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Posted on Sat Mar 17th, 2018 @ 4:42pm by Commander Nokomis Diza
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Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Lieutenant Isuri's Office
Timeline: Day 3 10:00 Hours

Nokomis was looking through her list of new officers. She'd already met the chief medical officer and the chief of operations, both unintentionally but they still counted as greetings in her book. There was still chief of security and Nokomis could see from her record that she was rather young for the position. Still, Logan had approved this one so he must have seen something in her. Perhaps Mis would pay her a visit. Rather than call her to the office Nokomis got up from her chair and sough out Lieutenant Isuri.

She was easy enough to find, unpacking a small storage crate in her office. "C'mon in," she called, then smiled at the XO "Ah, Commander! I was just going to unpack and head up to report for duty."

"I came to see how you were settling in and apparently I can't sit in my office when there's a ship to explore." Nokomis glanced around. She needed an office for the amount of paperwork, even though there wasn't actually paper much in the 24th century. But she'd much rather be on her feet.

Ozzie intuited from the XO's casual tone that this was a somewhat informal visit and decided she didn't need to drop what she was doing. She continued to pull out well worn PADDs of certain kinds for certain displays. Then a handful of dog eared paperbacks. "Yeah," Ozzie agreed "I plan on walking all the halls, crawling through all the hidden spaces, memorizing all the deck layouts."

"I have yet to do that but I'm very much looking forward to it." She'd started to the first day she was here and had been sidetracked by her unplanned visit to sickbay. Afterwards she thought perhaps she should take it easy for a while. "It's probably silly but there's something about knowing every inch of the ship that gives you an extra edge. It's like making a new friend but you have to do it slowly and thoroughly in order to get it right."

"I'll have the layout divided up proportionally and set watches to rotate security personnel through and I'll put myself into the rotation." She set a mug with a Terra Nova Security emblem on her desk. "Within a couple weeks I'll know all the ins and outs."

Nokomis smiled, she liked this woman. "Sounds very . . . organized and professional. Let me know if you would like any help." She changed subjects. "So this is your second assignment and you are Betazoid?" The thought might make some run for cover but Nokomis had never had anything to hide, except perhaps the occasional deep vulnerability she rarely showed anyone.

"Both facts. I know what you're thinking." She chuckled at her own accidental turn of phrase, "I mean, I know everybody thinks being Betazoid must make the job a lot easier. They're not wrong. But there's social conventions and legal limits. On Betazed, forced mind reading is itself a crime of varying degrees, from invasion of privacy to mind rape. And even outside of Betazoid laws, telepathic evidence is considered very soft, difficult to get a conviction on."

"So you're able to somewhat block the thoughts of those on the ship? I would think it would get very tiring to be bombarded with thoughts and feelings. Humans aren't used to controlling their minds in such a fashion. I apologize if I'm being too curious. I've only ever served with a half Betazoid before and he was only an empath."

"Right yeah, these are pretty basic questions. On Betazed, full Betazoids learn to manage their telepathy. Before puberty, we're mostly receptive, sharing with family members and people closest to us, but not quite apt projectors until just about puberty. There are exceptionally gifted people, and people with underdeveloped telepathy, just like any other range of skills. But that time growing into our abilities allows for transitions, learning control and manners. Full Betazoids with less than perfect home lives, or unusual gifts, or who grow up off world can lack some of those basic skills and etiquette and develop asynchronously. I'm able to control what I hear and what I project pretty adeptly. The Betazoid brain, however, is a powerful receptor, so it can make me more liable for psionic attacks and for certain illnesses. Since that's a particular drawback to telepathy, I actively train so I have more control than average. So don't worry, you won't annoy me with random pop trivia or that song stuck in your head."

"Good to know, not that I was . . . worried I mean." Nokomis' lips curved in an amused expression and then she sighed. "I should let you get back to unpacking. Though I wonder Lieutenant, do you by chance play Tongo? I've been trying to get a little group of people together for a weekly game."

"Sure, yeah, I've played a round or two. Let me know when and where."

"I will. Have a good afternoon Lieutenant." Nokomis gave her a brief smile again and left to return to the bridge.

"You too, Ma'am."

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ozanna Isuri
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Orion


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