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Training won't kill you or will it...Part 2

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Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD -04 - 1600 Hours

Finchley stood by the door to the bunker, looking at the assembled group. Ensigns Ellard, Borx and Ma'th all stared back at him with anxious looks, they weren't exactly sure of what was about to take place and it had them a little frightened.

"Ok, listen up" Finchley said "When we leave the bunker, there's about one hundred yards of open ground before we hit an area with shell craters where we can take some cover. You must keep moving, no matter what happens to those around you, you have to keep going forward. I know that you think that because the holodeck safeties are on nothing can happen to you. If I see any of you taking advantage of that, I'll take the safeties off, be assured of that. This is not a game, and this is not a place where you can foo, around, this is a serious scenario that's meant to teach you how to use the training that's been given to you, are we clear?"

"Yes Sir" the three Ensigns replied in unison.

"One other thing before we leave. The universal translator will automatically change your wording to suit the period language if you address us by rank" Finchley continued "an example being if you address me it will become Oberleutnant Kerr, or if you address Karadis it will become Unteroffizier Karadis.

"Yes Sir" the three Ensigns replied together.

"Ok, let's move out" Finchley said, leading the way towards the bunker exit. As they came ever closer to it, they began to hear shells whistling and exploding. Machine guns of all calibres chattered, the dull 'thud' of hand grenades could also be made out. Once at the bunker exit, Finchley turned round to look at everyone "When I say go, we fan out with the rest of the company and run like the wind towards the shell craters, got it?"

"Everyone nodded, lost for words at what was happening around them. Finchley turned back round and faced out of the bunker exit. Once he was certain there was a lull in the bombing and firing, he gave a yell and ran out of the exit, beckoning for his troops to follow.

At once, machine gun fire started to whizz towards them, bullets passed by sounding like angry wasps. A stream of tracer bullets allowed them to see where the firing was coming from, but that made no odds the three Ensigns, they just screamed as they ran forward.

Ellard tried to stay behind the soldier running in front of him, but the man just stopped dead in his tracks and started to do what looked like an on the spot dance, but when he fell backwards, Ellard saw about forty bullet holes in his body. The unseeing eyes just stared at him. Karadis was beside him in a split second and shoved him forward yelling "Don't you bloody well stop, you were told to keep moving forward, so move!"

Brox meanwhile ran alongside a group of three soldiers, and he watched as they fired their weapons as they ran. He to tried to do the same thing but then his gun jammed. He stopped to try and unjam it, and one of the soldiers he was with stopped to help. He took Brox gun, stuck his bayonet into the breach and tried to yank out the effective less cartridge within. Suddenly there was an explosion close by, and Brox was lifted off his feet and thrown backwards ten yards and landed heftily on the ground, the wind knocked out of him. When he managed to sit up, he looked to see where his gun was to check it was ok, and to check the soldier who had stopped to help him was alright as well. What he found was a schmiesser with one hand holding the butt of the gun, and the other hand still holding the bayonet that was jammed into the breach. Brox stared at the scene of the bloody hands for a moment, then turned and threw up the contents of his stomach. Finchley approached where Brox was and as he reached him he kicked him in the side and shouted "UP DAMN YOU, GET MOVING!!!!"

Brox, stared at Finchley and began saying "Hauptmann, he was giving me a hand to unjam my gun..."

"And now he's dead, but you're still alive, get up and get moving!" Finchley yelled again.

Brox stumbled to him feet with Finchley's help, gingerly removed the severed hands from his gun and began running forward again.

Ma'th was running, just running for all he was worth. He held his schmiesser in his hands, but didn't aim it or fire it, he just ran. He could see the shell holes up ahead, and as he ran towards them, all he could hear was the blood pumping in his ears and the breathes he was taking as he gave his everything to reach his goal. Suddenly a freakish hooded figure, dressed in what looked like animal furs appeared some thirty yards in front of him. The figure turned towards the yelling Ma'th, lifted it's gun to fire, but nothing happened. It reloaded the rifle again, took aim, but again, nothing happened, just a click.

By now Ma'th was almost on top of the figure and launched themselves through air, head butting the figure full force. They both tumbled to the ground, dazed by the force of the impact. Ma'th managed to get to her feet first, though swaying crazily. She stumbled forward and aimed a kick at the other rising figure. She missed by a long way and swirled round, losing her balance and falling over again. This gave the other figure a chance to get to their feet and move over towards Ma'th. They raised their rifle above their head and attempted to bring the butt down on Ma'th's head, but instinctively she rolled to the side as the rifle butt clanged on the ground. Remembering what she'd been taught, she kicked out with her right foot and took her opponents feet out from under them. Her head now clearing slightly, she grabbed a nearby rock and as the opponent hit the ground on their back, brought it down in her left hand with all her might in her assailants stomach, causing them to fold upwards in a 'V' shape. Ma'th punched them squarely in the face several times with her right hand, then brought her left hand, rock still firmly held, down across their head. With a grunt, her attacker fell backwards onto the ground.

Ma'th reached down and grabbed her gun off of the ground and re-joined the run towards the shell holes. Within twenty seconds she reached one and threw herself inside it. As she landed with a crunch, she looked up and saw with gladness that both Brox and Ellard were there as well. Within a few moments, both Karadis and Finchley made it into the same shell hole.

Finchley looked at the three Ensigns, nodded and said "Good, you've made it to the first objective, that's the easy part over with."

Brox jaw dropped as he said "That's the easy part over with....what the actual fu…"

"That's enough Soldat, the Hauptmann is correct" Karadis interjected quickly "we've made it this far, now we have to try and make it into the cement factory so we can take control of it."

"That's alright Unteroffizier Karadis" Finchley said "The Soldat's are still finding their feet in this scenario, and think this has been tough on them. They won't have done this much exercise whilst at the Academy, and the little they learned about self defence is no use to them here. They're of the mistaken idea to think that their duty is all about how much data they can collect for the mission, make sure all the maintenance is kept up to date for the ship so we can get to where we're going or that we're all kept in tip top shape and don't suffer if we get a common cold. They don't think that they're other duty is to protect one another as best they can under all circumstances. That is something we're going to correct here, starting with the continuation of this scenario."

He looked at Brox as he said "Computer, holodeck safeties off for shell explosions!"

==^^==Safeties for shell explosions now disengaged==^^==

Continuing to look at Brox, Finchley continued "I'll show you what the actual fuck Soldat Brox, I'd step lightly if I were you..."



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