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Training won't kill you or will it...Part 3

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Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD -04 - 1630 Hours

Finchley continued to look at Brox as he said "Get back to the others Soldat Brox and await your orders."

Brox looked shocked at the fact the safeties had been taken off for part of the scenario. He slightly trembled as he stood up, turned and stumbled back to where Ellard and Ma'th were.

Karadis looked at Finchley, and taking hold of his arm she dragged him a little further away from where the three Ensigns were huddled together.

"You know it's wrong to take the safeties off Sir" she said.

Finchley sighed and replied "I know, I just didn't think that Brox reaction was right, he overstepped the mark, even if he was a little in shock."

"He's frightened, they're all frightened" Karadis replied "they've never come across any scenario, training or other, that comes even close to this one. Give him a break, put the safeties back on please."

Finchley pulled his arm out of Karadis grip and said "Ok...ok."

"Computer, put all holodeck safeties back on" Finchley said.

==^^==All safety measures are now online and engaged==^^==

Turning to Karadis he said "Satisfied?"

Karadis smiled and said "Absolutely Sir, now let's get back to taking the cement factory. How many times will that be...fifty maybe sixty times?"

Finchley just smirked as he walked past her saying "Yes, by myself, no thanks to you..."

Karadis gave a mock shocked gasp as she said "Why you cheeky bar steward, I've dragged your sorry backside so many times in this scenario that I thought it was a mandatory part of it now!!"

They laughed together as they walked back to where Brox, Ellard and Ma'th lay.

"Right, the three of you, up on your feet" Finchley barked.

The three Ensigns stood up ramrod straight.

Looking at them, Finchley could see the fear that was in their eyes, so he said "We're going to be moving out of the position we're in, and moving forward in short spurts towards the cement factory. Laying down covering fire for each other will be a 'must', so remember what Karadis here taught you. Look first at where you want to go, assess the quickest way there and observe what's ahead of you, especially where the enemy is. Once you're on the go, don't, I repeat, don't stop, keep moving. As you run, fire short bursts, this isn't the old style movies if any of you happen to watch them where the hero fires from the hip and hits the bad guys every time and seemingly has an endless supply of bullets, or in our case when we're back in the real universe endless phaser power, you have a finite supply, use it sparingly. Any questions?"

Ma'th held up his hand "Yes Hauptmann Kerr, who will be with who?"

"I'll take you and Brox, Karadis will take Ellard" Finchley replied "Ok, get yourselves ready."

He watched as the three Ensigns all crept up to the edge of the crater and looked over the edge towards the cement factory. He and Karadis had been through the scenario a few times now so knew what was to come, but still felt the anxiousness of those around them.

Moving up to the edge of the crater, he looked at Brox and Ma'th and said "Ok Soldats, pick your route, it's time to make our move. Computer, add twenty more German soldiers to the scenario."

==^^==Change completed==^^==

The other soldiers appeared around where the group was, and all were set to move out when Finchley gave the order. Finchley tensed, took one last look at the group, nodded and said "Right, NOW!!!"

They all moved up and over the edge of the shell crater and the minute they did, bullets once more whipped by them or churned up the ground around them.

Brox ran, eyes fixed on the small wall he was aiming towards. As he did, the soldiers in front of him yelled and screamed for all they were worth. Suddenly, the head of one of them blew apart, but the body kept on running. Brox, showered with blood, brain matter and skull fragments, looked in horror as the headless body just kept moving forwards before slowly coming to stop and collapsing. Brox slowed down as he approached the body, but then Ma'th grabbed him and yanked him onwards, shouting "Come on!"

Karadis in the meantime had been moving forward with Ellard. He'd picked an old burnt out car as the point to aim for and he and Karadis were now running full pelt towards it. As they did, out of the corner of his eye, Ellard caught sight of a Russian soldier, only ten feet away, as they rose up and aimed their gun towards where he was. Instinctively, Ellard threw his gun at the Russian before they could fire, sending them backwards into the hole they'd risen up from. Grabbing his bayonet from it's sheath, he yelled as he jumped down into the hole and tried to stab the soldier. The Russian moved away to one side, bringing their arm up and across Ellards head, hitting his temple. It was a soft blow, and Ellard easily recovered from it.

The Russian soldier was quick, and wriggled out from underneath Ellard and back onto their feet again. They to pulled out a knife, and the two now circled round one another. Karadis reached the hole, but didn't interfere, she just kept look out, she wanted to see what Ellard would do.

The Russian lunged forward, but Ellard parried the strike. The Russian then fainted one way, then quickly moved the other but Ellard anticipated the move and was ready. Moving first to their right, then even faster to their left, Ellard brought their knife upwards under the ribs of the Russian and she felt the knife slide in, right up to the hilt. The soldiers eyes opened in surprise, then blood started to seep out the corner of their mouth. Ellard held away from him, the hand the Russian had their knife in, and slowly the hand went limp and the soldier slid to the ground.

"Good work, come on!!!" Karadis shouted to Ellard. The shocked Ensign stumbled out of the hole and towards Karadis. He bent down and picked his gun up again, and now kind of numbed, moved on. He was brought back to the there and now as the ground around him churned up from bullets strafing them. Now running towards Karadis again, he watched almost in slow motion as other soldiers contorted in a deathly dance as their backs were blown out by explosive bullets or watched as others stepped on landmines and were thrown up into the air, arms and legs being torn off, the bloodied torso's slamming back down into the ground. Cries and screams for help from the living were all around and as Ellard watched helplessly, fear beginning to get a grip on him.

Karadis grabbed him as she saw what was happening and slapped his face "Concentrate, do your job, get to your cover!"

Ellard came back to the there and then, nodding his head. Within a few more meters, he and Karadis reached the car and slammed themselves down onto the ground using it's cover.

Back with Ma'th and Brox, Finchley was satisfied to see how each of them was able to move from shell hole to shell hole, covering each other as they moved towards the low wall. They stopped for a moment at the wall and began congratulating each other and those around them for getting that far.

Suddenly the wall some fifteen feet away exploded outwards as a Russian tank smashed through it. Showered with brick, dust and wood, the small group that Brox and Ma'th were in panicked and some began running back the way they'd come.

"No, NO, stay by the wall" Finchley yelled "stay by the wa…." but it was to late, the tank now had most of the group in it's sights. The forward guns chattered and some of the running soldiers fell, mown down. Others stopped and held up their hands in surrender, but to no avail, the tank simply drove forward slowly, right over the top of the terrified soldiers. Brox and Ma'th, who hadn't moved from the wall, heard the screams as the men went under the tracks.

Finchley began moving forward, but was stopped as the tank exploded, it's turret being thrown a hundred feet in the air before coming down barrel first and thumping into the ground. Not far away, a German panzer Faust team gave a cheer and moved on. Finchley ran over to where Brox and Ma'th were against the low wall.

"Rest up just now" Finchley said "we can move on again shortly.



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