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Training won't kill you or will it...Part 1

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Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD -04 - 1500 Hours

Finchley entered Holodeck one with CWO Karadis and walked over to where the three Ensigns were standing. They stood in line, staring straight ahead, unmoving, almost trance like.

"At ease everyone" Finchley said as he stepped out in front of the assembled crew. He noted with satisfaction that they were all dressed in period uniform as they'd been asked to, just the same as he and Karadis were. He then pointed to Karadis and said "This is CWO Karadis, she'll be assisting me in the training exercise, my advice to you...follow her orders and do what she tells you, perhaps you'll come out of this exercise having learnt a thing or two."

A hand went up, so Finchley asked "Yes...Ensign Ellard?"

"I mean no disrespect Sir, but CWO Karadis is a Non Commissioned Officer, how can she give Officers orders?"

Finchley smiled, there was always one Officer who asked this question, so he looked at Ensign Ellard and replied "Because she's the one person can teach you the difference between you standing up and still breathing and lying on the ground stiff as a board having dispatched your last breath on whatever mortal coil you were on."

Ellard looked at Finchley, then at Karadis, then back at Finchley before swallowing hard and saying "Yes Sir!"

Finchley carried on "Now, you were all sent the briefing for the scenario we're about to run in the holodeck, but I'll go over it again so that you have all the details, are we clear?"

A couple of mumbles of 'yes' came out.

"I said ARE WE CLEAR???" Finchley said, raising his voice.

"Yes Sir!!" all three Ensigns replied in unity.

"Better" Finchley said "Now, the scenario is set on Earth during it's Second World War. The battle itself takes place in a city called Stalingrad between two opposing armies of the countries Germany and Russia. Our scenario is from the attacking German army point of view, the objective of which as you were told was to try and take the cement factory n the centre of the city. You've all had the information to read up on how to get to the cement factory from the position where we'll be starting , as well as the information on the ranks of Non Comms and Officers. You'll also have had the information given to you about the types of projectile weapons that you'll be using, rifles, schmeissers and pistols. You'll use these, cumbersome as they are, however they'll teach you about how to carry and fire a weapon at speed. Listen to what myself and Karadis tell you, and do it quickly, ok, set?"

"Yes Sir!" the three Ensigns replied.

Finchley nodded and said "Computer, run simulation Kerr Alpha six, time frame early morning, six am."

The walls of the holodeck blurred for a second and were then replaced by a scene of devastation. The walls of the concrete room they were half knocked down, metal support beams lay on the ground or hung down from the ceiling, no windows were intact, rubble was strewn everywhere and dust constantly billowed up in clouds as explosions frequently sounded and reverberated close by.

The three crew realised that they had been joined by other 'soldiers' dressed as they were. This was their unit, the ones who would be attacking the cement factory with them. Finchley was about to speak when a group of officers entered the room and strode over to Finchley. Finchley immediately straightened up, raised two fingers to the side of his cap in salute and said "Herr General, is there any news on the push forward?"

The Senior Officer returned the salute and replied "Unfortunately the progress is very slow Hauptmann Kerr, we're only gaining about twenty meters a day, sometimes less!"

"That's not good" Finchley replied "we, require, to be in the cement factory as soon as we can, it's essential to our plan as it's the highest point in the sector. Once we control that we can plan and guide our troops to where we need them to go."

"That's why I'm sending in you and your men Hauptmann Kerr, to make sure we can take the any cost, am I clear?" the General said.

"Perfectly Herr General" Finchley replied.

"Good...good" the General replied then carried on "Oberleutnant Shan here has the plan I want you to use to attack the cement factory. It pinpoints our troop deployment as well as the Russian defences, though we can't be one hundred percent sure we have them all, they have a tendency to move their troops around. You leave in one hour, make sure you're ready."

"I'll make sure we're ready Sir" Finchley replied.

The Oberleutnant stepped forward, gave a wan smile but said nothing, instead, handing Finchley a small leather briefcase, then stepped back beside the General.

"Good luck Hauptmann Kerr, we're counting on your attack being a success" the General said. He once again raised his two fingers to his cap and then turned abruptly and left. Finchley only had time to half raise his own salute, giving up as he saw the General and his staff leave.

Taking the briefcase over to a table, he opened it, took the sheaf's of paper out and spread them on the table. He looked round and motioned for the three crewmen and Karadis to come to him, which they quickly did.

"Ok, you've been shown how defend yourself in the gymnasium, Karadis here will take you through using the period projectile weapons we'll be using, so in one hour, we'll be moving out and putting what you've learned to the test. I'm not going to sugar coat this, this is going to be horrible, nasty, bloody and hard work. The holodeck safeties are on, so you won't be hit, but you're going to encounter all sorts of horrors out there, so listen to what you're told, do what Karadis and I tell you and learn.

He looked at Karadis and said "Ok, you have an hour, take them through the weapons, and help them brush up on their self defence techniques."

"Aye Sir" Karadis said, and nodding to the three officers said "Ok Sirs, this way."



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