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Once In A Blue Moon

Posted on Wed Feb 19th, 2020 @ 8:56pm by Lieutenant JG Willian Targaryen & Commander Nokomis Diza

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Nokomis's Quarters

This couldn't be true. Nokomis stared at the orders appearing on her computer screen and scoffed. Someone at Starfleet had lost their mind. She briefly thought of showing them to Logan but she hesitated, unsure that she really wanted to bother him with this. It was a simple request after all. A simple meal, in her quarters . . . . at night?! She knew of no special Admiral on board. It had to be him, the mysterious guest she and Vriha had caught.

So hours later she found herself in dress with her hair down, it happened once in a blue moon as the human saying went. And Mis didn't want to think about the last time. She was putting the finishing touches on dinner when the chime sounded. Her body tensed into a ball of nerves and anxieties but she called out, "Come in," anyway.

He stood on the other side of the door, having freshly shaved and in his freshly pressed uniform. He passed through the door with the approval and carefully studied the room, seeing the XO who had been so kind to him earlier. "This was unexpected, Commander. Any idea why I'm here? I received a summons."

Mis put her hands on her hips. "Very funny. You sent the summons. Starfleet has far better things to do with their time and make me go on a date with someone."

Willian looked dumbfounded, "So this is a date?" He sounded surprised as he said it. "So Command wants us to go on a date?"

"You . . . you really didn't do this?" Her hands slid off her hips and she was still staring at him as if he were about to yell out that he'd been teasing her and of course it had been him. "Well I have no idea then. Why would Starfleet care about our love lives? Someone close had to have made this happen."

"Never know," he answered as he looked around. "Probably another of my father's machinations," he sighed after saying it. "Really wish he'd let me live my own life for a change." He looked back at her, "Sorry. That came out a little harsh."

"Well . . . . if you want to stay, there is food. Might as well not let it go to waste right?" Nokomis shrugged her shoulders and stood there, totally unsure of what to do. "This is Logan's mom's recipe. She was always teaching me how to cook things the old fashioned way."

He smiled, "I appreciate you making this. I just apologize if he roped you into it," he realized he'd gone more negative than he meant to. "Sorry, that was inappropriate. I would love to stay and I promise I'll be better company."

She shrugged again. "You're okay. I got orders, I followed them. Honestly, I thought it was you." That part was kind of embarrassing, she made sure she wasn't looking at him when she said it. "Anyway, have a seat. Fresh bread, salad and shepard's pie. And Rhubarb crumble for dessert. What would you like to drink?"

"Maybe that should be my question?" He looked at her, kindly. "You went to all this trouble. It's the least that I can do to get your drink for you. I know my way around the replicators of this ship fairly well," the El-Aurian smiled, "well not that our Romulan friend would ever believe that."'

She might have argued but it didn't look like he was giving her any choice in the matter so she shrugged her shoulders. "Bajoran spring wine please. And I think it's really funny that she's calling you Juliet too without realizing it's incorrect." She watched him for a moment. "I have to say . . . if this is the work of your father then I pity you. "

"I've been called much worse by Romulans - and Humans," He pulled the drink from the replicator and handed it to her. "As for my father... well you never know with the Commodore," he pulled out her chair for her, "He's certainly got a way with people and a way with trying to maneuver me places. I think that's why I'm in the Intelligence Office being so young."

"Well, I give you full permission to decide you had a terrible time and blast your father's plan to smithereens though I don't know why in the universe he'd pick me. I'm no model Starfleet officer. I mean my record is pretty clean but it's not spectacular." Nokomis kind of tossed her hands up a little bit in a shrugging like gesture.

The El-Aurian grinned, "I already am having a good time so no worries about me thinking it was a terrible night. Maybe the company is what I'm enjoying the most?"

Mis snorted. "I told you I pitied you and basically insulted your father and you're having a good time? You are a strange one Will." But she was smiling a little bit and seemed to be studying him for a moment before reaching for his plate to dish him up a serving of the food. "Let's play a game," She said after they both had plates full. She pointed her fork at him. "I ask a question and then you get to ask one. We may each say pass, but only one question."

