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Those Are the Last Words

Posted on Tue Sep 17th, 2019 @ 11:48pm by Commander Nokomis Diza
Edited on on Thu Jan 21st, 2021 @ 3:14pm

Mission: Mission 2: Pyramids & Spirals
Location: Planet Nixica
Timeline: MD 02 - 1300 Hours

Nokomis pouted and blew a puff of hair towards the top of her head. It was hot. She hadn't thought to pull her hair up and she was rather miserable. But, this was a golden opportunity for understanding cultural diversity, for making a great scientific discovery and . . . . she couldn't remember what else she'd talked herself into before being out in the heat for an hour. "It's beautiful and hot. " She said to Ozzie who had been bouncing about taking holoimages and notes of things. "Is Betazoid warm?" She asked curiously.

"It's different all over. As a kid, I used to go between a cool mountain my mom lived on and a sweltering equatorial home where my dad was."

"Ah," Mis answered looking off into the distance. "I'm told Krios is, but I don't remember it. I grew up in the pacific northwest on Earth, relatively mild weather there. I'm more used to cold than hot. And this is . . . . hot."

Ozzie looked over to the new guy, Ren, who she really didn't know much about yet. "What's the weather like where you come from?"

“You’ve never been to Bajor?” Ren replied surprised. “It’s beautiful. Of course, we get rain and stuff but it’s not to warm and not to cold. Just perfect.” He said with smile.

They were standing on a balcony overlooking a valley of semi lush vegetation and buildings made from natural materials, pyramids, similar to the ones on Earth. "It's amazing how many similarities you find in the universe. She reached over the railing and picked up a squarish flat stone. It was lightweight but appeared strong enough for her to use to create a little breeze as she fanned herself with it.

"What is that!" Ozzie saw Mis waving a rock like a fan. "I've never seen rocks so light and broken so thin!" Ozzie picked up another from the ground nearby and started scanning it's composition. "I wish I understood half of the data I'm collecting. I guess the science brains will have to tell me what all of this means later." She tried to break it with her hands but found it surprisingly strong from something so thin and light weight. she smacked it against a larger rock and it broke off along it's grain, like a piece of shale. It left a razor thin edge. "Wow. You could really cut some one with this stuff."

Tok wandered around, making sure everyone kept within the law. He hadn’t seen any major infractions so far on his shift. However a group looked suspicious, he decided to casually head in that direction and see what would happen.

"Yeah, let's be careful with that." She had images of Ozzie using it to take someone down, not that she'd do that unless they were under attack.

Nokomis held it in the palm of her hand until she spotted something particularly interesting up ahead. "Are those drawings?" She pointed out to the group what looked similar to ancient cave paintings on Earth. Without thinking she slipped the stone into her pocket and moved toward the paintings.

As Mis and Ren moved ahead, Ozzie hung back a little. She thought she heard something, even sensed someone, on the path and she'd become very intense, listening for the movement again. After a couple of minutes, she turned around and started to catch up to where her hiking companions were checking out some sort of rock face. Mis had her hands on it, like she was feeling the texture of the surface.

It was then that three solemn figures stepped out of the bushes, dressed like wildlife rangers, all in uniform. Ozzie already had her weapon drawn as one of them reached Mis and put a hand on the Kriosian's arm, but then Ozzie felt her own elbow jogged from behind. Her arm was twisted and she dropped her phaser before she could twist along in the direction of her assailant, and then the two of them turned in a circle of aggressive dance, fighting for the upper hand.

“Halt!” Tok said raising his four fingered hand. “I have witnessed you taking our sacred pebbles. This is a serious offense. Do not make the situation any more worse for yourself.”

Mis immediately realized they were being detained, not attacked. "Stand down Lieutenant!" She turned her attention to the man who had her in his arms. "What serious offense?"

Following the given order, Ozzie pushed away from her grasp on the ranger and the two of them remained in a stare down.

"This one resisted arrest!" The ranger reported.

"You attacked me from behind!" Ozzie protested.

"You drew a fire arm!"

"Okay, okay. Everyone just calm down and we can talk about this." Nokomis had always thought Logan was a bit more diplomatic than herself but she had tried really hard lately to lose her biases and gain some patience. "What exactly have I done? What am I being charged with?"

“I saw you taking several of our sacred pebbles!” Tok said abruptly. “This is a severe crime. One worthy of a long sentence.”

Ren looked confused, “Wait, why are sacred pebbles scattered around for everyone to see, touch and even take?”

“It’s believed they bring luck to those who they surround. Taking them is strictly forbidden!” Tok said firmly, looking at the guilty person.

"If you'll give me my arm back I'll gladly give them to you. I didn't realize they were sacred." As it was there were two men holding onto her and she really didn't need an international incident by trying to fight them.

“I’m afraid it’s too late for that, young lady.” Tok said before looking at his subordinate. “Take her away.”

"Call the ship, tell the Captain what's happened." Nokomis called to them, letting the aliens move her away from the others. "And return to the ship immediately."

Ozzie trailed after the Rangers and her XO, not fully willing to let her superior officer out of her sight, but also discouraged by Nokomi's glances as if to punctuate the orders she'd given. The distance between them grew as Ozzie fell back. "Sonofatarg!" Ozzie kicked some of the stupid sacred stones and shook a fist. "Superstitious-semiconsious-excuses-for-sentient-beings. Argh!" She jabbed her combadge and it chirped an ouch. "Lt. Isuri to Captain Barrett."

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Ren Kannu
Chief Helmsman, USS Orion

Lieutenant Ozanna Isuri
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Orion


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