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Training won't kill you or will it...Part 4

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Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD -04 - 1700 Hours

Finchley could see from the cover of the low wall where he, Brox and Ma'th were that Karadis and Ellard were only about 30 feet away. Making a low whistling sound to get Karadis attention, he gesticulated with his hands that after 10 seconds, she and Ellard were to make a run for the cement factory and he and the two Ensigns would give them covering fire.

Once they were there, they were to get inside and Finchley, Brox and Ma'th would immediately follow. Karadis nodded and signed her understanding. Finchley quickly informed Brox and Ma'th of what was about to happen and told them to get themselves ready. He did a mental countdown and as he got to, he gestured to Karadis to move.

Like two sprinters, Karadis and Ellard leapt up from behind the car and dashed towards the factory. As they ran, a hail of bullets came towards them, the ground churning the mud and bricks around them, already dead soldiers looked like they wriggled and danced on the ground to some horrifying music only the could hear.

Finchley, Brox and Ma'th stood up and fired at everything they saw moving at the factory window openings, there being no actual glass left in the them having long ago been blown out. This afforded Karadis and Ellard a good few seconds running time, but before long, the returning fire from the Russians had then crouching back down behind the low wall again.

Meanwhile, puffing and panting, Karadis and Ellard made it to one of the factory walls and slammed into it, sliding down onto the ground to catch their breath. Karadis looked round after a few seconds and signalled to Finchley they were ok and that he, Brox and Ma'th could now make their way forward. Seeing Finchley signal back an ok, she tapped Ellard's arm and said "Ok, let's get inside and find cover. Once the Hauptmann and the other Soldats are inside we can look to secure the area."

Ellard nodded, unable to really give a reply as he hadn't fully recovered himself, but was well enough to move.

Back at the low wall, Finchley said "Ok Soldats, when I signal, it's over the wall and run like the devil himself is chasing you, ok!"

"Devil?" Ma'th asked quizzically.

"Another time" Finchley said, "just run for your life to the factory."

Brox and Ma'th nodded, and waited on the signal. Finchley managed to get a quick glance over the wall and slowly held his hand up. He signalled that after three, they would go. he held up three fingers, then two, then one, then said "Go!!!"

The three of them jumped up and over the low wall, bent low and ran. As with Karadis and Ellard, a hail of bullets churned up the ground around them, or angrily buzzed past their bent double bodies. They made it to the wall and also slammed into it, breathing heavily from the exertion they'd just endured. Finchley moved along the wall to an opening and glanced inside, seeing Karadis and Ellard some twenty feet away behind some wooden pallets. Karadis saw him, signalled for him and the others the coast seemed clear and for them to move up to where she was. Finchley nodded, and whispered for Brox and Ma'th to come over to him. Telling them to move forward slowly, keeping their eyes peeled for snipers or traps, he watched them make their way to Karadis. Satisfied that they were using their observation skills better, he himself moved over and sat in the huddle.

"Ok, we need to secure this level, once we do, those Russian soldiers above us are trapped and there's only one outcome for them..." he said, leaving the sentence unfinished.

"Our section of the factory is from where we are, to the pillars at the end there" he said pointing some fifty feet away "the other companies have their own sections to clear, and once we've all completed that sweep we have control of the factory. There is a however, up to now, you've all done well with what you've been taught with close quarter hand to hand combat, using the period weapons you have and also tactics of how to sweep and area before moving on. Now all three happen at once, so be ready for anything."

Brox Ma'th and Ellard all nodded their understanding and without having to be asked, made themselves ready to move forward. Finchley looked at Karadis, winked, and gave a satisfied nod at this happening, it proved all three were now working together as a unit without even thinking about it.

"Ok, it's roughly and area fifty feet by fifty feet between where we are now and where we need to be to clear our area, move out" Finchley said.