"This sounds like it could be fun. I'll let you go first," he took a drink in preparation - wondering where this would go.

"Fine," she put down her fork and picked up her wine, sitting back a little bit. "When was the last time you sat down and had dinner with a woman?" Of all the things she could think to ask him she was surprised at what came out of her mouth first. Honestly she'd thought of asking him his favorite color or about his work, not that she was likely to get a straight answer with that one.

He smirked, "Not including the Romulan Centurion or my drink with you after spilling my food? Classified, but you have Level 9 clearance. The last time I had dinner with a woman other than you was while on assignment in Romulan Space about a month ago. Purely business," he took a drink as he answered therest, "far from personal for me."

It wasn't exactly what she meant but his answer did not surprise her. She was beginning to wonder if he ever did anything personal to himself. "Well . . . it's your turn, to ask me a question."

"Guess I forgot the rules already. I was more interested in learning more about you than anything," he considered his options for where to go next. He'd learned more in a few moments than most could in a year. He had one, "What did you mean by 'I'm no model Starfleet officer' a few moments ago?"

"Oh, I guess I meant that although my record is clean, I've never had much more ambition than where I am now. I . . . sometimes lack confidence in myself I suppose." Mis said that last part much more quietly. "If you could have a life entirely your own, without your father's interference, what would you be doing?"

He paused while he thought about it, "That is a good question." He was quiet as he thought about his life, "That one is tough because this is the path I've always been les toward from such an age that I can't imagine being anywhere else. I probably would've ended up here or in some political arena." Since she challenged him it was her turn, "Why does it take an order from Command for you to have dinner with a man?"

That slid any smile right off her face. She thought about using this as her one pass but honestly she found herself wanting to tell him. No one else had ever asked her that before, not even her best friend seemed to understand the very core of her feelings. "I guess I'm afraid. I don't feel like people see me very clearly. So I probably hold back And of course I've been hurt before so that doesn't exactly help." She took a deep breath and drank the rest of her wine before thinking of a question for him. "Why did you stay when you found out this wasn't what you thought it was?"

Now his smile faded. He sat there thinking about the pass for the question, but realized that now wasn't the right time. He sat back in the chair, "I don't have any friends. My career doesn't give me time to meet people, and most people I do end up meeting I end up screwing it up or having to turn on them. The ones that I don't screw things up with lose interest when they learn about my family dynasty."

Nokomis studied him, trying to determine if he was telling the truth of not. She finally decided she had no reason to believe he was lying and in his line of work it was certainly possible that he never had time for anyone. That made her wary. After all her last boyfriend had been in intelligence. She didn't need to worry though, that wasn't what this was right? "I'm sorry." She said sincerely. "Quit your job, stay on Orion for a while. We'll hide you," she said as she let out a little laugh. She didn't even realize that he hadn't asked her a question.

"I wish my life were that simple," he answered honestly as he passed his drink cup between his hands as they did during their first meeting. "The galaxy is what we make it and what other people make it for us. If I were to drop out... it would be a slap in the face to the others. So I have to live the life they made for me." He paused, "So I suppose my question is do you think I'm crazy?"

She fought hard to keep from scrunching up her face in a laugh. What was the matter with her? Too much wine? "Pass," she said seriously and then laughed. "No, I don't think you're crazy but I've known you for only a few days and some of the things you've said sound pretty . . . .out there." She fought against her better judgement to ask this question but did anyway. "Do you think we should do this again? Dinner I mean." The room was suddenly warm and her heart was pounding in her chest. Why had she asked that? Fight or Flight response was definitely kicking in.

"I'd be honored," he answered without hesitation. "That is if you'd want me to?"

Did she want him to? Is that why she had asked. There must be something wrong with her but she opened her mouth and replied. "Yes. I think so."

"I'd like that too," he answered. "I just realized none of us passed on a question. Guess we both either played really well or lost?"

Nokomis shrugged. "I'm not going to dwell on it."


Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Willian Targaryen
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


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