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Good Form

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Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Deck 12 - Gymnasium 1
Timeline: MD -03 - 1445 Hours

Ozzie walked along the length of the gymnasium as she watched the mats.

CPO Vella was shaking her head at the sparring match she was over seeing."You're letting her hit you Marxel!" The Chief grabbed the Bolian by the wrists and yanked his forearms upright. She kicked his foot back to fix his stance. "Block! Absorb the hit! Again!"

Marxel 's bottom lip extended, unwilling to protest against Chief Vella's pressure. Crewman Yumo hit him again. Two gut punches to his padding and a smack in the chinstrap. Marxel threw off his head gear.

"I'm in tactical!" He decried the whole of the situation. only around his mouthguard it sounded more like "hime eh hach-i-hal!"

"Fine! So get tactical and stop standing there like a post!" Vella barked. "Move your those hunks of lead you call feet!"

"Yeah," Crewman Yumo grinned. "Dance, Boy Blue," she told him.

There were three other sparing matches in play that were more evenly set, but Ozzie saw a lot of pulled punches and missed opportunities— they were all sloppy or half hearted. CPO Vella had a lot on her hands between multiple fighting styles and levels and various specialists not dedicated to the hand to hand combat styles. It all left a lot of room for improvement. This was a general open session, Ozzie reminded herself. She would need to observe the more specific skill break out sessions and talk to the training leads. She tapped her stylus on her teeth and made a few notes.

Finchley walked into the gymnasium, PADD in hand, and looked around for his boss. Seeing Lieutenant Isuri, he walked over and presented the report he had with him saying "I've been through the armoury Sir, checking on the phasers and phaser rifles. We could do with a couple of replacement rifles, some of them have a few dings and dents leading to the power packs not being as effective as they should be. Also, I noted we're a bit low on the replacement power packs themselves. How are things going here?"

"Not as hot as we'd love." Ozzie admitted. She looked down the report lines on the armory report and checked her authorization for the supply requisitions to go to Operations. She motioned to the awkward matches there was a lot of shuffling and defense. "The new kids are shy. Going to have a meeting with the training leads about it. Too much polite sissy punching. No one's pushing themselves. What do you think?"

Finchley looked around at the 'bouts' going on. A few of the new recruits were at least holding their hands up, if inadvertently, to stop themselves being hit to many times.

"Not exactly what you'd call 'being made of stern stuff', and a few of them actually look like they could burst into tears Sir" Finchley replied. He pondered a moment, then turned to his boss and said "I have a training programme that I've used a lot in the past with other new recruits that could possibly may be a little extreme but it certainly get across the message of what being able to defend yourself and being able to fight. If you wish Lieutenant, I could take a few of these new recruits and take them through it?"

"I'd love to see what you could do with them." Ozzie agreed. "Is it just one program, or do you think you could manage a weekly session with them? Maybe that would help Vella simplify her instruction program, too."

"It's just one programme Sir" Finchley began his reply "but it's a kind of shock tactic, let's those who are being trained see what fighting's really about. It's based on a battle during Earth's second world war in which two vast armies fought out a horrendous and bloody fight for a city. Have no fears though Sir, the safeties will be on for the trainees, but they will witness the full horror of battle, this will give me and idea of their fight or flight mentality" he finished.

"That sounds intense! Take a small team. You'll give me a report?"

"Thank you Sir, and of course, a report will be on your desk an hour after we're finished" Finchley replied.

"I'm glad you have a passion for training. I've spent more time in investigations and done a lot of my own training, but I've been relying on others for teaching in the department." Ozzie admitted.

"I've spent a good amount of my service working in Intelligence Sir, they teach you and give you a lot of training there, much of it I can pass on to our new recruits" Finchley replied "I'll be happy for you to sit in if you wish Lieutenant."

"Sure, I'll look on." Ozzie's attention refocused over Finchley's shoulder when Chief Vella started cheering gruffly.

"Yeah! There! That's it!"

Yumo was repeating the same set of strikes and Marxel moved through the set of blocks Vella had been trying to get him to use. Timidly at first with the strikes pushing through and then with a little more growing confidence. Yumo finished off the series with a playful goofy hook kick in Marxel's buttock, and Vella started clapping him on the shoulder.

The Bolian grinned back with his mouth full of mouth-guard plastic and they bopped fists sportsman-like.

"Don't get cocky now." Yumo said bemused as she pulled off her gloves. "I already can't live with you."

At the sight of Marxel's progress, Ozzie grinned and looked back to Finchley "Let me know what time you arrange. I just glad I can rely on others like you and Vella that have teaching skills. Thanks."

"Anything to help Sir" Finchley replied "I'll let you know when the holodeck training programme's booked and ready to go" and with that, he straightened up, bowed slightly, turned and made his way out of the gymnasium.

Lt Ozanna Isuri
Chief of Security/Tactical


Lt/JG Finchley Kerr
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical


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