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Hail to the Chief

Posted on Wed Aug 21st, 2019 @ 8:02am by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina

Mission: Mission 2: Pyramids & Spirals
Location: Deck 1 - Ready Room
Timeline: MD 01 - 0900 Hours

Captain Barrett was sitting at his desk in the ready room, scanning the file readout on his LCARS computer terminal. The file was regarding the various information reports about the Rolstac system. The Orion was due to arrive within the hour at the main trading port. This would be the last place for the ship to resupply before heading into Romulan territory for quite some time. Shore leave was scheduled and he felt interested to visit the large pyramid-like structures that dotted Nixica, the main inhabited planet in the Rolstac system.

Frustrated at not having checked the impulse manifolds first, now it was giving her headaches with the diagnostics. Not that it was a major problem but left undone it could become a serious issue. Now she wondered how this could have happened and who was on duty. Being new, she was not going to make waves but she was determined not to let this happen again.

Logan heard the door chime and while keeping his eyes on the LCARS screen uttered, "Come." He then took another sip of his coffee as the other person entered the office.

"Morning Captain, Lt. K'Larn Yaserina reporting in. I deeply regret not seeing you sooner, but there was a problem with the impulse manifolds which went unnoticed and it was giving me hell when I ran the diagnostics. I got it sorted out but why it was not caught before this, I just don't know. Anyhow, that being done, here I am," she said, trying to smile.

Barrett gestured for her to have a seat opposite him as he smoothed his uniform front. "I'm glad you're settling in, lieutenant. We're very glad to have you aboard. Engineering was starting to look a little ragged the last time I breezed through." He took a sip of his coffee and continued, "I'm sure you'll be quite busy down on deck thirty-six. Have you met any of the other senior officers yet?"

"No captain, not as yet. Really haven't had a chance to meet them yet. Between settling in and running into engineering, getting greeted by problems... all in a day's work I suppose," K'Larn said.

We have another Klingon officer serving on the senior staff. Lieutenant Daynah Ral serves as our science chief." He paused a brief moment before continuing, "We also have a few Romulan exchange officers serving aboard. I hope that won't pose a problem."

"No captain, it will not pose a problem. I have worked with other Romulans in the past," K'Larn replied.

"That's good to hear. I like to have all my officers be able to work amicably together," he said before switching topics. "How was your time aboard the Ganges? Is Captain Lovello still trying to be a hoverball champion?"

"Yes he is but I beat him several times and it pissed him off," K'Larn said laughing. "How is it you know Lovello?" she asked.

Barrett smiled knowingly. "Oh, we served together as lieutenants on the Paul Revere together. He was always trying to challenge me to a match." After a brief pause, he added, "Any officer recommendation from him is high praise. I look forward to working with you, Lieutenant Yaserina."

"And I you captain. Maybe you and I could have that match," K'Larn said smiling as she got up to leave.

Barrett just smiled and said nothing as she exited the room.

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion


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