He and Karadis watched in satisfaction as the three Ensigns first looked for cover, then slowly moved out, covering each other as they went. Ma'th, on the right side of the three, was the first to encounter an enemy soldier. They came screaming at him from an office room, rifle with bayonet held out in front. Instinctively Ma'th turned and fired a short burst, bring the screaming soldier down. He nodded he was ok so the three Ensigns moved on. Next to get attacked as Brox, who was in the centre of the three. A bullet ricochet off the side of his helmet and as he fell, Ellard raised his gun and fired at the movement he saw on top of a fallen forge. The soldier there tumbled forward, screaming as they fell off the forge towards the ground.

At that point two other enemy soldiers then appeared from behind a pile of bricks yelling as they hurled themselves towards Ellard. He himself turned and tried to fire on them, but found his gun jammed. He looked at it in horror, pulled the bolt back and tried to fire again, still nothing but a click.

In panic, he threw the gun to the ground and pulled out his bayonet just as the two Russians got to him. He parried one stabbing lunge and ducked the second. The two Russians had overrun their attack, and as the turned to come back, they now found that Brox had recovered themselves and stood next to Ellard with their gun raised. Ellard pushed Brox gun downwards and gestured that instead of firing, they take out their own bayonet and take the Russians on hand to hand. Brox allowed the gun to be pushed down, and let it slip off his shoulder and crash onto the floor. Taking out his own bayonet, he gestured to the Russians to "come ahead!"

The two Russians came at them, Ellard charged one, Brox allowing the other to come onto him. Ellard leapt off the ground as he ran, a two footed flying kick planting exactly where he aimed it in the Russians stomach. The Russian gave an 'Oooooffff' as the kick landed, and Ellard was on top of him in a second, planting the knife deep into the mans chest. The Russian's eye widened as the realisation of the cold steel sank into his chest, then he went rigid and suddenly his body went limp.

Brox was having s slightly different fight, his Russian soldier had two knives and was slowly moving left and right, almost prowling in front of the Ensign. Brox kept eye contact all the time, and now and again would dart forward to probe with his knife to see how the Russian reacted. He was just about feign an attack when suddenly a bayonet point appeared through the middle of the Russians face, between his eye and above the ridge of his nose. There was a surprise look on the Russians face, and as quickly as the bayonet point appeared, it disappeared, and the Russian slowly slid to the ground.

Brox found himself staring at Ellard, and as he did he said "Did you have to do that, I had everything under control!"

"Everything except your bladder" Ellard laughed.

Brox shook his head and patted Ellard on the arm. Both of them moved back to the main area they were sweeping. Ellard cleared the jam in his gun and was ready to go again. There were no more attacks, and within a couple of minutes the entire area was swept clear of enemy soldiers and made safe. Brox signalled to Finchley all was clear and Finchley in turn looked at Karadis and said "Ok, let's go see them."

Meeting up with the three Ensigns again, Finchley said "Computer, end simulation."

The walls shimmered slightly and returned to the bare metal walls of the holodeck. Looking at all three in turn he said "Well done gentlemen, you've carried out the scenario. Go get yourselves cleaned up, get something to eat and report for normal duty tomorrow. I'll send a report...favourable to you all saying you used the skill sets you've just been your Department Heads and also to the Chief of Security to say you've passed this one."

All three Ensigns grinned and congratulated each other, then all looked at Finchley and Karadis, saying "Thank you Sir, Chief" in turn as they trooped out.

Once they were gone, Karadis turned to Finchley and said "You do know you have a blancmange for a heart and straw for a brain!"

Finchley in turn replied "And you do know that the warp coil injectors all need to be 'de-fuzzed' by hand, all of them...doing one takes about five hours, by hand..."

"'De-fuzzed'" Karadis laughed "Well seeing you passed your supplementary engineering course with flying colours then..."

Finchley turned towards the exit and began walking towards it. As he did, he threw back his head and in mock affect at being offended said "I came second last, that's second, NOT last!"



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