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The Frog Prince

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 7:03pm by Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih & Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Willian Targaryen

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Various Corridors

Nokomis stood outside Will's quarters with two mugs in her hand. She balanced them both and hit the chime. When the door finally opened she smiled and held out both cups. "So . . . . I wasn't sure if you were a coffee person or a tea person. I got one of each just in case because I like both so you choose. And after I thought maybe we could go for a walk, get a little morning exercise?" Why was she babbling like an idiot? She'd kissed him once, on the cheek, they'd had one sort of date and one evening spent just talking. She felt like she was back in high school when she'd had no idea how to behave around boys.

Willian helped her quickly, extending a hand to try to support the balancing act that the First Officer of the ship was juggling. "That was thoughtful of you," he said kindly as he accepted the top mug. "I'm a tea person, typically, irony because the Human form of my name is Teagarden." He realized he'd kept the same, dumb smile the whole time he'd been with her. It was almost like he couldn't control it at this point.

She happily handed him the tea. That was fine with her, it never hurt to have some extra caffeine. "Sorry to barge in, I just thought that you might like something. Do you want to go for a walk or are you busy? I should have checked with you first."

"Not at all," he defended her from herself. "I would be happy to take a stroll through the ship. I'd love to see the arboretum," he suggested, "it may be nice to see it from the perspective of a member of the crew rather than a refugee." He smiled.

"Deal." Nokomis started walking and realized she hadn't put any shoes on. Her feet were bare and though it was a routine for her to walk around the ship like that in the morning, it somehow made her feel self conscious. She hoped it didn't bother Will. It was an activity she always thought grounded her and Logan had never minded.

Willian, being a gentleman, said nothing about her bare feet because it didn't bother him in the slightest. He looked casually around the ship, no less impressed than the first time he'd realized he was on one. "It's amazing how well the Galaxy Class continues to do. Isn't it? I was actually born onboard one of these."

"Really? Well that's a pretty good place to be born, good medical facilities in case anything goes wrong. I don't even know where I was born. Somewhere on Krios Prime. I guess it wasn't something I ever thought to ask my father. Now it's something to bring up in our next conversation." She paused for a moment thinking about things. "Will, would you like to have dinner with me again? A real date this time, maybe on the holodeck?"

He blushed for a moment, stopping dead in his tracks as he walked. His thoughts though wandered back to his childhood and what he saw. He kept pulling himself back to it, drudging it up in his own psyche. Why though? Why was he torturing himself with something like this? He was better than this. He had been trained to compartmentalize. Why couldn't he this time? Why couldn't he just tell her the damned truth? Why did he withhold?

"Sorry, I was a million lightyears away," he excused. "I'd be honored - just so long as I'm not using Juliette's ID to do it."

"Are you all right?" She'd stopped walking when he did wondering if she had asked too soon. She thought things had been going so well between them. He had said yes, but still. There was something turning in his head.

He nodded, "Just a slight headache that's been coming and going." It wasn't a lie, at least that was what he thought about it. Why did he care that he was lying to her? He was an Intelligence Operative. Lying was his default. What was different? "I should probably have it checked out, but I just can't seem to find the time."

"We can change our direction and walk to sickbay," Mis suggested. "It sounds like you're being incredibly stubborn as most men usually are. You know what?" Mis stopped walking and grabbed his arm to halt his momentum. She was tired of playing games and she wanted to know something so she just grabbed a hold of him and kissed him, right there in the middle of the corridor, spilling her coffee in the process and not even bothering to register that she'd dropped the cup.


The coffee wasn't the only drink spilled. Vriha had been heading down a connecting corridor, tea in hand. She'd heard part of the conversation but had thought nothing of Nokomis being concerned for the health of crewmember. In fact she was somewhat amused by the idea of 'Juliette' being escorted to the doctor by the XO like a stubborn child being dragged in my his mother.

She would have been shocked to see such fraternization in a public place anyway, but that mental image probably contributed to the degree of shock when she turned the corner and witnessed the kiss. She was normally good at keeping her reactions under control - indeed keeping such off her face entirely was a survival skill that anyone who'd grown up in Empire learned from an early age - but now she stood there, tea and broken cup scattered on the floor and her mouth all but hanging open.

Willian had leaned in to the kiss, not pulled away but accepted the embrace. He'd even stiffled his training as the cups shattered, ignoring the break as he stood there enjoying himself for the first time in a long time. He almost didn't want it to end, hanging there for far longer than he normally would.

