she took a deep breath. Without another word, she hurried through the Sickbay doors as fast as her crutches could take her.

Lillia stood there for a moment, sweat beaded on her forehead, blinking a bit rapidly at the flurry of movement that had just happened. She glanced over at the nurse and shook her head. "I'm not complaining," the counselor said, absently sliding the grenade back into the pocket of her smock.

Lieutenant JG Lillia Herren
Counselor, USS Orion

Lieutenant Thomas Wolf, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia Liski
Chief of Operations, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Nurse, USS Orion


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