Then the world came crashing back to them. He leaned away, smiling, "What was that for?"

"I dunno, I was sort of frustrated and I figured that was a better way of letting it out . . . . and I wanted to." Mis answered honestly. "But I didn't mean to make a mess all over the place, I'm sorry." She bent down and started picking up chards of their cups when she spotted Vriha staring at them and froze.

Hnaev. What in Areinnye was she supposed to do? There had been rumors in the Galae about junior officers being summarily executed to ensure indiscretions like that weren't revealed. "Forgive me, I... must have tripped." She turned on a heel. "I will get a mop."

"My fault entirely," Mis said trying to show Vriha that she was not in trouble. "There were several things I should not have been doing in the middle of the corridor." She shouldn't have been in bare feet, she shouldn't have just grabbed someone and kissed them, she shouldn't have dropped her cup or startled the young Romulan officer.

"I wouldn't go that far," the El-Aurian said as he looked at Mis, "Some things seemed... right." He walked over to the wall panel and pressed at the controls, activating the automated housekeeping systems to clean up the mess. "That should handle the unpleasantness."

Not even close... Vriha thought, since there probably wasn't enough brain bleach in the quadrant to erase the unpleasantness. However, the XO's extremely questionable taste in men was - thank the Elements! - none of her affair, so she squared her shoulders and kept walking in hopes of making an escape.

Mis sighed as she watch Vriha flee. "Romulans are really . . . . uptight about things. I'm sure she highly disproves of us." Actually Mis wondered if she was doing the right thing too, I mean technically anyone on this ship except for Logan was under her command and that had interfered in her last relationship.

"I think that she'd disprove of anything that I was involved with. I could become Federation President, bring peace to the entire galaxy, and I think she'd still be convinced I had an ulterior motive." He couldn't blame her. He hadn't really done a lot to prove himself honest or trustworthy aboard the Orion so far. "I hope that you don't think the same of me," he said playfully.

"To be honest . . . . I'm pretty sure that you're not leading me on cause I started this er after your dad did. But I also know there's probably a lot you're not telling me and that bothers me a bit. Because of a past relationship," she added as almost an after thought.

He, reluctantly, nodded, "I'm sorry. The hazards of my job mean that I have to compartmentalize and classify everything even when I don't mean to. It's a pain, a curse from time to time." Willian sighed, "I do have to tell you something. Something that's going to be hard for you to hear."

"Oh?" Mis asked, sort of stealing herself to whatever possibility it was. Maybe she shouldn't have kissed him and certainly not in public, if he was going to back out of whatever it was they were heading towards.

"Let's go somewhere a bit more private," he hated being secretive with her. He didn't know why. He couldn't explain it. He paused, "We need to talk about this out of the open."

Mis grabbed his hand before he could go too far. "Will, whatever it is, just tell me. We can figure this out together." She didn't want to take the time to go back to her quarters or his, she didn't think her legs would carry her. She was so scared of what she thought he might say.

"You remember a few days ago when we talked about your father?" He asked knowing that she remembered. "I met him. I was on the Enterprise with my father during a trip returning him to your homeworld." He paused after saying it, knowing that it would be hard to say the rest.

"Oh, okay." Mis said, completely surprised. This was not where she expected this to go at all. She thought it had been something about things between them. "What about it?"

"I met his wife," he answered quickly. He paused, recalling the image in his head, "I'm sorry, the woman you described was not the woman he introduced me to." It was hard to tell her. He could feel the weight lift from his shoulders, but he could also feel it descending upon her.

Mis's ice blue eyes blinked at him. It took her a moment to figure out exactly what he meant. "You're saying he had a different wife? Are you sure? I mean could he have lied or been undercover or something?" She was not one to make excuses for anyone and Nokomis had known for a long time that her parents marriage was one of convenience.

He wavered a moment, keeping his words close as he thought. Could he be wrong? Was he undercover? It couldn't be. It was clear what Enterprise's mission was. He felt the weight of the galaxy, the ice blue of her eyes drilling into him. He knew the truth.

"If I weren't sure I wouldn't have said anything," it was colder than he meant it to be. He felt like a jerk.

"Oh," Nokomis said coming to the same conclusion from the look in his eyes. She took him by the arm again and began walking toward sickbay once more, completely silent and stiff. She could fall apart later. Will needed to get looked at. Headaches meant something . . . . even if it felt like her whole life didn't at the moment.

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